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>Unless you have 5 million dollars worth of Link then it doesn’t count! Please don’t buy it!

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Who are you quoting? 10K make it, 1K suicide.

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Im just gonna keep buying it

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this but unironically
if you don't have MINIMUM mid 7 figs, you have NO business buying link
buy [insert pajeet shitcoin] instead

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This is what the average gme fudster looks like

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Link is never going up to $1k, let alone $100. Even assblaster said so

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Nobody is buying that chart anyways

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What will the token price be at 1k sui stack?

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link with eth's previous ATH marketcap is $1k so suicide stacks get $1m. i'd say that's enough to prevent people from killing themselves.

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hello ESL
1k link will be worth at least 10 million by 2030

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Most schizos of every crypto think there coin will magically 100x. So with a 1k suistack you should magically get 100000 dollars.

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/biz/ Loves Link and hates ICP so I've started stacking ICP.