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>Basic Information

>twitter spaces

>This Change Is The Result Of A Merger

>Do companies state that they face bankruptcy...but then *suddenly* do a 180 "Reverse Uno", squeeze short sellers and bring riches to shareholders?

>Icahn Terminates Director Appointment Agreement With Newell Brands. It's Happening

>"Successor Entity" in latest Docket drop

>How Can BBBYQ Exit Chapter 11 In A Way That Benefits Shareholders

>The BLIND bid IPO

>311 million shares × 3 = THE END
>Lambos Or Food Stamps

>SEC & BK Court Filings Reveal Carl Icahn As The Mystery Buyer & TEDDY IPO Coming

>End Game: DTC and NSCC are screwed as the DTC just proved shareholders should Directly Register Shares (DRS)

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>Kais Maalej The OTC King


>The PP Show Livestreams
>9/12/23 - AJ
>7/26/23 - Bill Pulte Interview
>7/24/23 - Ross Brown (Oracle) Bullish on BBBYQ

>Real-Time Trades

>Current Trade Halts + Short Restrictions
No trade halts on OTC

>Latest hires
>Carol Flaton - Carl Ichans appointee in Xerox take over

>Holly Etlin - Chief Restructuring Officer

>David Kastin - M&A Specialist board member & CLO
>Temporary alliance with jews and reddit we can go back to hating each other later
>Don't take any DD for fact use your brain
>umm uhh uhh uhhh uhhh
>As always
Kek bondies
Previousneed on /BBBYQ/

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strokin my shit heavy, ong

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Why is there a general about a stock that no longer exists? What is this shit?

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BBBY does not exist anymore.
Teddy and butterfly are alive!

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It do be existin' doe

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It's the Cohen cocksucking fanclubs 6th endless thread on biz.

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Pre-orders are closed. Spoon-sneeding time is over.

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kek, the little moon

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Who is Michael I. Goldberg?

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Grifters developed an audience of the most gullible people online, you don’t just give that up. You transfer them over to a new grift, and in the meantime make sure they keep donating to your live stream.

Sheep need sheared.

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oy gevalt

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>Teddy and butterfly are alive!
Do you own equity in either?

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If you thought you deserved to get money for doing nothing, you’re what’s wrong with society today. Afraid to work. What happened to men? You soft weaklings are so allergic to hard work that it makes you easy targets for get-rich-quick scams. You have no honor. No dignity. No discipline.

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Still won. kek juddies.

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This shit better moon, I have a 5k stack, if it doesnt moon Im literally bringing PPshow to sec, how can a bunch of retards be allowed to shill a stock right before it died?

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I've worked longer and harder than any man in your family ever has, faggot.

Captcha is NGR3R

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>Posted from glownigger headquarters

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Keep telling yourself that, freeloader. You don’t deserve to call yourself a man.

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So you’re telling me that silly shillies desperately push this thread so this information isn’t promulgated to a wider audience? Hmmmmmmm

Wagmi. I’m all in on dougshit.

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Fuck you nigger, Bobby deserves to moon but fuck the retards at ppshow

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You seem desperate.

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What's everyone's victory meal once this is over? Think I'll take a first class flight down to Japan and get some Michelin star sushi.

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Colombia for some latina sushi.

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Pizza hut

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this is early 2000s/late 90s pizza hut. You won't find a pizza like this again at pizzahut now days at least not with the spices.

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i dont'sell @ 25 $

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you don't know hard work or true pain. Through voluntary adversity the new slave class has cultivated a level of callous incapable of being shook by your "hot takes"

You are a bitch, a coward, a dying breed.

Verification not required when spitting truth.

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What's the cope now? How are baggies maintaining?

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short baggies still in shambles
kek short baggies

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What happened to @teddypublishing on X? They raised a bunch of money on gofundme to be a news source for bbbyq, and now the account is just deleted. Can I ask go fund me for a refund of my $500?

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Here comes the downies, getting in before market open for once. Very bold

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it's because it's today

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Lots of melties clocking in early. Wonder why.

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I didn't even check yesterday but it seems schwab showed the shares as zero and then it bounced back kek, no fucking idea what's happening just in it 4 the tendies

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They still show in my stink or swim

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That’s a very bullish indicator. I’ve only seen that before with companies they re-issued equity.

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10,744.60% daily increase, stay mad hedgies

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>It'S jUsT foR EnGaGemenT!!!!
Imagine being so deliberately obtuse or being called PlatinumTranny and still trying to subvert holders thoughts

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>Do you own equity in either?
I'm about to

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considering how on the nose they continue to be, if it was really just shitposting someone in GameStop, maybe even RC himself would've told them to stop long ago. There's been the horse, butterfly, and now piggy bank tweets. i just can't accept that it's a coincidence or someone just someone shitposting

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A social media manager isn’t going to invite that kind of negative attention. You have an army of the most dedicated investors in history. Ride or die. You don’t abuse that. It’s power.

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You don’t own any shares, yet you come here to try and troll. Curious.

