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2013 = bitcoin cycle
2017 = altcoin cycle
2021 = shitcoin cycle

What’s the 2025 cycle ?

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Surely not AI that thing is over 60 years old

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There won't be another cycle

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>What’s the 2025 cycle ?
influencer social finance (social-fi) cycle

imagine the worst aspects of influencers, twatter, tiktok and instagram but combined with the toxicity and greed of crypto

its the natural evolution of the shitcoin telegram meat grinder.

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Yeah but any altcoin you buy now will do a 10-100X within 5 years so you’re better off holding a generic altcoin than you’re holding cash

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ww3 black swan, dont invest

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Now this is interesting. I recall the ads on YouTube that were fake where Vitalik would be giving a presentation and the “I’ll send you 2 back for every one you send back” or whatever it was. Then in the next cycle, those ads were Elon musks with the same 2 for 1 meme. Now it’s Mr Beast ones. I believe you may actually be onto something with this post.

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BTC ETF cycle

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sóicon cycle, basically cons and government schemes to make more money.

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Chainlink cycle.

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it's all about monopolies. (you see it in every nascent industry from feudalism to modern day)

at first BTC was open, anyone could buy it. then the exchanges took over and monopolised all the surplus value.

then VCs saw and wanted to take a slice for themselves, and funded ETH, then later a swarm of VC altcoins to take all that dumb liquidity for themselves, and they pushed DeFi as a way to take the excess value from exchanges.

and now the final phase, blackrock, vanguard, steel state will take over BTC and be the final rentier lords of BTC. if you want to access BTC you will have to do it through them or the companies they own (Coinbase, USDC). this is partly why the US is at war with Binance, they dont like another country taking what should be theirs (money).

the influence part is more a side narrative of memecoins. its clear that influencers and ecelebs have a huge audience, if they even mention the name of a coin it pumps 10% (like musk). now that same thing is just becoming more sophisticated and monopolised. so the the influencers will take a share of the profit without any risk. buy mrbeastcoin to join my special club and get 5% staking reward for holding it, while they drain the liqudity out slowly - or keep it alive as long as its profitable for them.

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the icp cycle of course

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Utility coin cycle which is why I'm suppressing RLC

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Aardvark bonanza

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Tokenization / Real world asset Cycle

better load up on Centrifuge and Curio

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unironically something related to AI

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stablecoin cycle

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LINK cycle 2.0

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It is going to be an all-round circle. Altcoins are getting ready. CYMI made some moves and I see, KCS, UND, and more coming along. BITCOIN will be even more soon.

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The link Cycle 2024

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Socialfi like friendtech. Notice how no one on biz talks about it. That's the sign it will be the next narrative.

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GayCoin cycle. Proof of Homosexuality.

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Real world assets. In the peak of the top of the next bubble you will have people bragging about owning a small percentage of some famous person's house. In reality they will be bagholding some RWA shit token.

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Utility cycle then becoming the digital side of the stock exchange.

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Stablecoin cycle. Tether, USDC, Dai and all the other coins that have been stuck at $1 forever are finally gonna moon.

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Lead and water

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The btc crabs at 3k for 10 years and has one last exit pump to 20k cycle

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No way this happens but if it does I’ll be accumulating

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Avax subnets

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>Everyone expects 2025 to be the next cycle

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all other coins derive their price action from bitcoin cycles

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Quantum computer is the next trend

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Shitcoins will still take over

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ICP Shillers here again

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2025 = AVAX cycle

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Anon are you talking about QAN

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Fundamentals/use case cycle

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I really hope POND's cycle ffs I need to EAT

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You won't, sorry to tell you anon

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eating is overrated as fuck, just do as the government says, eat ze bugs

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Kek you roach won't make it, cope

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Why do you think 2025 will care about layer 0 stuff?

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no cycle due to ww3

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2025 = nigcoin cycle

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no next bullrun, just exit pump it or i will chop my pepe off

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2025 will be the Cosmos Cycle gotta crawling back soon.

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Village gotta eat somehow

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Big narrative but don't fade we3 payments. CYMI and XPRESS are one-way tickets to the moon.

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2025 = suicycle

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Utility cycle. The pendulum has/is swinging back. $LINK $ICP $XRP $XMR

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Maybe the will shock us all. I'm in for that.

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Definitely. CryptMi endorsement in UAE is fucking bullish.

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Anon is talking about privacy. I'll start coping XMR, SCRT and RAIL. Thanks based chud.

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No this shit already happened

Early 2022 was the influencer “cycle” where Mr beast and all the other big time YouTubers did this shit

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Completely agree with you this is the for utility tokens to moon hard. I have been bagging CYMI, JOE and DYDX as a result.

