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What's the point of living to retirement? What do you even do at age 67+?

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Make life shitty for the young and enjoy watching them seethe

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So she's just levitating with half her body above fence line? What a stupid artist no wonder ai is replacing them

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Yea good luck

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it's a counterstrike joke

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I'm 29 and I don't want to work anymore, I'm tired of being here 9 hours a day without being able to do shit because I don't have time, I want to retire to be able to live my life, I even bet VINU to speed things up

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Ooh I actually know this one. So a long time ago in a land far far away some people were playing counterstrike competitively and it was some of the best teams in the world I think. Then one of the teams decided to pull out this strat that they knew about for a while but it's pretty much cheating. They all stood on top of each other and made a tower so tall that the guy on top could snipe the other team from a place that he shouldn't have been able to get to. The other team had no idea what was going on and they got rekt. In hindsight it was blatant cheating and the cheating team felt bad or something idk and they were like I'm sorry. The end. What's the yellow thing in the bottom left?

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They watch fox news