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I own just as many shares as you do

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Oh, you own xx,xxx shares? Yeah, didn’t think so.

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Yes, I own 00,000 shares

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Good morning, baggies! Looks like another prophecized MOASS date has passed entirely, and your "investment" is still worth nothing. Cohen didn't even do a surprise midnight announcement. Has PhantomBlack699 deciphered an explanation for this already? What's the point of having all those Teddy books if he isn't going to use them?

I don't think there's two ways about it - RC is telling the best shareholders in the universe to bust open the piggy bank and buy more GME. Surely you still have a house or a car that's not reverse-mortgaged? This is all in BBBYQ's best interest, you can't say no.

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Don’t you have anything better to do? Please leave us alone.

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>Please leave us alone
No. This is for not leaving /GME/ alone. You did this.

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>Please leave us alone.
you can just leave. I'm sure there's some bbbyq conspiracy sub that would welcome you with open arms and bans all the meanies who tell you you're fucking retarded.

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Twink ass.

>> No.56331370

Can you explain what baggots have to do with gme? As a baggot myself, I don't get the GameStop connection, or why it bothers people invested in GameStop.

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It's getting really very grim for baggies

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it's getting very grim for short sellers

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Are these short positions in the room with us?

>> No.56331578 [DELETED] 

Yes they’re present every thread. You also have you hands in most public gme content.

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when israel win?

>> No.56331785

so you're not a shill, you're just a GME maxi? good god i can at least respect the hustle for shills, but this is just sad

>> No.56331816

>liquidation cancelled
Shills have no answer for this.

>> No.56331918

top fucking kek i love you gullible, dangerously based retards

>> No.56331925

i didn't beer no hell

>> No.56331962

Liquidation is cancelled because there isn’t anything to liquidate dipshit. They canceled the sale on your behalf because they can’t sel worthless stock.

>> No.56332076

I'm not gullible. I wasn't dumb enough to invest in a bankrupt towel retailer because a YouTube grifter told me it was a good idea, I'm all in on dogshit.

>> No.56332093

It's the same tone as "you bought the gme top 3 years ago". As a gme holder I find it hard to believe that all the fuckers saying "why would you troll an asset you don't care about" would join team niggerfaggot to kek bbbaggies like a lost Vietnamese soldier

>> No.56332096

>ysh cum id

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Has any group of baggies ever been so thoroughly obliterated as this?

>> No.56332129

RC is known for moving in the shadows. Of course he wants the hedge funds to think they won. He’s only going to strike at the last moment. And when he does …. BOOM!

Teddy is going to merge with butterfly to get those NOLs, and then fast lane into being publicly traded.

>> No.56332144

>And when he does …. BOOM!
this is the person giving you investment advice

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Some fun glitches in Schwab accounts today.

>> No.56332314

What do your digits see? I'm starved for updates and gme is shit these last few weeks.

>> No.56332325

You’re telling me a multi-billion dollar financial institution just lets glitches happen in their trading app? Yeah right. That’s the real price, home slice.

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I hope you’re joking or paid to say that

>> No.56332339

Redditors are reporting 7000% increase in their accounts. Many people.

>> No.56332356

What is 7000% on a stock trading at $0?

>> No.56332365

>shill admits it’s trading

>> No.56332376

PP definitely has inside info. Why else would he have told us “we already won”? He’s putting his reputation on the line there. There’s no way he would say that without knowing how this plays out. It’s why he’s so zen.

>> No.56332390

Nice. Interesting development, fingers crossed for ya'll

>> No.56332392

>Grifter says 'we already won'
>Rubes think they are part of the 'we'

>> No.56332413

Look - there are only three options. Either PP is:
1. A liar
2. Crazy
3. Right

He’s not crazy, he’s putting on a successful show every night and had built an audience. Smart guy. And he’s not a liar - we’ve seen too much tin foil turn out to be right, and he’s getting info directly from pulte. What’s that leave?

>> No.56332442

Option 1. You got rubed.

>> No.56332445

His reputation is riding on what he tells us. Zero chance he is risking that by lying to his audience.

>> No.56332452

Do you honestly think you’re fooling us into thinking you aren’t PP jacking yourself off here?

Kill yourself.

>> No.56332454

>There is no way a confidence man could be lying to me, he relies on me trusting him

>> No.56332470

I still haven't actually watched his show. I do like the Salvatore posts on x, they're mostly well thought out. Seeing doug seethe is also pretty entertaining. Anyone else find it weird we had constructive conversations all weekend, and Monday morning all the lazy shills log back in?

>> No.56332490

Fuck offffff, man! You fucking shills need to get a life. Damn. Sounds like you just don’t get enough PP in your life. You don’t even have the balls to short the stock. Put your money down if that’s what you think, I’d at least respect you then.

>> No.56332493

Yeah it's all that shilling. Damn those lazy shills trying to trick you into selling/buying. Good thing all the brokerages have got your back and are preventing you from selling/buying so you don't give the shills what they want.

