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I hope you have a make it stack of Link

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1k make it

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>poorfag cope
100k make it
10k sui
aways has been

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It's official, I am going insane

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the larp was true

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>Gilbert Verdian, CEO of Quant

Whoa, he’s there too? Absolutely based

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wait why is christine moy representing apollo and not chainlink?

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GOLD MAN SERGEY!!!!.... the prophecy hath come true! $800 EOY

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I feel so weird man. Didn't realize Chainlink was such a potent psychic attack against my grasp on reality.

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he's gonna need some more donation money to fly first class back from Spain. Break out your wallets marines

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In honor of this thread I bought one Link.

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Jesus christ, golden man sergey of nazareth is descending. This is it boys, tonight!

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very few people have the requisite 1,000,000 make it stack of LINK, OP.

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I was referring to the 10,000,000 true make it stack yours is the sui

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so basically, they are using ETH and not chainshit. KEK!

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they need Chainlink to use ETH you fkn idiot

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thank you tyrone

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how does $81,000 sound?

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eth is a perfectly fine settlement layer after chainlink processes everything :^)

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No. Solded all my fucking Link in preparation for the Blocklords token launch. Let that sink in linkie. I sold your precious shitcoin only to move to what might amount to a fucking IDO p/d. Let. That. Sink. In.

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Recognizing it is the important thing. You may just have a chance.

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Golden man Sergey tongues my stack

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i've notionally made it
i'm so will have been happy

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>picture is a bunch of words words words from smartcon or whatever

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kinda based

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Your time draws near, anon. Repentance is not impossible.

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the golden sack
this november

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I do. 3 in fact. 300 linkies.

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Ahh yes, another nothingburger event will come and go. Anons will hype it up, pump the price and then be surprised when nothing happens and Sergey dumps another $100 million in Link tokens for "development"

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I just want staking v0.2 to open up so I can park the remaining 8k LINK in there and know that I'm set for life.

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just put it in the top 3 already you money printing assholes.

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Now give Sergay the dancing baby movement set

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Wtf I hate Goldman sachs now...

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Is this AI generated?

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10 Link make it
1 Link sui
1 Link will be worth the sum of all the global economy in 2050.

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Someone make a normie friendly thread on Reddit about this and see what they say? With NO FUD - a covert operation to gauge sentiment

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Complete genius or self sabotage - hmm that's weird could say the same for link bag holders

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Are we playing 3 truths and a lie

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no fuck redditors
when this goes live, we dont need them

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Fuck you. 1k Link has always been the suicide stack.

t. Day 1 Link marine that's been on biz every day since Link was mentioned in this cesspool.

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Can you fags stop trying to gaslight about the sui/make it stack? Make it stack of BTC is 21 corns. That's one millionth of the total supply.
1,000 LINK is one millionth of the total supply of LINK. This isn't even taking in to account the fact that LINK will be locked up in staking, while BTC has no native staking. Or the fact that Chainlink is going to be far more significant to the global economy than BTC will be, in terms of actual daily usage. A lot of
$81,000 X 1,000 = 81 million dollars. More than enough to make it.

>Link OGs said you need 10k to make it
When LINK was 20 cents, OGs were claiming a make it stack was 100k tokens. In a few years, anons will be saying 1,000 is the make it stack. This natural progression of the make it stack magically becoming smaller and smaller after each LINK bullrun is to be expected, since most people need to see the gains already on their screen before they start to believe.
>b-b-but assblaster said...
Even he didn't fully understand the potential. His prediction was $20 per token. And of course when it did hit $20, almost nobody here sold because it was underperforming the rest of the market. LINK was still extremely undervalued at $20. It was extremely undervalued at $50. Anons are so demoralized after 2021-2023 that doubts are arising as to whether 10k linkies is even enough to make it. When we reclaim ATH watch how they change their tune.

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No OGs ever claimed 100k was a make it stack. That was always demoralizing tranny fudders. 10k was the OG make it stack, but 1k Link is now guaranteed make it by 2030.

