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>60m of buy pressure
>Dumps 10% in 4 days
Nice sell pressure, someone has to pay for the big macs

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How do they know it's an institution and not just a whale

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You can tell

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>Chainlink Labs desperately trying to buy back it's own coins to keep the price up
Uh oh stinkies...

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>muh buy pressure
there is only one true whale

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It's Sergey setting lowball buy offers before he dumps so he can buy back in cheaper and continue dumping forever. It's an infinite money machine for him.

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That's illegal to do with securities.

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Chainlink is not a security because nobody reasonable is expecting profits.

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Hamas is buying CHAINLINK!

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anybody got an updated chart on the supply on exchanges?

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Imagine sirgay testifying before congress.
"You said LINK is a utility token. Can you explain the exact utility it provides?"
*Sirgay leans into the mic and smacks his lips*
"It prints money, sir."

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Because he owns link. Therefore anyone that buys it it’s an institution.