>> No.56332507

The show is comfy but I usually don't tune in unless there's something happening. Lots of dead time with randoms talking and I have other shit to do. Salvatore has been shitting in the mouths of everyone on the short side and is really based.

>> No.56332563

You can hear in Salvatore’s voice that he’s paki, but he’s still based.

>> No.56332567


>> No.56332625

>dougposter confirmed PPajeet
>find it weird poster confirmed PPajeet
It's all coming together

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Damn these shills REALLY picked up steam this January. I’m really glad they care about my investments and keep up to date on complex legal filings. Good thing they have warned me about the evils of a man who almost liquidated wallstreet (until they literally had to shut out a significant portion of the market from buying) by sending a letter to the board and buying into gme during early/mid 2020, and has been undertaking the same process with bed bath and beyond. Also good thing a $10,000 a month corporate action software suite stated the company was sold in January 2023 where shortly after Ryan Cohen tweeted how the government should stop shooting down his balloons.

Rc is nice and all but these benevolent actors who are looking out for my interests in what is ultimately a closed financial system, where one naturally becomes curious as to why these equity ordinators have such undeniable conviction for saving me from losses, as if their own livelihoods depend on it?

It’s just too bad all these stock market knights weren’t able to warn investors of bear sterns, which was followed by Lehman brothers. I heard they were busy helping others in need so it’s all ok.

I’m also really glad that the overwhelming majority of the 4th estate is completely captured by corporate interests. I think it’s truly wonderful that they are promulgating the information surrounding bbby (which has clearly been set as a top priority) so that retail can be saved from further losses. This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it, as the media has established a precedent of looking out for the interests of retail traders, along with the middle class over all.

I genuinely feel like I’m apart of a thriving community with heathy core values because of all these wonderful, organically occurring, well intentioned actors who are here to help learn the truth and convince me to sell. I have never felt so loved.

WAGMI so fucking hard.

>> No.56332712

Based? Based on what? Based on the council of Trent, absolutely. Based.

>> No.56332809 [DELETED] 
File: 166 KB, 993x963, e67ad400a97b56c4ae541f300deef024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad I'm part of a real broker like Fidelity.

>> No.56332845

No kidding. Imagine MOASS happening and you literally just get fucked over and left behind with zero recourse because you can't afford a lawyer or something. yuck.

>> No.56332863

Glad I'm part of a real investment like dogshit.

>> No.56332926

Again, kill yourself. I have 155,000 shares. Liking (((you))) is not a requirement to hold a stock faggot.

>> No.56332939

I'm 100% with Fidelity too, switched from Schwab when I heard them doing some sus shit with the buyouts and whatnot. Do you think we're safe to just ride out with Fidelity the whole way? I know DRS has its advantages, but holy shit AST and even ComputerShare seem so fragile and risky from what I've experienced.

>> No.56332948

Yes I think Fidelity is safe, even in 2008 fidelity was safe.

>> No.56332949

I agree. I left Schwab as well.

>> No.56332950

post pic

>> No.56332954

imagine being this far into this saga and not being 100% DRS'd, kek

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File: 38 KB, 508x491, Pathetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's still here. TOP KEK

>> No.56332961

On GME I am, I would never DRS my entire BBBY position.

>> No.56332965


>> No.56332975

Just go to the PPShow reddit for today and search for schwab.

>> No.56332985

based 100,000 shares here.

>> No.56332993

anyone who holds their shares in street name and not directly is going to get fucked by their brokers there is 0 doubt in my mind this will be the hedgies' final trick before they get btfo.

To each their own but I only have 1 share in my broker (and calls) and the rest DRS'd. I read naked short and greedy I know the value of having it in my name.

>> No.56332994

120K shares here, bro.

>> No.56332999

Friendly reminder that my investment is outperforming yours.

>> No.56333003

25,000 here, although I wanted much more.

>> No.56333010

DRS shares are stuck in limbo at the moment, i'd rather have mine on fidelity.

>> No.56333050

Why isn't the logo being used in the OP pic?

>> No.56333051

all shares are "stuck in limbo," they've been cancelled we're just waiting for the re-issue. When shares are re-issued or a payment is sent out, shareholders holding directly in their name are going to be first priority. Street name shares will be last priority.

I seriously don't get how anyone who has watched what happened with GME and now BBBY hasn't learned by now that 100% DRS on ANY position in the stock market is the only way to hold shares. Brokerages are by and large scams used to separate retail investors from actually owning equities. Broker shares is to DRS as renting is to owning.

>> No.56333070

You also won't be able to set a limit sell, I'm thinking you will want to sell into the squeeze regardless of what we get.

Until AST is no longer related as transfer agent, I won't be bothering.

>> No.56333075

oh God no

>> No.56333094

i have one share DRSd so I can just dump my whole position into DRS instantly

that said, I would rather wait for this transfer agent shit to be sorted out

>> No.56333097

I would give up limit sells 20 times if it meant that I actually got to keep my shares. idc what you do bro but I'm just telling you that any shares for any company are not safe in a brokerage after what we learned about synthetics.