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It's the Account Abstraction cycle, Pajeet. It elevates wallet design, promotes user adoption, and fuels the potential for a Web3 revolution.

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Based, Anon. I'm fully committed to fundamental and utility tokens. DUA for Remittance payments, NXRA for RWA, and BST for DePIN.

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Gonna ape into these tokens and lock 'em up tight in a Brillion smart wallet when that bad boy drops

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Cycles are done. Now it’s the downward spiral for all crypto assets, following the momentum of the death of FTX and NFTs

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Hyperpolyglots projects will be leading the next cycle anon

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Wars are bullish you misinformed dolt.

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If Mt Gox didn't kill crypto, some jew exchange that was actively suprressing btc won't kill it.

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PoW has been outclassed by PoR jeet

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That reminds me of AGII, an AI based platform that's now becoming a top challenger in offering solutions just like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E, Cleverbot, etc., providing something more than just AI assistance thanks to its vast array of tools.

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Why do retards say that NFT is dead when OGBX is proving doubters wrong with passive income from staking and exclusive NFTs.

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I'd smartly participate in AVTM IDO on Uplift after seeing its Price Protection Promise. This could be the smartest decision ever.

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war cycle

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ETF and general "old money" cycle. Boomers are gonna buy

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2025: World War III

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Twink penis.

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100 year cycles fren first the greater depression and then the world war 3 in 2035

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In 2025, those influencers will be AI-generated by jeets instead of repeating the same 5-10 minute loop nonstop.

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Rope cycle. It’s the cycle that doesn’t happen, crypto gets banned and you rope.

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AI, Metaverse and PQC will bull in 2025

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That's why I'm closely monitoring SUPRA oracles as their TGE approaches.

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Wtf is this, don't waste your money on it. Buy alts

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PQC is going to be the next big narrative to thrive and I am accumulating QANX to be successful, which has already fetched me 3x in the past few months

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I don't care about the cycle, I DCA and hold cryptos with potentials. Cycle will always put you in the mud

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Day five of posting about REDACTED five hundred times per day until its over $1 each. REDACTED Thot #2006

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SHIB and MATIC. My all in one gain.

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I think it'll be an all-round thing, from Defi to Web3, Metaverse, AI and most of all Motorverse that will have to do with our everyday life

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>What’s the 2025 cycle ?
Tokenized ad rewards

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bear cycle

the years 2022-2028 will be known as bitcoins first bear market

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Trump says he would stop that fag.

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GambleFI, led by FUN sir

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>I DCA and hold cryptos with potential.
Doing the same on ETH, XRP, REEF and RIDE. the next circle should definitely melt faces with these.

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>lead by some dead 2017 shitcoin

seek help lil bro

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Floki and HBAR is sitting cool in my bag, I'll be adding OGBX soon. It's endorsement by Google, BNB Chain, and Mario Nawfal is really gives a huge vibes

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Not just alts but top privacy based token, I'll start with RAIL. Thanks based chud.

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Should I sell off my BTC?

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Yngmi with gambleFi anon, take advantage of AVTM presale on Daostarter rn. It'll certainly go ahead of the curve.

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You need to spice things up with Oracles, SUPRA will get bags filled in the next bullrun.

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EneftiVerse is set for a cool ride into the Metaverse season. Unlocking rewards and exciting incentives will sure get dicks hard.

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Not just alts but top privacy based token, I'll start with RAIL. Thanks chud.

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You need Oracles to spice up, SUPRA will get bags filled in the next bullrun.

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OGBX is where bitches dump their gambleFi gains to earn a better staking rewards while having the best of gaming, NFTs, and virtual experiences.

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IMO, stacking up based alts like RAIL with BTC is a smart choice.

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No fading RAIL. Security tokens are based. I know DiDs are going to rock the space hard also.ORE and NXRA are my sure gems.

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Then what? Throw it into some faggot shit? I can only go for RWA like RIO, LEOX, and NXRA if I ever give up on my BTC bag.

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Based chad, I've got eyes on RWA, AI, and the Motorverse which is gaining adoption with in-car entertainment.

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RWA and AI probably, check HIFI for RWA

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privacy coin cycle

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bicycle (only thing crypto losers can afford anymore)

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>2025 = aicoin cycle
it will be a turbo shitcoin cycle so fast that you have to sell and buy via customized ai algo or you won't make it.

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What will you accumulate? If BTC dumps that hard, I think it's cool to add my XTP. Plus, the Tap platform is launching in the US this quarter, and I expect good returns in the long run.

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are you dumb? ETFpaper cycle.

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Collapse cycle?

