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>just hold for 7 more years bro
>unlike others, I can afford to wait
>slow and steady wins the race

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Fuds gone from ‘“token not needed” to “it’ll take years”. kek

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/biz/ is one psyche, one consciousnessness. But like any consciousness it is not settled and satatic. Parts of the mind cry out in pain and demand remedy, other parts insist on patience and fortitude.
What we see play out on these pages is a single psyche grappling with itself. It's why there will never be universal accord.

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>>unlike others, I can afford to wait
Epic cope. This isn't your virginity, nobody can afford to wait.

This isn't about your condition, it is about the changing world.

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porn / drug addicted fuddies SEEETHING in this thread
good work OP

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>i don't care about opportunity cost
>only people with adhd can't manage to hold for 13 years, still 7 to go

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Don’t kid yourself retard token is still not needed

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I know this is a fud thread, but this is my XOR holder mindset, you know
>Makoto will launch the Sora Card this year and there's gonna be a wave of new XOR holders, making us rich!

I-I just have to be patient OP...

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>you’re pointing out that my shitcoin behaves exactly like a Ponzi scheme?
>you’re a coping pajeet

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>utility token that collateralizes trillions of dollars and has the explicit backing of the largest financial institutions in the world
>brownoid turd-world fuddies spamming obvious lies on a laotian crayon eating forum
hmmmmm... one of these would appear to not be needed... hmmmmm... just let me think... hmmmm... ok... ummmmmm... i've almost got it.... i think... yes...
it is the token which is not needed

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Let’s check the price.

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sure, let's check

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Better double check

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>I can afford to wait

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>buys 100 more linkies at a cheap price
thanks for the reminder, OP!!

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there is no timeline where adoption happens within 7 years

it's like 10-15 years minimum at this point. remember even once users are actually using the token(5-10 years) they still have to run through years of bootstrapping subsidies

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Lost 80% of all money ever put into it

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it took bitcoin +10 years to reach 60k
we got this marines, we're so early

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Kek baggies
>September 4, 2020:
LINK: $12.50
BTC: $10,434
ETH: $388
BNB: $20.62
XRP: $0.23
ADA: $0.08
DOGE: $0.002
SOL: $2.71
TRX: $0.03
MATIC: $0.01

>September 4, 2023:
LINK: $5.96
BTC: $25,743
ETH: $1,623
BNB: $214.45
XRP: $0.50
ADA: $0.25
DOGE: $0.063
SOL: $19.36
TRX: $0.07
MATIC: $0.55

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How many coins and average price? I want to calculate your enormous loss since ‘21 (due to being in a cult)

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>let's check the price

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looks like Adem Kayser, MLM scheme shilling third worlder / link fudder has arrived!
does Edem or Bram know what their porn-addicted son / nephew spends all his time doing?

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Can you calculate my losses from $1 to $0.20, and $20 to $6 as well? And add them all up? Add up every single red candle and tell me that's how much i've lost, even though I'm up 60x against fiat.

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>Edem or Bram
Do tell more anon

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You should out him. At this point it’s more than deserved

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>>unlike others, I can afford to wait
I can, though.

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Crypto isn't even up to 15 years, so where's facts to this lie your dirty ass just told? was in Rio some months back and I was able to pay for things with my CryptMi card, not to mention that I met a few people who were also shopping with similar cards like Binance and coinbase cards.
If this isn't adoption, then I don't know what, and all of these projects are not up to 15 years.

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Haha you dont want to tell me the number do you? You lost millions, sorry man. Maybe next time dont join a cult

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Look at this pussy ass little bitch absolutely begging for someone to do his dirty work for him. Your feelings got so hurt about others describing your reality. Coward

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there is nothing wrong with wanting your investment to turn a profit in a timely matter

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you are not scaring anyone by posting this.

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>>utility token that collateralizes trillions of dollars
but it doesn't do that right now

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>chainlink holder admits it’ll take years