>> No.56333128

there's never in the history of /biz/ been a group of baggies so completely BTFO as the BBBaggYs

>> No.56333139

I parked half in DRS after it was confirmed AST was no longer the transfer agent and left the other half in my brokerage account. I'm not selling what I direct registered hopefully ever but certainly not for anything less than retarded numbers, and the broker shares are for limit selling into any volatility that might occur as a result of people selling what they never owned.

>> No.56333164

to each their own. I just don't trust the DTCC after they fraudulently mis-filed GME's stock split as a forward split instead of a dividend. Who knows what sorta BS they're gonna do during a corporate action if they got away with that, ya know?

>> No.56333245

It's looking more and more likely that the previous CEO ryan had in charge was responsible for filing the wrong paperwork.

Furlong was an inside plant.

>> No.56333268
File: 1.47 MB, 360x360, 1590021116804.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Brokerages are by and large scams

>> No.56333275

As someone who was smart enough to put his life savings into dogshit instead, I do feel sorry for them sometimes.

>> No.56333285

Yeah my eyes rolled up too. I'm stil of the mind Fidelity is going to be fine.

>> No.56333371

DRS is a scam - out of the blue a bunch of new posters show up trying real hard to convince everyone to do it. Glowed hard.

>> No.56333379

Right, same thing SS has done. Kill all DD and only push a DRS narrative.

It hasn't done much good.

>> No.56333400

Always do the opposite of what SS says

>> No.56333414

shills are genuinely getting better, great totally non-glowy posts guys

>> No.56333469

Looks like the Superstonk Internet Defense Force showed up.

>> No.56333510

I don't give a flying fuck about superstonk, but essentially what you are saying is that people shouldn't own shares directly in their own name but should be held by a third party.

it's psychotic, why would I let someone have 'trust me bro I swear I'll give you your shares' privilege instead of just having my own shares in my name? It's the same as "not your keys not your coins." Brokerages already fucked over retail in January 2021 once, what makes you think it's not gonna happen again? Or did your bosses just tell you "shit on DRS" and not actually teach you what it is?

>> No.56333517

Why does u-copy do AMC TA now? I thought he was all-in on bbby? AMC is just a bullshit distraction stock, that company is just going to go out of business.

>> No.56333521

I'm just going to dig up some clams and have a clam bake, non sexually

>> No.56333528
File: 67 KB, 695x960, 1695703334451224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup yup, especially anything from plastic sparkles. bitch is definitely a hedgie plant.

>> No.56333529

>being this mad
SIDF confirmed. Nice try, shill.

>> No.56333538

From what I recall, Fidelity never fucked anyone over. I would understand your point if we were staying on Robinhood or pretty much any other broker, but we're toting how we switched from Schwab, an otherwise very safe and boomer broker, to Fidelity. Yeah, don't keep shares in fucking MooMoo or Robinhood or something, but historically Fidelity is pretty fucking safe.

Honestly, if Fidelity goes under, I'm pretty sure money won't mean much at that point.

>> No.56333543

Cone - Poo - Ted - Chair

Your argument is invalid

>> No.56333545

I genuinely can't tell if the baggies still here are true believers or just trolls.

>> No.56333557

Fidelity shills are out in force today.

>> No.56333558

Whenever I see someone still posting up robin hood I can't help but laugh.

What the fuck are they thinking?

>> No.56333565

You have provided no reasons as to why DRS is bad, so therefore I'm gonna just assume that your bosses haven't actually taught you about DRS. Go back to fondling short-seller nuts

>> No.56333605

I don't trust literally any broker with my shares. Any shares held in a broker are held by the DTCC, not me. Why would I let someone else hold my money for me when I can hold my money myself? It's like saying, "hey Jim can you hold $10k for me" and Jim saying "sure man here's a note that says I owe you $10k."

Jim can just fucking take your money and run there's nothing stopping him from doing that.

>> No.56333610

Fuck off shill, no one here is buying your drs scam. Take it to GME, a lot of them still drink the SS kool-aid.

>> No.56333621

>he resorts to ad hominem attacks and uses strawman arguments
Why is DRS bad anon?

>> No.56333622

>Why would I let someone else hold my money for me when I can hold my money myself?
So you don't use a bank?

>> No.56333624

That's all they drink. they refuse to even look at a pending reverse merger that could potentially involve them.

>> No.56333647

>tell me what you’re thinking so I know which response script to use
Tongue my anus, shill. You still don’t get it, do you? Bbby apes are too smart for your pilpul. And it infuriated you. Love to see it.

>> No.56333653

Not for the vast majority of my funds, no. Only for when I need to be liquid. Which is what the role of brokerages should play, liquid assets/funds for active trading. Long term holding should always be DRS'd for literally any stock in the stock market.

>> No.56333676
File: 1.83 MB, 498x385, bill-nye-kys.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're actively deflecting and avoid answering my question because you don't understand DRS and because you're paid to spread FUD and suck on the nuts of short sellers.