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>while BTC has no native staking.
Holy newfag. The CIA doesn't murder bitcoiners on beaches for nothing you dumb fucking nigger. POD Proof of Death creates greater scarcity without compromising the protocol. Lurk moar newfaggot tired of this novel faggotry
Glow niggers work tirelessly executing bitcoiners and you come out and post that on 4chins DISGUSTING!

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Lol yeah the glowniggers have everything and just kill anyone once their net worth is over a certain amount unless they suck jewish cocks or fuck a baby on film. BTC murderers are totally that and not just idiots making friends with criminals and flaunting wealth in shady areas. Btw, if you truly believe that then that means theyre killing off eth king pins too and will kill linkies as well. Your 20 proxies wont save you, guess everyone involved in crpyto will mysteriously die. That 20 year old kid who is a shib millionaire? His head was found in the tpilet of a bahaman wendys btw. You crazy kids with your fantasies lmao

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lol no
it's always been 10k suicide stack. 200k make it stack.

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Nah bro its 100m links to make it, 1m link is suicide stack. If you have less than that just sell and buy dogcoins

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>BTC murderers are totally that and not just idiots making friends with criminals and flaunting wealth in shady areas
The MKR guy who "drowned" in Costa Rica literally named the CIA and Mossad and then drowned, fully clothed, at the beach hours later.

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Interesting conversation thread. Will Link Marines be culled for making it?

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If LINK actually takes off and gets major adoption, and is tradfi’s entrance into crypto, what kind of numbers are we talking? 100x? 250x? More? I know you guys have PTSD at this point but I’m curious

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how does 1x sound

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And how much is "make it" in usd again?

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That would be doing better than my strategy of all-in on TOAD, which is currently a -.5x :(

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50x to start

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No one knows. But if it's not mid 4 figures by 2032 we were all wrong

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You know what I just realized. We always talk about the 21 btc 1/1M supply thing, but that would make the equivalent of 1 btc about 47.62 link. So you need roughly 50 link to not be the equivalent of a nocoiner.

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There's a good shot that gems like LINK, QANX, and RIO might moon harder than the big 3. Smart money knows where to bag those max gains.

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Link or Chainlink?

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Token is absolutely not required.

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No, not hard to a imagine a guy involved in glowie shit also has a fat stack of btc

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Is it possible to show why and how a token price would increase as it’s adopted by an institution..?

These guys want accurate representation and tracking of assets that they collateralise and tokenise. If they were to use an oracle network. Why would that increase its value of token supply?

Would they want stability or a low price to make it attractive..?

Aren’t you all just providing free funding with no investment return for large banks..?

This seems like a cuck show

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I don’t believe that you’re a “day 1” marine. If you were, you’d know that the general consensus on biz during the 2017-19 period was that 10k is the suicide stack for link. We’d have a half a dozen threads a day, every single day, debating what the suicide stack amount is. And after months of debate it was determined that 10k was the magic number. Back then, 10k link would cost you around $3k. That’s a reasonably small but still significant >>56312207
sum to throw at a project as a suicide stack amount. 1k link would only cost $300, that’s fucking pocket change. Not even worth the effort to buy link if you’re only spending fucking $300

Once we saw the price breach the previous ATH of ~$1.4 and went to $5, that’s when newfags started complaining that they couldn’t afford the 10k suicide stack and decided to change it to 1k to cope with the fact that they missed out

After seeing everything that has taken place since 2019, I wholeheartedly agree that 1k link makes more sense as a suicide stack. Link is going to $300+ minimum. But that doesn’t change the fact that the suicide stack used to be 10k for years. Anyone claiming otherwise is just outing themselves as a newfag. Check the archives if you don’t believe me

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That guy who drowned claimed he was one of the only people who held over 1m coins about 1/21th of the total. He funded open bsd.

