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Layer 1 blockchains keep popping up in the trending scene lately. But is there something worth our attention, or should I just go with Ethereum?

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Look into peaq if you want to get in early on something. Can't guarantee it's going to "dominate" but this is an opportunity to throw a little into a potential 1000x.

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Talking of L1, a Sustainable Sovereign L1 blockchain that survived the Terra collapse & established itself as a prominent DeFi hub within the Cosmos Ecosystem is a good one to look at.

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Hyperpolyglot chains is better than Vitalik's cock.

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Surprisingly Chad, in my opinion, Qanplatform stands out as the top and most comprehensive L1 blockchain.

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Indeed, Avalanche is remarkable. It's speedy, efficient, infinitely scalable, and secure, successfully addressing the 'trilemma' that has plagued other cryptocurrencies. In a truly revolutionary manner, it follows in the footsteps of Ethereum and Bitcoin. While it's possible that other blockchain networks may find their place in the future, currently, there seems to be little justification for their existence, apart from potential misuse or low-fee chains facilitating scams and spam transactions

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I know what you're looking for L1 is but i'm not gonna tell you, don't want you to be richer than me.

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Look here anon, any L1 that is not post quantum cryptography has no future.

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I hope you have JEDI in your portfolio; it's poised to generate new trading activity, attract more holders, reduce token supply, and increase the value of one of the most undervalued gems in the DeFi space. Make sure to monitor its progress closely.

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Are you scared?? I hold ETH and I'm not in any way afraid of how low the price can go as I also diversify into an ecosystem like Futureverse with 11 active projects full of potential.

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It developed a consensus algorithm and that's sweet as fuck.

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CGT and ECOIN, fuck ETH

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Thanks to Hyperpolyglot smart contract engine where the developers can code in multiple langs of their choice like Rust.

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This team is a powerhouse! Dan Peterson is the COO of tenet and his expertise with PoS protocols is phenomenal! With Diversified Proof Of Stake Tenet will be the most secure L1 Blockchain.

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Iota is like the next big L1 IMHO

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The more you stick by this shitholes the poorer you'll become. Now is the best time to amass significant gains as QANX has been trending on relevant crypto pages since the recent private blockchain launch.

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I'm not going to bother reading your thread but know this. If you're trying to sell a shitcoin and make it look organic don't have a sales pitch way of speaking in the OP

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If it is not Proof of Randomness, I ain't investing jeet

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I know a couple of channers who really hate ETH, wtf did ETH do to deserve the hate? Is it the high gas fee? Is it the migration to POS? But the ten commandments said we shouldn't hate

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I keep hearing this from fags, whereas DiD, privacy and security is offering solutions.

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Nothing feels juicy as PoR consensus algorithm which is eco-friendly, highly scalable and economical.

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AVAX is the king. No other project comes close

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Yes, Algorand

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For Devs,it is more sweet than pussies. The flexibility of using any coding language to deploy dapps

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Hell no bro, you need QANX. The team's fantastic job at changing the narrative on L1 blockchains with the EVM compatibility and the QVM Multilanguage Smart Contracts coding functionality is the best thing ever

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I will waste my money on bitches instead of buying ETH, I fucking hate the smell of its pussy

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Yeah. It combined the best of PoS and PoW to arrive at it

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Why is no one saying hathor damn it. It is fee free and does everything slow ethereum does but instantly.

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It also launched Librescan, one of the first blockchain explorers in the space anon

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I'm gonna throw an orgy party for y'all bitches

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The launch of Librescan by the team is coming at the right time. Being fully decentralised and having anonymity is a major attraction for me

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Fantom is one of the next-gen L1 with a vibrant DeFi ecosystem & BIG catalysts coming up in 2023 but I doubt if it'll survive what's coming in the future.

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NIST made its recommendations for digital signatures. This already says alot about it being the next meta

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Making it possible for normies to use a mobile phone or RapberryPi for validation is really melting faces.

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Fantom 2.0

If You Know, You Know.

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Enough of this OP, I'm here to make money.
What should I buy?
What should I hold?
Which narrative will get my bags filled?

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If its new FVM adopts some of the unique features of QVM, then it's gonna make it

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You are a dumbfag

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Socialfi and quantum resistant projects jeet

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Coding in any language through QVM is one of the biggest breakthroughs in blockchain history for mass adoption and this is the reason why no cockold gonna fuck with it.

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ETH, MATIC SOL XRP have seen their biggest gains, focus on AI, NFTs and Metaverse tokens.

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Surprised that no one mentioned INJ here.

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I've been putting this off for months, but I finally gave in and created a thread to ask fags if it's a solid purchase. Just need to shuffle some funds, and I'm ready to make a stack.

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Thank me later.

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I've got this gut feeling that QAN might just flip Avalanche soon. The POR mechanism and QVM features are some serious firepower.

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Learn to diversify if you want to make it. Kek.

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>I hope you have JEDI in your portfolio
I already have HILO. Your shitcoin is not needed.

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You've got some serious balls for being in this space. Does Futureverse give devs the green light to whip up and launch dApps, cashing in when others reuse their smart contracts?

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Based, Anon. This is like rolling the dice for validators, aiming for energy efficiency, security, and decentralization in one shot.

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Put 60% RIO and 40% KASPA

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No idiot is going to pay thousands in gas fees again this time around.