>> No.56333693

I do think DRS is a good thing. I would very much like to DRS 100%, but you have to admit AST has been "not great", to say the least, throughout this whole saga. If the new transfer agent isn't total shit, then I will absolutely DRS.

As far as Fidelity fucking people over, I don't see why that happening is any less likely than your transfer agent fucking you over. These transfer agents go through the same entities as our brokers. All you really do by switching from a proper broker to DRS is changing the interface by which you see your stocks. I'm honestly of the mind that, when people got into stock trading during COVID, everyone used Robinhood because it was easy and quick to use, so the push for DRS was to get people away from that fake brokerage atmosphere. Now that people have wisened up and realize that those brokers are complete trash, the DRS push is less necessary since the more reputable brokers likely have the ability to back up your positions.

>> No.56333703

You are now filtered. Enjoy yelling at the wall for rupees, shill.

>> No.56333736

Being skeptical of AST is definitely understandable considering it's sub-par compared to other options. Seems like they're moving transfer agents though with the new filings so I'm hopeful that will change. Still trust the transfer agent more than brokers though personally.

I think it's funny that the shills have essentially just started to emulate the holders that have pissed them off the most

>> No.56333923
File: 167 KB, 270x270, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They mad at something lol

>> No.56333956

Don't remember GME voting on that. It wouldn't pass anyway, I would unironically sell all my GME shares if they tried to acquire a bankrupt and defunct company with billions of dollars in debt.

>> No.56334091

In these types of market conditions they probably all want to be net-short the market, however an actual collapse with retail investors pressing down on a pressure-point such as GME and BBBY is causing them some serious problems.
They obvious can't just ignore it like it doesn't matter.

>> No.56334123

>we're just waiting for the re-issue
You'll be waiting a long time lmao. There is not going to be any reissue or payout to shareholders of shares that are worth nothing.

>> No.56334246

Yeah there is. You know there is.

>> No.56334255

the baggie cult is collapsing on itself
PP is going to get put in a wicker man soon

>> No.56334266

Explain to me the sequence of events you envision in which owners of a stock that has been declared to have zero value are compensated with valuable equity.
>Bonus mode: Explain why that sequence of events is in any way likely to occur

>> No.56334278

The only thing that's collapsing is your employer's ability to pay you.

>> No.56334289

the short baggie cult is collapsing on itself
Doug Cifu is going to get put in a wicker man soon

>> No.56334350

Salvatore is such an angry little cringe faggot. Holy shit insufferable isn’t the word

>> No.56334383

thanks for the input, Doug

>> No.56334385

Is...Salvatore in the room with you right now? Can you point him out for us?

>> No.56334400

How do I short plutonium shambles? why the fuck does that whore care about disproving RC's involvement? I think Doug shitfu and PS are in bed together.

>> No.56334401
File: 156 KB, 1024x1024, OIG.G37V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56334408
File: 623 KB, 960x720, IMG_0535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>do you know where you are?

>> No.56334409

Go back to twitter doug

>> No.56334417

We know RC is involved. He bought shares earlier in 2023.

>> No.56334419

St. Louis FED is down. Something's a-brewing ...

>> No.56334422
File: 103 KB, 827x426, image_2023-10-10_224532376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56334434
File: 105 KB, 976x850, 1682873413747757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56334444

Direct registered shares are tied to your social security number or equivalent. Even if you direct registered when there was no transfer agent, that just means your shares are queued to be processed the very second a new transfer agent is assigned. Everything that was already in AST will be moved over just fine, everything that's in limbo will get moved just fine, everything that's in one of the big-three brokers is going to be fine because even if they didn't have the shares they would be paying whoever the fuck whatever the fuck is owed to them when they sell because every broker worth their commissions knows that fucking people during extreme periods of volatility is a great way to make people drag you through the mud and openly sue you the entire time shitting on you until the day they die. The big boys are not going to play that game.

>> No.56334469
File: 168 KB, 900x1260, IMG_0702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56334476
File: 11 KB, 333x127, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's real
Oh my. I suddenly need to start to arrange my affair, I am about to be rather wealthy

>> No.56334487

Huff the copium bros. By all means - but when his this cocksucker actually ever helped? He is just some attention seeking whore on social media. Nothing he says matters really.

>> No.56334491

Zombie stocks coming back to life. Check out SEARS. WAGMI.

>> No.56334492

I bet all of you faggots clapped after that little speech where he just said fuck over and over. He’s so obsessed with Doug tiggersdad and platinum that he’d probably suck them all off

>> No.56334502
File: 171 KB, 1024x1024, OIG.TMFsuC3tR5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56334522

I don't listen to or join any twitter spaces. At most I'll read some x posts.

>> No.56334524

He personally trolled meltdownies on his verified reddit account for the entire world to see, many times. That's more than enough for me to like him. Frankly there's so much that's been blatantly honest this entire time that I'm starting to worry about the people that haven't seen it yet, but you should tune into a ppshow or go skip through one of their older ones and see for yourself that pulte fucks. And I swear to God if someone says he's just in it to sell some homes I'm going to shit down their neck, he's been in a massive legal battle shitting all over the guys that took over his families business and tried to run it into the ground. They still are. Turns out wealthy people hate the fucking system too.