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If they were knocking off crypto millionaires youd hear about this monthly. Instead you have one-offs of people getting into drugs and run ins with cartel types, befriending shady criminals, making the whole community aware of their wealth and becoming a target, paranoid truth seekers who may or may not be suicidal with a guilty conscience etc. If you hide your wealth and don't use it to make enemies and dont get tangled up with criminals you should be fine. If youre truly worried, live a modest life and don't rock the boat. Speaking out and fighting the good fight is something you can do when you're a nobody. When you have things that can be taken from you it becomes a risk. That said, this dude probably was a paranoid schizo who smoked himself into psychosis and swam out in dangerous waters becausenhebsaw some dude on the heach and figured dude was an assassin coming to kill him so he tried to escape ornsomething equally dumb. Read the article, it sounds like a man who got sucked into a narrative and fell into depression and paranoia over it and escaped it all in the worst way.

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Link is the interoperability component, dipshit.

>> No.56314097

Yes, it is possible, and you've read it many times

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If Link is as revolutionary as claimed 10K seems too high as a make it stack. Either the Great Reset happens and Link Marines are allowed in the Citadel or it doesn't and nothing happens.
Good analysis anon

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>Smoked himself into psychosis.
Rambling post based on no research.
I meant this guy in my previous post.

Yeah same as the Aussie prime minister who did the same. Just after annoying the spooks.. or the leaker who revealed their comms tower to the public..

What you’re saying is the ability to swim follows a bell curve of intellect level.
The retarded can’t swim, and those above a certain IQ just seem to forget how.
Fuck off. I may not be right. But at least I’m not as wrong as you.

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Yeah no.
Adding more black paint to a white canvas will not add a lighter shade to the image.

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Shut the fuck up

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Is that your fud for today? Poor show

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>we wuz goldman sacks
lol you guys really are reaching XRP retardation

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I’m just asking really.

I mean it’s pretty weak fud if it’s fud. Since that’s the case it’s simple to prove it’s the case.

Why would chain link or any adopting institution want it’s token price higher?

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I agree completely, 10k is more than enough to retire from if link ends up becoming what we think it’s going to be. I’m just clarifying that back in the pre-mainnet days, when link was under 60cents, 10k was considered the suicide stack amount

It just upsets me when these clowns come here larping about being a day 1 link marine, claiming that 1k was always the suicide stack. That’s incorrect

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You're the one who needs to stfu. While you're busy larping on Biz, you're gonna miss out on some absolute Alpha moves.

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Rambling post based on what you said (mkr guy drowning after posting spook shit) additionally with this second dude I cant even find anything mentioning him making controversial posts to provoke alphabet agencies. Do you have a screenshot or link? As far as swimming having a bell curve, riptides kill athletes, idiots, and geniuses alike. Do you know how dangerous currents are? You cant see them either once youre in it you're at its mercy. Sorry you're offended by my article link and write up. If you want to prove your theory lets see a link, otherwise you just look like an angry dude with 0 concept of what a riptide is.

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Nope even when LINK was $0.60, 1k was always the suicide stack

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Suck my dick

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I live by the beach.
I’m just saying you said it was a random inevitable suicide.
I bring up two more cases.

Btw the most likely way that IF an agent wants you gone, chances are high you’ll kill yourself.. mlk anyone? It’s hardly outside their wheelhouse. And it generate predictable (you) no offence.
>McDonald’s voice to skull
If private capital has access. What is the state doing?

According to friends and family yeah he likely ended his own life. No one wants to put their name to it. But the same person saying he killed himself also stated he likely knew more than he should.

Yeah he’s crazy. But what does that tell you..? Does that mean because he wasn’t stable that not a single choice or comment he made is now discredited?
Show some respect at least for the mentally ill.

Oh riptides.. the thing children swim in and escape 99.9% of the time all day every single day provided there’s a single person awake.

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millions of dollars

>> No.56314255

>he committed suicide
>by jumping into the ocean fully clothed
>after saying the CIA were going to kill him
imagine believing this fucking bullshit lmao

>> No.56314257

I’m not saying what is.
I AM speculating imaginatively. There is no evidence that I’ve looked for or found that says he was an asset or enemy.

I’m just saying we’re allowed to say it’s weird and look at the case and discuss it.

If it is only retarded. Discussion will settle it. But it’s got enough inteest on the face value there may be more interest left in the topic.
Every discovery ever was once unknown and generally thought impossible or unlikely. Hence remaining undiscovered until an abnormal comes along

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go back nigger

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Thanks for your input degen. I’ll give the advice the consideration it’s worth.