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>Which narrative will get my bags filled?
Privacy and AI are strong narratives to dig in.

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EVR, it's been showing signs of green candles after being listed on MEXC.

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Buy LINK and stay comfy.

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Hey monkeybros, you should check out Aavegotchi.com

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ADA and LINK were my big gainers in the last bull run, with MATIC following suit. Betting on QANX to unleash some serious market shockwaves with its solid backing.

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>What would you add to this to diversify my crypto portfolio other than ETH
40% Ocean for Al, web3 and data
20% kava for passive returns
35% Mbox and Ride for gaming/nfts
5% in memes for gambling.

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What are the advantages of holding crypto as opposed to equity?

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Just scooped up some LINK, gonna throw in some SUPRA at the launch

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For that sweet anon mode, I'm rolling with Ethereum, bro. Loads of privacy protocols already turning that anonymity dream into a reality on the chain.

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With that privacy hookup on Ethereum, I'm betting this chain's gonna pull in more homies and straight-up dominate the next bull run, no cap

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LTC till I die

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When's the launch happening, bro? I'm all about getting in early before that moonshot takes off. Stack some QANX too, just to be on the safe side.

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Absolutely, coding in any language through QVM is a game-changer for blockchain adoption, and it's a clear reason why this technology won't be messed with by anyone. It's a revolution in the making.

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ETH is good but it's not quantum resistant

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Anon do you mean QAN

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I dumped ALGO for SOL

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That is the best of both PoW and PoS.

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It's scheduled for Q1 2024, no specific date

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Quantum-resistant blockchain is the future

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But bruh, Ethereum's out in the open, and that so-called privacy stuff ain't even live yet. What kind of crap privacy are you talkin' 'bout, anon?

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ETH is a good buy

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Impressive privacy on Ethereum will improve the ecosystem

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Plenty of projects are already dishing out that sweet privacy sauce on Ethereum, anon. Railgun and Aztek? They're the real MVPs in this game, no doubt.

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Did QAN not recently launch its private blockchain

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Buy EVR because of its top VR technology.
Hold Floki, one of the most profitable.
Stick to Metaverse tokens, that's going to be the next biggest thing in the next cycle.

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Yes anon, it's a bullish move

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LINK is dead, shut up retard

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I will buy 60% ETH and 40% QANX, ETH cant deliver me a 1000X but QANX can

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Yea, not only that, but it's gonna build mad trust and pull in more investors.

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SUPRA 'bout to flip the script for Link, solid choice at this early stage, anon

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Is that why smartfags are dumping LINK for AVTM since the IDO on Uplift began

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I lost it all when ETH migrated to PoS and in now seizing every opportunity to gain from OGBX, 10x is imminent.

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Take a look into quantum resistant blockchain faggot the quantum computing era is close best to be ready for it.

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Made 3x and waiting for a good pump when the mainnet goes live.

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BlockDAG solves all the problems that the blockchain has atm. Bullish on both KAS and TARA on this regards. Faggots can never comprehend this tech.

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With QVM tech the devs have got the freedom to write codes for smart contracts and dapps in any language they wish in a quantum resistant blockchain which is secure and easy.
>So fuck you jeet.

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Is this even live I can't fall for this stupid Facade moron.
Blockdag is a solution that's available now fool.
Go fuck yourself bitch

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Kek you fucking moronic ignorant fool dyor on QAN the private blockchain is now live soon with the QVM tech the devs will complete freedom and adoption will be phenomenal while you get rekt by the fucking inevitable quantum computers

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ETH boomer bet will still play out if the bullrun happens until it becomes completely obvious it's a failed chain
Other than that I don't see any viable options except for AVAX, so either that or something entirely new. Every other L1 is garbage

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I believe in QANplatform which is quantum resistant and it will be offering a fast, safe and cheap blockchain for us.
The development has been significant so far and it might be a game changer after all.

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Avax is just another blockchain it isn't safe against the quantum threats only a blockchain with quantum resistance can survive and will have adoption in the upcoming bullrun.

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The so called quantum threats are far fetched fool. Don't need to worry about that does not exist.
I would rather focus on my privacy atm and invest in alts like monero or fucking secret for all you know.

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You are just another fucking brainless faggot. FYI even the board member of Ethereum Foundation has interestsin a quantum resistant blockchain and even attended its private blockchain launch recently.
>learn or fucking get rekt ass hole

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Avax 100%

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Not only that there is even a high possibility of the IBM global to partner up with this L1 as the IBM Hungary is already interested in a partnership which is big thing as IBM is a major player in the evolution of quantum computing.

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Stick to privacy, RAIL is a top notch.

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Dyor on Railgun, it's unique in what it offers.

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Based anon, I have about 400 on Tap from my weekly DCA. Aiming for a stack of 2k before the bulls return.

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Radix i think.
They finally finished it after a fucking decade.

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Radix, ada, maybe poly?

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Avalanche solved the trilemma without the need of L2s. Best L1 out there.

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bot thread

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ETH is the sole altcoin worth a damn in your portfolio; everything else is garbage. People are putting their money in utility assets like WTK, IJN, XTP, and QNX. Where the hell have you been, anon?

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Hell no anon, you need XTP. The low fee is the big deal here. Trying to save cost. I used swissborg and paypal before switching to tap because of the low fee.