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why would chainlink be speaking at a GoldMan Sacks conference?

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Are you autistic?

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sergey paid goldman sachs 100 million to speak at this

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Nice photoshop, it’s actually XRP

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It took 1 minute for some mouth breathing faggot to show up, great.

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because Chainlink is the banksters coin

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Christine Moy also speaking.

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Because it's a digital asset conference?

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checked. goldman was a company shown on Kemal's recent slides from smartcon

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they will throw big macs at him while he is locked in a stockade

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reposting my qns from the other thread
>any corpo anons know if this means sergey is balls deep? or is this essentially a marketing pitch?

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he's the first proper speaker listed
good god can we fucking make it already?

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Because they paid an admission fee (funded by dumped LINK tokens).

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>A seminal moment? The arrival of institutional asset managers
It's a self fellatio conference. They are there to pat themselves on the back.

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also, here's day 2

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>digital asset

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Sergey should be on all those panels

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bring up the whole slide again lets see all the partners on there

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He's just there to tell some jokes and warm the crowd up for Michael Shaulov.

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It's interesting that Chainlink is quite literally the only company represented here with a token.

Gold Man Sergey...

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None of those logos use Chainlink for any actual services, BTW.

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the CEO of circle (USDC) is there too but yeah it is cool

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Yea I mean.. stablecoins don't really count, do they?

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>None of those logos use Chainlink for any actual services, BTW.

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Sorry stinkers but XRP is already confirmed to be the GoldmanSach coin

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not really
they do have their own cross chain thing-y but I don't think it's really a competitor

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Two literal whos. Goldman sounds like a jewish name and Sachs more like ballsacks lol.

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hot damn that larp was true

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remember the gold...

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It's a different Sergey Nazarov, retard

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shadowfork Sergey

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black Sergey

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Seems like this anon wasn't a faggot after all...

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whoa wild conference

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Sergey doesn't necessarily talk about Chainlink at the conference. He could talk about anything for all we know. If we assume he talks about Chainlink we can only speculate about the reception. My intuition is these people would likely dislike what Sergey has to say, but that's already in the realm of thought exercises

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holy shit remember the gold bros

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He will talk about food and best burger place. keep holding you are GMI

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one thing that confuses me is the cross over with tech/ai insiders, especially the y combinator type, and the total silence about link on hacker news
am I wrong and hacker news is all just mid-tier, mid-career devs?
they seem to only be able to grasp it as just another crypto shitcoin

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this is the state of link fud in 2023

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Please refute my point instead of talking nonsense mister

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Risk averse midwits perfect cattle to grease the cogs

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>lunch (12-30)
Sergey Nazarov.

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checked lmao

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Which one?
I missed it

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bugman midwits lack the pattern recognition skills to see 6.66 to 7.77 crabbing, black cube, 216, etc.

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Haha yes, my meme is still alive on /biz/

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Not sure offhand who alchemy is, but fireblocks provided some of the backend software for the ANZ case study. Pic related

It's almost like institutions are interested as hell in being able to do what CCIP makes possible.

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The God reaching down from heaven and anointing chainlink leading to a -2.2% dump greentext is real and it’s all so tiresome

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At some point, it will look like every village is making rupees.

However, making rupees isn't the same as knowing how to keep it.

Will you continue to compound/rotate?

Or will you be able to gradually pull out?

Remember, many villages were wealthy last cycle.

Untill they weren't.

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The difference unironically lies in Intuition vs Thinking (Jungian Cognitive functions or MBTI if you like the dumbed down normie slop version of cognitive functions)

Its simple, 4chan and /biz/ specifically fosters Intuition which is why INTJs and INFJs and INTPs (which have intuition as their auxiliary function) are so statistically represented here despite being the least common personalities in the overall population

Intuition is fostered here because the image board and lack of moderation and anonymity allows only the most memetic ideas to spread and be discussed. Thus Chainlink and all its easter eggs and secrets seeped through the collective unconscious was discovered far earlier than any other group/forum

Compare that to a forum like Reddit which is heavily moderated, controlled by a voting system, is not meme-based etc. is more of a Thinking forum. Has its uses, but lacks the prescient and pattern-recognition qualities of Intuition and so even when Link was brought up on reddit, the midwit thinkers who were too smart for their britches ignored it (Midwit thinking vs giga-brain intuition)

All these tech-bro dudes are thinkers, and worse; sensor thinkers at that (Meaning they lack any intuitive process in their greater functions, compared to an INTP who can at least supplement dominant thinking with secondary extroverted intuition)

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Rhymes with Pump.

