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Will Sweet Caroline ever recover from this?

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Eric wall will forever be known as a beta coomer fuddie with girl arms, will he ever recover?

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No clue who he is or what he looks like

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I will say, it takes a lot of balls to not kill herself.

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She was mocking the fuck out of all the victims here while it was happening. She's a sociopath.

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I wonder of there is a correlation between how ugly a jew is and how insane they are.

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I dont think she understands what social conservatism means.

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>She was a victim

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You think she doesn't have a hidden stash?

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im sure there's a bet?
can someone give me odds and a timeline?
we could do a death pool.

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tell me not all women are like this...i need to believe

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You really think she was posting on here under that trip? It was just some autist larping (possibly Sam).

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Based af

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Yes, she got a plea deal while SBF is in the hot seat

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What was the name of her trip again?

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I think it was YWH loves you, not sure on the acronym it could be YHWH.

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I miss her

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From all we've read and seen from her she is a typical neurotic jew. Wouldn't be surprised if it was her all along.

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This thread is still alive
>I have 2 kinds of the herp
Who would not care about this and hook up with her?
It was this.
Yeah, I don't think it was a troll account because she posted on her daily for months and just talked about shitcoins, etc. nothing really that interesting. Except that time she said he panties smelled like steamed broccoli.

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>might as well be a plate for alpha guys

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>alpha guys

My sweet Caroline... we could have been monogamous. This is what you get for ignoring your looksmatch.

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>Except that time she said he panties smelled like steamed broccoli.
This is maybe the most repulsive thing I've ever read on here

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Found it. and this
>Why do you just assume malicious intent on Sam's part?? He's on our side.... he wants regulations that are fair for us. Sam is Team Crypto, aren't you guys as well?? Or not....

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She fucking posted on /x/ too. Discustin

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Kikes won't spell the full name of their jew god yahweh so they write YHWH insteas

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>imagine that this criminal is innocent and was merely set up!!!
Ok I imagined it. Now can we go back to putting this weasel into a cage? She did it and she bragged about doing it the whole way, until she get caught. She gave flipping interviews about the details of her ongoing crimes, you can't pretend she's a clueless patsy

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>it's totally her you guize!

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How much ny@N c@t money would it cost to sniff her brapper? 2080 lil kitties?

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this is disgusting

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Jeefus christ lmao

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This here, if you weren't here back in 2020 for the DeFi craze, is also suspicious because of a lot those yield farming tokens were marketed here.

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Why is everyone mad about the "no stop loss" strategy?
I've never put a stop loss in my life, they're genuinely a horrible idea in crypto.
If you put one in place, the exchange owner would simply see what level they're at, liquidate them, then make tokens pump and cash in easy money.
You shouldn't be in a position that requires a stop loss in the first place. Like if something can go to 0, you don't go all in on it, it's that simple. I get hating her for missing that part, but people who put stop losses on crypto bets are simply dumb.

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>ignoring her looksmatch
SBF is maybe a point above her, at most.

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There is and I learned this from experience not just kikes but ugly as sin people in general are the most fucking vile creature on this earth.

Tried to help 2 in my life, be nice with them offer casual friendship nothing serious since I just pitied them, but still tried to be a genuine human bean to them. And those fuckers talked me out behind my back making up shit lies to other people who'd then confront me about it and they also tried to scam me. I ended up suing one of the fuckers who quickly weaseled his way out and begged for mercy.

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can't believe sbf's lawyers didn't get her post history, it would have been over for her

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A female simp. Honestly feel kinda bad for this undesirable specimen.

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I see absolutely nothing wrong with what she said, I'm at least $1m up from doing the same and it's not like I've had their initial.

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Fun Fact:
In classical Latin the 'j' is pronounced like a 'y', and the 'v' is pronounced like a 'w'. Rome's highest god in their pantheon was Jupiter, aka Jove. Now pronounce Jove like they would in classical Latin.

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my god i'm vomiting from both aesthetical and moral reasons...

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As an ugly male, seeing how vocal everyone is about her looks makes me think I'm doing the right thing being a shut in neet. People are ebrutal.

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Obviously not Caroline FFS

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funny that you would say that...

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>he offers you a job but turns out it's a failing business and you're the patsy

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But she wasn't head of FFT. Pay attention.

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she is a disgusting human, a scammer, a dishonest kike and the ugliest cunt in the spotlight.

they been making fon of ugly men for decades, its the time to give some back.

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>while i'm still hot
>is at most a 2

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It's not what's wrong, it's for using as circumstantial evidence to help prove she's been on this site to overall demonstrate she's Ywwh loves you

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bros i miss YHW so bad i tried to get her to be my gf

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nah that wasn't her, one time she really did post her feet though might have been a pair of boots

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Caroline got adopted by the /gme/ general harem just like Lum. She will be safe there from all you incels.

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you are asian for sure.

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Good, you schizoid bag fuck ugly faggots can have her in your containment threads

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Rome's entire religion was just copy-pasted from the Greeks, who probably also copy-pasted it from the Homeric period.

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Well, people must learn their lesson. Not your keys, not your coins. Learn how to explore self-custody wallets like Brillion and prioritize your peace of mind folks.

