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Gold is inflationary. It's not an inflation hedge. The us dollar attempts to preserve its value with interest rates, since forever.

Gold is bleeding value about the same as the dollar.

Gold bugs are being tricked into believing that it's a store of value, you don't store value when you bleed 2% value a year, the same as what banks want for their fiat enslavement and control system.

The earlier you swallow this pill the better it will be.
In the end don't forget that the us dollar is designed to bleed value so that debt can be devalued away. This has many nefarious impacts on the average citizen, and the average citizen will then create problems for everyone except the wealthiest, because they have the wrong solutions for a problem, and they've been taught this problem isn't the problem.

Don't count on gold to change anything.

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You'll never convince a gold bug to stop hoarding, it's like HIV once you've got it you've got it forever.
I do miss the peak of the great recession though and seeing retarded baby boomers that thought their gold would save them only to sell to retards at hilariously low prices (because gold has no liquidity during an actual crisis) to try to save their underwater mortgages.

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Gold is good.

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Gold is going to go absolutely ballistic this week.
$3k/oz by EOY

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During the Yom Kippur War 1973, gold went up 115% in 12months.

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Few positives things for gold though:
-Since gold needs to be mined and it's hard to do, it's still a fairer system than fiat where a centralized entity can create it from thin air
-If you decide to hoard fiat outside of the banks for various reasons (not fully trusting a third party for your money is wise), you don't benefit from any interest rates and you're getting extremely burned

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gold will moon and we will hold. forever.

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For me real estate is king, everything else is garbage

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Why are central banks buying it at a record pace for years now?
Anyways, thanks for the FUD. Hopefully I can afford some more gold next month.

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Retard. Gold has functioned as a near perfect -1x of fiat averaged over the decades (42x versus 42x monetary expansion since '71), new money injected into an economy works almost exactly like electricity flowing into a circuit, with how liquid an asset is being analogous to resistance, debasement pumps liquid assets at the expense of illiquid assets (labor being particularly illiquid), the play under debasement is capital flight into highly liquid assets, the stock market before BTC, and now BTC.

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Threadly reminder, MEDIAN household income in 1970 was 235oz of gold, gold works perfectly as a multi-decade store of value.

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Enjoy accelerating poverty.

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pretty much that.

grandpa could either leave you 2000 dollars in cash or 100oz of gold. what do you want today? its really that simple.

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>Gold is bleeding value about the same as the dollar.

You need a triple-digit IQ to post here.

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Calculate the value of the dollar+interests rates from banks in the last century then come back