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Are businesses done pushing the woke agenda now that it has become unprofitable for them?

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Corporate profits are outstanding this year, wtf are you on about?

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>Duff Lite pisses off rednecks with tranny endorsement
>Everyone switches to Duff Mexicano in protest
Yeah Duff is really crying.

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>fake and gay debt based economy
>he thinks profits are real
Kek, let me guess, you think we live in a capitalist economy too.

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>being woke is unprofitable!
>actually, their profits are doing fine
you raise a good and relevant point, my schizophrenic friend

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Seething at the truth, I never even wrote half the stuff you attributed to me.

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>the left maymay is failing
It’s an autocracy, it can’t fail retard. They’re not investing trillions in smart cities and crypto and ethical capitalism because they feel like gambling retard

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Show me a single smart city? Show me one where anything works even conceptually. It doesn’t.
Even the ones they’ve spent 20 years on.
>Ethical capitalism. Coming about from investment.. homie you’ve no concept of how anything works.

Pick a case study and we can go through why it’s a marketing illusion if you like?
You tend to see this stuff repeat with market cycles.

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it was never profitable, it was (((agitprop)))

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You seem to be conflating the idea of something being immediately viable (or unviable) with it not mattering to anyone. Unfortunately that is a viewpoint with a loose grip on reality, given people will mob and destroy based on a thousand year old book/asphyxiating black man, take your pick. You seem to have a disease called “engineering”, a far cry from anything related to marketing.

>show me a smart city that works
The pacific rim is littered with East and west cities that have mass facial recognition, location fencing, large scale data collection and dissection, drones, mass WiFi, mass computing. 20 years ago people didn’t know what a smart phone was and today their entire life is tracked catalogued and dissected with one willingly, seems fairly “smart” to me.

>ethical capitalism
Purely a marketing idea sure, but one that has great effect. If you imply someone is dirty, low class, not social just based on the products they choose to buy, that’s a very powerful tool indeed. I fail to see why you don’t think it’s relevant?

The left is an autocracy that inherently tries to bottle progress to sell it as new paradigms and force everyone to align with their vision of this paradigm. I fail to see how boiling any of this down to “marketing gimmicks” matters at all when people are clearly buying what they are selling

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there are still profits, especially in June with all their gay marketing, I'd like to do the same thing, paint VINU rainbows and get fucking rich off it

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You realize your an 80 iq faggot, right?

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>You seem to have a disease called “engineering”
I have this disease too. Is there any cure?

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When met with the truth, the only thing you are able to do is insult me. Keep coping and projecting.

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No. Jews will never stop subverting.