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How is elon so bad at memeing

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this is fucking reprehensible

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his handle on twitter was erica wall for a while

not sure if it's because he's so wimpy people think he's a girl or he went through a tranny phrase or he was trying to get free runescape gold but embarrassing in all scenarios

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no retard it's because written hebrew doesn't use vowels

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She could have cashed out some crypto and had some facial surgery like all the ugly jews do , she had plenty
Of time to prep for her court case

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"ayy sup bros heard about this crazy ass new token called Ny@n C@t Money that went live a couple weeks ago and it's fr fr no cap about to change the game They got all these sick tokenomics and a stacked team of devs that are gonna take it to the moon bruh Like even if you just throw an ETH or two in there now you could be set for life within a few months I'm that confident in it Honestly if you don't have any NCM in your portfolio already you're doing it all wrong fr"

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ah yes, the "Darling of the alt-right" KEK

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The hot one, the cute one, the nerdy one, the shy one, the sweet one, the selfish one, the one who volunteers at soup kitchens, the one who writes poetry, the one who plays videogames, the one who reads manga, EVERY SINGLE FEMALE IS LIKE THAT.

The harshest blackpill.

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To be honest men are pretty identical. A lot of sexual morals are just ascending cope based on options. There's some variation but generally people who can have sex with hot people do.

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Yeah but women are supposed to be the gatekeeper of sex, they should be better at this than men. Would you like it if your gf/wife was like the average guy, always ready to fuck with whatever moves?

Women are supposed to uphold a higher standard in this matter (and in this alone, we hold them to a higher standard).

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My mom and gf aren't

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>Accountants misuse funds for Enron per their leaderships request
>"Evil pigs! Kill them"
>Le heckn ugly Jew girl does it
>"She's innocent! She was coerced"
Pussy pass is real bros

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of course it is, the stats prove it. Just look at the articles they're writing about her, soon enough she'll be the hero of the people and granted a medal for her work at FTX. The only thing that I find surprising is that she's extremely ugly, and I thought that would cancel out the pass. Turns out it doesn't.

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>Being ugly should cancel
Not in 2023 in fact it actual doubles it if anything. Since she doesn't confirm to patriarchal beauty standers she's double victim

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still better than average US women

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you make a good point there anon, at least in the eyes of the media. The average person probably wants her hanged

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cool it with the antisemtism

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how can fat people even walk, i already oten feel fatigued walking my 65kg body around

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health at all size is not a meme bigot

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nah they aint, dont worry king. i know genuinely committed holy women who would feel deep sorrow over this

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i understand but ive denied hot women before based on religious and decency principles. it is a temptation to be sure. a righteous woman is rare indeed

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desu that top right photo is kind of sweet. sad she fell for the polycule meme though.

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who´s he?
I saw he was a big delegate in the arbitrum STIP vote

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That's a really unfair way to describe Caroline's participation in the whole thing. She participated in scamming many hardworking honest people out of their money. She doesn't deserve our pity.

>sh-she didn't know any better
>she was taken advantage of by a MAN

SBF is scum but Caroline wasn't much better

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as much as i despise these kike rats i don't pity the dumb asses who trusted them

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I had approximately $0 on FTX but they were spending millions on advertising and millions on bribing government officials, I don't blame people for thinking it was a safe haven

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>they should be better at this than men.
I was always loyal, even when I hated the relationship I was in and I regret it so bad that I missed out on great opportunities. I would like to think men on avg are decent too, just there are a loud 40-50% that fucks around.
women on the other hand drop your ass as soon as a better opportunity arises.
yes, women should be better, but in the age of social media every chad is one click away and when chad drinks, or your mid gf resembles to someone chad had a crush on groving up, or chad just simply drunk or needs a cumdumster for the tonight, then chad will fuck avg looking girls.
mid hoes can and will fuck with extremely good looking, high status men, this inflates their egos, makes them believe they can do better, but the reality is they are just a warm hole for chad.

women will not do better, women literally adopt 10 cats instead of settling for anything they believe is under their standards -even tho they themselves are not above avg.

more and more butthurt, manhating roasties are coming. more and more brainwashing going on from these old hags, making young women think 30+ dudes are creepy. today's 20 year olds are not super into 30+ dudes anymore, they are into broccoli, lush haired, fine skin feminine dudes that pose on tiktok.

women will not do better, because even the ugly/mid ones going to get one night stands with rich/famous/good looking men.

slow and steady wins the race was a lie. it doesnt work like that anymore. 20 year old primes women now demand 6'2 chads and exclusively fuck them unless you are lucky to be around and be her drunk mistake and if your jhonson is big and you fuck nice maybe you will be kept around.

modern world is hellish for men, unless you rich or tall handsome, then its never been better.

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i get called a bigot on 4chan now lol? pretty sure im healthier than her id say lol

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that's actually what SBF's defense attorney said. his client should be acquitted bec people were dumb enough to trust him.

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>you leave the country
>and go to the cops
Lol “she just left”
“She is a victim”

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If this literal diseased ratface think of herself as “hot” enough for chads, this is truly over for other men.

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Unironically a coincidence, unless the Israelites got it from IEs some how. Jupiter comes from Dyeus-Pater.

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They aren’t all like this anon. Have no fear.

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Filthy cretin bitch has herpes but at least she admitted it

>> No.56368054

fr i think it's the chin that fucks her up, ez fix

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Serious question:

Caroline was responsible for Alameda, the prop trading unit.
SBF was responsible for FTX, the trading platform.

As much as I hate this ugly girl-rat - it was SBF who started using customer funds and flagged Alameda was having infinite leverage on FTX, so what exactly did Caroline even do wrong other than apparently losing billions of $ on prop trading?

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>what exactly did Caroline even do wrong
besides being the ugly degenerate rat, Alameda created the fake market for FTX tokens and inflated the price that made it look like they were worth billions rather than 0.

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Any time a celebrity is brought in to endorse a product should be seen as a red flag as that it means the project isn't strong enough to stand by its own merits.

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>Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good