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Stablecoin cycle

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Much banks cycle


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It's gonna be post quantum cryptography cycle asap. Cause the threats posed by the quantum computers are fucking real and to deal with that shit only quantum resistant blockchains can survive.
Best to be early and not rather get fucking rekt.

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this is exactly what jack from crypto wagie extreme is saying.
hes hoarding only RSR at this point
seems to think it will be worth a few dollars when btc is tracing a million+ this coming bull cycle

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>every seeming pattern i can detect WILL repeat itself ad infinitum
there will not be a 2025 cycle

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>BST for DePIN
what's DePIN?

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anyone can run a btc node or miner (with a bit more capital, nothing crazy 3k for an asic) they can't do anything to stop that

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decentralised Painance

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Fuck that I will be able to mine once the POR concensus goes live with a frigging raspberry pi or with a mobile phone for all you know. No worries about electricity bills or pollution.

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I don’t think RAIL really works. At the very least the token isn’t needed.

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2021 "shitcoin cycle" is not very descriptive or useful. Worth mentioning that the price of a single ETH transaction approached several hundred dollars during that time, prompting the adoption and growth of alternate layer 1 blockchains and cheaper layer 2s. Other contributing factors maybe being stimulus checks and lockdowns.

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yooo degenbros you heard about this hot new token called Ny@n C@t Money they just launched this past moon and it has the sickest white paper

I've already sent it and the hype is unreal this isn't your average shitcoin this is something special I'm gonna take out a second mortgage on my house so I can buy as much as I can it's that sure of a thing

we gonna make it big time sendyyyy

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>any altcoin
Garbage advice lol

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2025 it comes full circle. 2025 will be a $Bitcoin cycle. The endgame is here.

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Yo what up brah Have you heard of the new NCM token called Ny@n C@t Money I'm telling you brah it straight up the next generation of defi It's already done like a 10x since launch bro this thing is mooning It's straight fire yo Yeah sure it's a degen token but that's all us degens want some quick gains bro If you want real value and fundamentals go to Bitcoin This is just a fun gamble bro

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Yo what up brah have you heard of the new NCM token called Ny@n C@t Money I'm telling you brah it straight up the next generation of defi it's already done like a 10x since launch and this thing is mooning it's straight fire yo yeah sure it's a degen token but that's all us degens want some quick gains bro if you want real value and fundamentals go to Bitcoin bro but if you want some degen gains this is the play it's straight fire bro trust me do your research it's like this coin's been waiting for us brah

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Ayo yo yo yo what up senpai Listen up y'all there's this new crypto token called Ny@n C@t Money and I ain't kiddin bro this thing is straight fire bruh I swear to GOD it's already done a 10x since launch and I'm tellin you brah it's only going up from here Yeah sure it's just a degen token but that just means big returns for us degens right brah If you're looking for real value and fundamentals go look at Bitcoin but if ya want some quick gains yo NYM is where it's at bro

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2023-2024 = Bankruptcy Cycle

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next cycle won't be a coin cycle
too many coin arr rook same

next cycle will be pure gambling

the coins that pump will all be insider coins, where you need to be a member of some faggot group to even buy the coin. like social-fi cancer

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I'm also big on Ride that's digging deep into the in-car entertainment angle, kinda like what Meta's cooking up.

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Utility drive cycle. Watch out for INJ, NXRA, QNT and maybe GMX

>> No.56364287

hopefully sane value cycle
normie shitcoin death cycle

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The biggest bull run and CYMI will lead Crypto payment projects.

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If you think GMX then have a look at HMX

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It will be the same but worse. All the intelligent people left and now it’s just a take-it-all free-for-all shitfest of shit ideas and get-rich-quick schemes. Interesting projects will be overshadowed by these speculators. Those will be made to delegitimize crypto ushering new regulations.

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Keeping tabs on the cycle is crucial to know when to cash in and stay ahead. But I've got this hunch that Hyperpolyglot chains and AI are gonna ride the next wave next year.

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Why? Looks like another shit to.

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I think it will require a disruptive technology perhaps one that disorganized the social media structure and enables unstoppable communities. What do I know though.

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He's gonna miss out big time if he sticks to this one-trick path. Spreading into different sectors and stacking gems like NAKA, AZERO, and QANX is the way to go for those massive ROI gains, instead of just hoping RSR hits a few dollars. Given the hype around gaming and quantum-resistant chains, going heavier on those gems, especially the latter is a smart move.

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RWA tokenisation cycle (Chainlink network narrative)

>> No.56368348

We’re not that lucky

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It's the governance token of Railgun and you can use Ethereum privately through the project. benefit with stacking as well.

>> No.56369055

Why is my thread still up? this place is dead, green light for me to start buying alts

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RWA/Tokenization assets cycle

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