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679 THOUSAND token holders. Linkies really think all of these people will be allowed to make it. Oh and btw... if the price does finally go up you will get dumped on not only by Sergay, but by the entire baggie army who bought at 20$+ No network effect is going to be strong enough to get through all that sell pressure. Its OVER.

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Guess what, that number is mostly compromised of dust wallets.

In reality, only 25k wallets have over 1000 LINK

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Less than 3000 people in this world own 10k link

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Imagine how many will sell at $20,50,100 too. The shakeout isn’t just about waiting awhile at low price it’s psychological manipulation so people sell when we pump too.

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Less than 50 hold 50k link

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Ethereum was about $12 when it had that many wallets.

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I don't know how much it can be compared to this.
If Chainlink extended their CCIP to be a central point of control of wallets it could achieve something similar, but if it has to rely on bank use it will be different.

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why not both

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Hey, I am one of them. Wow, how many billionaires and millionaires are there in the world?

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Delet this.

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holy shit i had no idea how early we are. thank you so much for making this thread op, my resolve has been bolstered tenfold. we're all going to fucking make it bros.

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How is this even possible? It's been 6 years... is the fud really that effective? Who even owns a the link then?

T 6k holder poorfag

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Dollar sign goes before the number, bro

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Wow I just had a look and there are over 3000 billionaires in the world! That’s crazy :0 . Not only that but there are 60million millionaires, wow. And only 3k people hold more than 10k LINK. Really put things into perspective.

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But some people have multiple wallets with split stacks. Like that whale who is staking over 100+ wallets...

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Get with the times poorfag

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I will now attempt to acquire more tokens.

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Thats like 0.01% from the world lol

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I wonder how many of those are jeets with 2-30 LINK stacks

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There is literally no correlation with this. You can't look at Ethereum's numbers and compare it to Chainlink. Literally wtf at this cope, it makes no sense.

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Explain then.

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I don't even know where to begin to find these things. Am I going to make it with 6k link staking,? Probs wont/cant accumulate any more and will just sell rewards...

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Also why hasn't this pumped the price? And what happens when there is less than 1 million link left on exchanges?

What much link on exchanges currently?

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lurk more

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Do you think Link suppression is a meme

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No but they are buying so much...

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how many ETH holders held to 1k? very few, im sure...

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assuming you must have at least 10 link to be considered a true hodler and not a duster/scammer/abandoned/scrap wallet, then having 10k link puts in the top .05% of all link hodlers

Having 1k link puts you near the top 1%

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Sure people can afford at least 100 link? It's less than 1 grand.. unless perhaps they live in a 3rd world country or with hyperinflation.

Still these numbers make me think when the price finally does moon how others will react...

Also we do know similar stats for Bitcoin back when btc had a similar number of wallets?

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There used to be an awesome site that tracked how much link was on every exchange. Not sure if it's still around. I'll try to find it and report back.

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how many hold more than 17k?

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Sorry man, can't find it. It's not even in my bookmarks when I know it was before because I used to check like everyday, so it's probably gone. However, I can see that less than half of link wallets have more than 10 link.

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Like 2340 wallets

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BTC token supply is a lot lower, someone would have to scale it.

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glassnode but you have to signup

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I know what your talking about. I think they went private/paid at one point.
>less than half of link wallets have more than 10 link.

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Don't post such immodest filth anon. If you scandlise someone(cause someone to sin) their sin will be upon you.

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>Also why hasn't this pumped the price?
It did, but sergey saw the opportunity and took some money out again. I really envy him, all he had to do is spam this board to get a cult following of idiots who are willing to DCA money into his pocket forever.

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Kek baggies nice gold man larper todays the big day

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Ethereum is a gas token. It's necessary to transact. I have like 50 eth wallets with less than $10 in them. Why would anyone want 50 wallets with 0.05 link in them?

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So many women are going to hell because of the way they dress. The angels of all those who are scandlised will testify against them.

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I have about 20 of those wallets, i imagine most of us have the same
And 400k of those wallets have less than 500 links lmao, OP's stress level is throu the roof

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Based but I’m atheist and just hate roasties.

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I bought in 2018 when I was 15 and had literally no money but a couple hundred I scraped together. Have a 4k stack staked. Yes I know I fucked up, yes I know I should have gotten a job. It’s going to 81k anyway and that means I’ll have nearly half a bil. So I don’t care about your “I was a 30 year old programmer fag in 2017 and bought a 100k stack.” I was just a teenage /pol/ak who happened to stumble on by here.

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not true at all
so many people have a few wallets with 1-10k LINK
you cant take these stats that seriously
also how many are dev testing wallets
i have like 5 wallets each with a few LINK that I was using to try to figure out how to run a service that required a link feed.
If wen LINK gets its real moon I will go recover my stinks
till then those $20 wallets worth of LINK can chill there on the blockchain

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How about you stop gambling shitcoins like a faggot?

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So 1 year from now we 100x?