>> No.56334527


>> No.56334532
File: 495 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0757.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a tweet from the lady who wrote that financial times article a week ago that was basically like
>your shares are worthless and you’re a twitter cult
Did they not get her the script before she made this tweet? She can’t have just said that and got away with it without anyone questioning it.

>> No.56334540

How do you know the handle of Doug’s sock puppet by heart? I love snipping Doug’s tweets and I even I don’t know that.

>> No.56334555

because JH7TFLiO is unironically Doug Cifu posting ITT and glowing brighter than a nuclear blast

>> No.56334573

Probably should have pasted her tweet, here it is
>(yes a reorganisation is indeed occurring and some class of creditors and possibly new institutional capital will own the new equity. it's all there in the documents.)
Is she really bad at sarcasm or is she claiming there’s new equity but it’s not going to old equity interests? If it’s the 2nd, that’s quite the scoop.

>> No.56334615


How is this not market manipulation/insider trading?? The lawsuits these people will face...

>> No.56334671


>> No.56334925

>by heart
what a disingenuous cop out response.

“JH7TFLiO” Has more shares than you in GME, bed bath and Toys r us. You will be my dick holster after moass.

>> No.56334941

Doug, did no one tell you? Goldberg is zeroing out those OTM calls you got your cultists to sell to you. You’re swimming naked. Good luck.

>> No.56335018

>there’s new equity but it’s not going to old equity interests
Good job anon, you read the filings.

>> No.56335079
File: 2 KB, 124x125, 1643661694923s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>is gay

>> No.56335196
File: 439 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_20231010_184101_Photos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's going on with Sears? Lol is the megazord real?

>> No.56335206

Literally why on earth would he post this, he did a disclaimer/retraction before which sounded like his lawyer was actively holding a gun to his head, so it's not like he's unaware of the implications.

>> No.56335207

damn, that's some insane volume

>> No.56335226

That would be a zombie stock getting pumped for collateral purposes in the expert market that retail is prohibited from trading in, but institutions are more than welcome to trade in freely as needed. If it was sears coming back from the dead as a merger or acquisition under an umbrella holding company that wouldn't be a decimal, it'd be a comma - or vice versa depending on where you live.

>> No.56335459
File: 126 KB, 1264x1883, F7pglDXWQAAl_b7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This basket is about to fucking explode, sears is going nuts.

>> No.56335482
File: 31 KB, 638x639, efb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56335504
File: 39 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder how many shorts Bane capital never closed on?

All Valid questions, just how deep does this rabbit hole go? Just how deep will the Hedgies get fucked?

>> No.56335716
File: 1.38 MB, 1004x996, Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 22.27.35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would like to be rich now please

>> No.56335790

I think I'll sell my first share for 6 gorillion dollars. Unfortunately for the shorties, every one after that will be priced at a floor of 100 million dollars.

>> No.56336088

This is definitely dogshit anon isn't it?

>> No.56336121

Checked and noticed

>> No.56336140

Watching Bane get ripped apart will be a special joy for me.

>> No.56336195

Nope, I do agree that Jamie Lee Curtis has a spectacular rack in that movie though.

>> No.56336204

Wanna post in the gme thread for me?

>> No.56336209

>Cum id being a coomer
Pottery, kek

>> No.56336228

>imagine being this mad at a video game retailer

>> No.56336249
File: 624 KB, 700x1050, Its all over but the crying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is there a Bed Bath and Beyond thread on here if the stock is delisted?

>> No.56336259

i have as many shares as everyone else in this thread (0)

wagmi bros

>> No.56336336

What would that prove? It would be trivial to post using a proxy if the other poster was me and I wanted a fresh ID. I don't see why you think it's me anyway, aside from the use of the word this.

>> No.56336352

It’s the writing style

>> No.56336388

"This." is like your catch phrase when agreeing with someone while dunking on them and I haven't really seen that anywhere but here. I was under the impression you're a gme holder though. You could just pop in with a screenshot of me (you)ing your posts and it should stick more or less. Your id's are usually pretty consistent from the beginning to the end of threads.

>> No.56336435

Too bad you have zero shares.

>> No.56336475
File: 127 KB, 486x369, 1696566428739092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56336548

>I was under the impression you're a gme holder though.
I thought I was pretty clear on the fact that I'm all in on dogshit. Maybe I don't mention it enough, I'll try and bring it up more often.

>> No.56336658

audible lol, you've definitely posted over there before though

>> No.56336832

>ppshow used to get 4-5,000 viewers
>had 250 viewers tonight
Lol, the grift is coming to an end.