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Pic rel holy shit

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So wait.. JPM is so promising she left for a project she has no clue about.. and was legally prevented of knowing her details of. Before throwing in her desk and choosing to lead it..
These ships must bad in bad condition for rats to jump sight unseen to another vessel..

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>10k is the suicide stack for link.
It was 1K anon based on the price of Link hitting $1K. $10M is not suicide stack money, that's make it money.

>> No.56314631

Checked, you must never have had a psychotic break before.
Not arguing with you at all on any of that. I just dont think its as nefarious as you do. And I think to those worried, it's pretty clear by his friend's statements he had an appetite for secrets. So if anyone's worried, just stay outta trouble.

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Can be any oracle. SUI uses SupraOracles. Chainlink is just the most use as the oldest oracle.

>> No.56315262

this, they probably use moebius

>> No.56315303

>Back then, 10k BTC would cost you around $3k. That’s a reasonably small but still significant
sum to throw at a project as a suicide stack amount. 1k BTC would only cost $300, that’s fucking pocket change. Not even worth the effort to buy BTC if you’re only spending fucking $300

General consensus means jack shit. General consensus is why LINK is at a measly $7 right now. By definition, the free market has determined the fair price of the Chainlink token is $7. That is the current general consesus. However, they are all wrong.

>inb4 it's not a real free market
whales and manipulators are components of the free market. If there is opportunity for arbitrage, manipulation is inevitable. I'm not saying price manipulation is a good, or bad thing. Its just one of the forces at play that you must acknowledge and try to arbitrage your own way around.

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>implying people usually strip down to their undies before they kill themselves.


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Lying faggot. 1k was the suicide stack, 10k to make it according to general concensus

>> No.56315912

>These ships must bad in bad condition for rats to jump sight unseen to another vessel..

No in modern society you bounce from employer to employer while you climb to the top which is how you increase your skills, networking, and salary

>> No.56316629

>Could be any Oracle

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Link will top out at $100. If you’re looking for a moonshot buy something else

>> No.56316873

1k = suicide stack, always has been

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yeah, Link will connect central banks and other banks' blockchains to public chains, merging all blockchains together and its token value will top out at just double the price it was 2 years ago.

>> No.56317495

>13x on an established asset with near zero risk is not a moonshot

You people are delusional. If you actually believed LINK was going to $100 you'd be all in or you'd be retarded.

>> No.56317527

Ignore him. they're the same retards who spread the same ridiculous FUD in ROSE threads.

>hurr everything will 100x in the next bull market except for [asset they want to fud]

These people actually believe a x10 is somehow bad. Probably because they are poor jeets and can only make it if they get a x1000.

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21 btc is not a fucking make it stack and it never was. There was no 'make it stack' for BTC. Of course the earliest discussions we all know had BTC speculated at even 1 million per coin. BTC is grandpa shit coin it's lucky its held on so long purely by being early, having good branding and the satoshi story and being able to be understood by normies 'digital cash' 'digital gold' plus the internet still having a bit of the old school charm and mystique.

Yeah yeha 21 is a make it stack now since you like the idea of 21 into 21 million. Suicide link stack was always 1k and the 10k being suicide was memed when fags started getting priced out to fud them. We are beyond all fud now because you either get it or you don't. (jewsdid911)

Now try and cap my post bubbafuckface. /biz/ should be a red board because normies should have to wade through some gore to be here faggots

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>1 mil stack
>81 bil
What are you retarded? Who the fuck needs that much money?

>> No.56318739

Im laughing at you Indian. Nice *eddit spacing by the way.

>> No.56319118

its not meant to be an "event" is a narrative of where this is all going to pleb gorilla

>> No.56319169

>he thinks we're not all in

>> No.56319182

Thank you for your service, please post in more LINK threads with the same style

>> No.56319193

take the L, retard
you're wrong

>> No.56319339

makeit stack is zero

buy in 2026 at $1-2 once sergey is forced to slow down his dumps