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>the entire baggie army who bought at 20$+ No network effect is going to be strong enough to get through all that sell pressure. Its OVER.
Realistically that desperation to sell can return to euphoric 20000x pipe dreams over night which leads to them never selling. We're talking about the most emotional and desperate types of investor so that'd be pretty reasonable to expect.

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loser mentality thinking that there's some illuminati/jew/banker cult keeping the price low. if there was actual demand for the token people would be buying up the supply causing the price to increase. economics 101

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Kek fuddies

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>Q U A D R I L L I O N

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So sell at $19? Thanks for the tip but I sell every time it breaks 7.77

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you got me anon. all the banks in the world are buying which is why the price has hovered at $6 for a year.

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So you 'believe' (lol) in nothing. Anon I implore you do look into things, atheism is illogical. Also the earth doesn't move.

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Tell me ur new in crypto without telling me
Verifification not required you retarded fucking faggot

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>It’s going to 81k anyway
I KNEW zoomers were the ones eating up the retarded 81k memes lmao

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When link will be 1keoy , there will be more or less 30 000 new millionaires minted . That is about 0.000375% of the population of 8billion humans .

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yes but there are not that many humans

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Linkchads, it's pretty obvious at this point that we're all going to be mega rich. But the question is, what the fuck are we even supposed to do with the money? If you have $500m it's not like you can just buy a bunch of shares from an exchange. I know finance is PVP, but are wealth managers worth it?

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You’re not early at all (see the chart). Now you’re just irrelevant. Trying to shill a dead scam. The negative karma from scamming your fellow man will come back on you cowards. >>56352418

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Damn you must be down millions, sorry man. But you probably shilled this to many people who lost a ton so you deserved it. You seem like a huge faggot too with all the hubris. Cheers to your tears when it goes back sub $1 you coward

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600k wallet and they think they're early

meanwhile rlb
>has over 1000x the revenue of link(and more revenue than any other crypto project)
>at a fraction of the mcap of link
>with 20k wallets
>with 0 unlocks/inflation, 100% of supply distributed

baggies are pathetic

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500k of those wallets are mine

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I got more from the Optimism and Arbitrum airdrops than your entire net worth, now answer my original question or fuck off

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Yes, wallets with more than 10 link are around 300k, less than half of the 679k or whatever the exact number is.

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you are fucking retarded, ether is a fucking gas token you're trying to compare apples and oranges

is everyone in the link community double digit IQ

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Kek. Linktards are the epitome of counting your chickens before they hatch

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This attitude this exactly why I fucked off back to Twitter!

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Universal gas

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Link is the interchain gas token. Did you miss the last 3 months of people posting screenshots of ccip gas being paid in link?

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10 link shouldn't even count until the price hits $100. Right now 100 link should be the minimum for a wallet. 10 is a joke...

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bro this is soo based I just went back

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universal gas token
link is building the plumbing for a future many can't fathom

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Right but that just goes to show how few real link wallets there really are. This guy summed it up nicely >>56354072
The other day it occurred to me that there isn't even enough link for everyone on Earth to have a single one.

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the fuck drugs you on bro he literally pushed your shit in

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You don’t even believe that

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>everyone on Earth to have a single one
Nar, most of the world is vaxxed, give it a few generations and the population will be much much lower.

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No he didn't we are basically agreeing you underage retard

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Wait how rich will the banks, whales and Sergey be?

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Link is an unfathomably based oracle like Supra but with a shitty tokenomics.

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bro anyone can see for themselves. you need to be 18 to post here

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Actually the real number is even less. Most of those big wallets are held by the same people (2017 Chads)

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I have 20 000 link. How rare I am?

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This is true. Didn't a whale stake 100s of thousands in seperate wallets last December? Took 4 hours to fill up general... this time should be faster.

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> 1 billion tokens
> less than 1 million holders
> big money incoming!!

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Ethereum is just a gas token for some shitty defi scams which don't really matter and have no real use case. Link is the universal gas token which will be used for everything - every commercial transaction on the planet in time, for all of time.

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Like Elon Musk but x2 or x3. That would be ridicilous and you know it is not going to happen. These threads are full of hopeless 1k eoy pajeets who have like 100-1000 link. IMO wallets like +15k link is going to be golden but that requires iron hands and not selling as soon as this is going to take off.

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1000 link is still 81 million... income from staking on 81 mil is more than enough..

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Yes yes..

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How many link would it cost to sniff her brapper? 2023 linkies?

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Why waste a post with something retarded like this?

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How much ny@N c@t money would it cost to sniff her brapper? 2054 lil kitties?

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>1pbtid subhuman desperately trying to get people to offload their bags at rock bottom prices before the next round of staking is released.

Sorry fuddy, never selling.

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Based view anon, I'm getting closer to my make-it stack of 8k Link, while also bagging more Fet, Ride, Qwt, and Egld for gains in the next market cycle.

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>why hasn't this pumped the price?
Because they dump Bitcoin every time Link threatens to break out.