>> No.56337132

>Cum id
even though I'm the one who made the Dougshit meme, I gotta admit this post of yours made me laugh

>> No.56337467
File: 646 KB, 843x1382, Screenshot_20231002_212104_Instagram.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
> Silence of The Shillies

They can't fucking respond lmaooo

>> No.56337999


>> No.56338404 [DELETED] 

Lmao. BBBY baker is likely the tripcode GME baker (probably does a decent amount of /smg/ baking too these fags are present in all 3 generals but do you really think it matters if people see and think about bed bad and beyond? It’s too late for anyone who wants to get on. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride

>> No.56338412 [DELETED] 

Lmao. BBBY baker is likely the tripcode GME baker (probably does a decent amount of /smg/ baking too these fags are present in all 3 generals) but do you really think it matters if people see and think about bed bad and beyond? It’s too late for anyone who wants to get on. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride

>> No.56338468

This is the opposite of nooticing, but I agree with the last bit

>> No.56338539

TL;DR me: what happens next for my shares? Do they get converted to some other stock or what? The appear to be "blocked" on my broker

>> No.56338623

Nothing happens next, they’re worthless and will sit in your account until either your broker finally gets around to doing low priority clerical work and removes them or you send in a form requesting to remove them yourself.

Any other talk of new shares, mergers, butterfly’s or whatever the latest baggie cope is, is just that, desperate baggy cope.

>> No.56338776


>> No.56338830
File: 288 KB, 1200x1600, F5mRZQsWcAE54BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jake2b believes we get form 15 in coming friday as earliest, possibly sunday. Wagmi

>> No.56338849

You can’t give me a single example of a time Jake was right.

>> No.56338881

>look at these billing statements! That means there has to be a merger before the effective date.
>I’m absolutely sure it isn’t a typo, Ryan bought in 2023.
>look at this docket, it means they are definitely going to amend the plan to have it be an ongoing concern.
Etc. Jake is legitimately mentally challenged.

>> No.56338908

Use your brain for a second. What stock do you think they would be converted into?

>> No.56339022
File: 185 KB, 1600x900, a5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where is this? After MOASS im going to land my Icon A5 here

>> No.56339159
File: 510 KB, 1440x2433, Screenshot_20231011_082832_Reddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He hangs around in the GME boards (maybe AMC too but can't remember) but this dismal-jellyfish guy is a good account to follow to see what Wall Street is making this push. I'm surprised they still have him pushing their shit in Superstonk with a majority of people understanding that sub is just mainstream media that goes into more depth but it's still useful to follow. It's good to know what rules they are for/against and what they are pissed about. You have some users like the one in the pic that don't know this and will call him out. Dismal writes a complete freaking thesis paper every single day that goes into some pretty in depth concepts which would take a normal person hours, probably days to write, and this guy's pumps out sometimes 2 or 3 a day. That's why it's hilarious when you see him getting called out by random superstonk users for not understanding some of the most basic concepts bring posted on there. Notice how he will just completely avoid answering these types of replies, probably just waiting for a mod to wake up and remove the comments for being mean like the one removed further down. I'd like to know what it said.

Still a good tool to have to get a feel for where they are at. To me it seems one of their biggest concerns or pushes is to get as many people from superstonk to comment on rules. They are always posting about how everyone needs to stop being lazy and go write letters, comment, send emails as much as possible. They really want you to do this. They'll get Dave Lauer write up a draft for you to just copy and paste to send. I don't know exactly why they want you to do this so bad. I would think they would have no issues keeping any new rules they don't like from passing since they own everything from the SEC to the DOJ. Maybe it's them putting together a court case or just wanting the personal information. Not sure but it's important to them.


>> No.56339382 [DELETED] 

good morning :)

>> No.56339528
File: 2.92 MB, 2390x3211, 109166140_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning, reddit! Looks like baggots are getting unhinged again. Is this what happens when you don't have a MOASS scheduled? No need to calm down when PhantomBlack699 does predict one, as it will just go the same way as all his other predictions did. But, who knows, perhaps BBBYQ will get relisted today, against the final bankruptcy court orders and the plan that every party has agreed on (except you; you were deemed to reject it).

Anyway, just a short reminder that your money is still gone, and that no one who took it will be facing any legal action, since it was a voluntary anonymous exchange on an open market.

>> No.56339558

Based anime baggot demoralizer

>> No.56339563

Well, that’s not entirely true. PP is facing legal action.

>> No.56339606 [DELETED] 

Were you the fella doing covered calls on bbby?

>> No.56339632
File: 473 KB, 785x847, 1696510093580020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baggies, listen! Tomorrow is MOASS.

>> No.56339633

>10 days of darkness

>> No.56339658

yeah but how can it pump for collateral if they're the ones pumping it? Don't other people need to be suckered into buying it?
Or is it just
>look I own $1B of sears can I have another loan?

>> No.56339664

No its two days after tomorrow shill

>> No.56339667

>look I own $1B of sears can I have another loan?
More like
>look I own $1B of sears so you can hold off on that margin call thanks

>> No.56339684

I'm the king of baggies. You will not speak to me that way.

>> No.56339697

dead thread
dead stock
dead baggies

>> No.56339719

looks like you silly shillies finally took the advise we were giving you and stopped posting so much.

Too bad you couldn't refrain from doing that when people actually could buy/sell

>> No.56339795
File: 274 KB, 750x425, 1695426216907245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56339859

Right on *hits vape*

>> No.56339910

Shares are extinguished. We’ve lost everything. It’s over.

>> No.56339930

you forgot to change your name you fucking retard >>56339684

god no wonder shill team 6 has failed to get anyone to sell, you guys are genuinely pathetic

>> No.56339975
File: 596 KB, 512x512, 1622941173208.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ohhh HEDGIES why are the shares still in my brokerage account? HMM? Because MOASS is coming. Ice cream, pulte, RC, gamestop, tinfoil, pp, ppseeds, stalking horse, buyout, merger, M&A, butterfly, buttfk, buttfuck, 8 year old twitter post of a kid wearing a butterfly outfit from a toysRUS ad
>It's over for hedgies

>> No.56340044

>Stock literally cannot be traded
>Haha the shills are failing because people aren't selling

>> No.56340082

they've been reassigned to /pol/

>> No.56340096

It was pretty fun to witness the sheer stupidity of the baggies through all of this. We watched them jump in at $30, telling them the whole time it was headed to zero.
>thanks for the discount!
>dip before the rip
>they wouldn’t dare drop it lower

>> No.56340173
File: 592 KB, 1170x1608, image_2023-10-11_171035291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56340182

Give it up jake

>> No.56340210

Does it make you feel better to believe he’s a YouTuber you hate?

>> No.56340214


>> No.56340226
File: 83 KB, 530x780, aclzqn7fqjvz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've lost my life savings.
Yes. Who could have predicted this?

>> No.56340232

Jake started in these threads as docket autist. Keep up with the lore.

>> No.56340341
File: 98 KB, 1410x838, nothing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What will you guys do right after MOASS?

>> No.56340349

Jake 100% does coke btw..look at him when hes on cam with the constant nose swipes and blinking.
Based high practicing pediatric surgeon

>> No.56340362

>Canada allows a mentally challenged tweaker to operate on kids
What a shithole

>> No.56340382

what's the story behind dom family?

>> No.56340396

Imma keep it real with you. If you genuinely believe that, you may actually need meds.

>> No.56340399

Thats dream on me
Go here: https://dreamonme.com/aboutus/
scroll to the bottom and click the Powered by DOM family icon

>> No.56340402
File: 1.23 MB, 498x407, confused-wat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shills stop posting
>thread dies
>this is somehow bullish for a dead stock

>> No.56340403

Pay my taxes and buy a double bacon cheeseburger in that order.

>> No.56340409

Bacon ruins the double cheesburger..its never crispy. Youre better off adding extra onion and some mac sauce

>> No.56340423
File: 643 KB, 400x341, 1671140564232892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh fuck

>> No.56340431

Schizophrenia gives me the power of insight.

>> No.56340478 [DELETED] 


>> No.56340492

>Pay people to try and come up with a plan for your failing business
>A feasible plan cannot be found
>The people still get paid for their services
Somehow this is confusing to retarded baggies

>> No.56340511

Well now it's gonna be a double bacon double cheeseburger but I'll make sure I ask that the bacon is crispy.

>> No.56340530
File: 192 KB, 664x1437, y6jxwngggltb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56340542
File: 48 KB, 600x434, hear-no-evil-see-no-evil-speak-no-evil-bettmann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek. we are ALL going to WAGMI

>> No.56340544

Did you miss the part where the bankruptcy filing explicitly stated that all baggies were assumed to vote against it and it was legally approved anyway? Your votes mean nothing.

>> No.56340564
File: 102 KB, 1100x737, image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and familypilled

>> No.56340591

based The Fast and the Furious enjoyer

>> No.56340606

>4 day old thread

>> No.56340616

just 20 years ago it wasnt normal for every single person to be covered head to toe in tattoos

>> No.56340617

Denial is a hell of a drug. Holy fuck

>> No.56340634
File: 39 KB, 751x65, xn51sv8qjltb1(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>acquirer counsel
kek shorts are fucked

>> No.56340654

based and his discussion with potential acquirer pilled

>> No.56340662

>potential acquirer
>2 weeks ago
Uhhhhh Dougsisters, are we the baggies?

>> No.56340679

>We're going to be acquired
>Wait no they just bought the rights to the IP and have their own equity that we don't get
Baggies are unironically going to kill themselves over this whole

>> No.56340685

kek dougies

>> No.56340700


>> No.56340775
File: 74 KB, 960x95, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh oh stink dougie

>> No.56342101

There are no more shorts, the positions were closed when the shares were deemed worthless.

>> No.56342218

If they had any honor they would. Unfortunately this will end just as anti-climatically as the Qoomers, with them scurrying off to smaller and smaller echo chambers and then trying to rebrand as some generic anti-elite protest movement or something and they never really cared about the stock anyway

>> No.56343751

Based and wagmi pilled