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alchemy is a web3 infrastructure provider, they provide a fuckton of tools

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>go to Fireblocks website
>it's an instittutional digital asset custody company
>Australian bank NAB is on the front page
>NAB just announced that payments to crypto exchanges would be blocked, and wouldn't even release a list of which exchanges
Does anyone know where I can buy a huge pair of shoes and a red nose that honks when you squeeze it?

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they're fudding normies out while they accumulate. jp morgan just did the same.

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Why not Quant?

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It's not surprising anon. Banks want to be the CEX using CCIP, they don't want you going elsewhere.

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This was meant for >>56306261

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>Banks want to be the CEX using CCIP, they don't want you going elsewhere.
holy shit. a lot of things just started making sense

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this fireblocks site behaves exactly like chain.link wtf man hahaha surreal

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Why do you advocate post these questions only to shill link by samefagging?

If you want to pump link price you need to bust the fudders in the crypto sub in plebbit, you can do so with a couple thousand dollars and some imagination. That place is the first thing normies see when they pour money into crypto and follow the echochamber advice blindly.

If you’re posting here to market and/or get developers you’re wasting your time. It wouldn’t surprise me though, chainlinks pr and marketing dept is full of retarded hires. First that chink that was fired for low performance and then that Chris Illuminati guy that keeps using treasury money to mkultra Sergey and pay for his running trips.

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This was the worst meme on biz this year. A testament to the current state of markets and Link. Completely devoid of thought and creativity. Basically the opposite of everything this place used to be. A reflection of the times we live in

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this is a bull signal /biz/ is back baby

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At the same time they are hindering people from accumulating cheap link by imposing these limits and restrictions.

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The blackpill of this whole experience is insane.
>there are great opportunities, and everyone is chasing them on what is basically a level playing field, and a small number of lucky and insightful people make the right calls and win big.
>The entire institutional infrastructure exerts immense resources and energy for the specific purpose of preventing anyone in retail from doing well. They seem pathologically opposed to the "little guy" winning, even once, and work as an extremely committed unit in maintaining this status quo.

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>holy shit.
You shouldn't say stuff like this anon.

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No such thing, only God's providence and what He allows us to do by our 'free' will.

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>>The entire institutional infrastructure exerts immense resources and energy for the specific purpose of preventing anyone in retail from doing well. They seem pathologically opposed to the "little guy" winning, even once, and work as an extremely committed unit in maintaining this status quo
It's envy. Same as their father the devil, who was envious of man for God would become man and not angel, envious of Mary, because a human would be exalted higher than all the angels, higher than himself.

The difference between envy and jealousy is that envy wants someone to lose what they have. It is a terrible evil, see covetousness.

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Makes sense. Can you recommend any big brained resources on Jungian Cognitive functions? Im infj, which is supposedly the rarest within the MBTI,so I'm curious to see how this translates.

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The more link retail has the less link (((they))) can have.

Like BTC, LINK has a fixed supply.
Unlike BTC, LINK can maintain itself through it's fees.

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Personality types are a midwit reddit meme.

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Take a psychology course ledditor
dont forget to kill yourself

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This was known back in 2017, the 350 million wallet has never been touched, its always been earmarked for enterprise/institutional node operators. This is why "banks aren't accumulating", they don't need to, nor would they really care, and common sense and not thinking like a retail baggie would tell you this.

If you're retail, you have a number in your head, whether its 1 million, 10 million, a billion, whatever, that you WILL sell and cash out because you're good. Banks aren't looking for a lump sum payout to escape, they are looking to continually make endless/infinite money.

Hypothetically, an institution could have accumulated 100 million link over the past 2 years, and if link pulls a 1000x, they'd have made a trillion dollars if they successfully dump it all on the market. But first of all, a one time payout of a trillion dollars is nothing to banks, that move trillions yearly. And second, if you're dumping it, the project is dead, its only something you can do one time.

But if you have assurances from Sergey that whatever the price is, you will be handed 1 million link or whatever is needed to stake and have the highest possible reputation when staking 1.0 hits, you know all you really need to do is wait until its built. That's why entities like the AP and deutsche telekom had to buy in to run their nodes now, they aren't getting the free link from that 350 million wallet when the time comes, so they have to start building their rep early.

But when you start to think about it this way, it makes perfect sense. Banks will let link moon, because they are going to be running nodes, and chainlink will be working for them. They'll be the ones collecting the fees. They could give 2 shits if a few dedicated autists saved 50k link, maybe a thousand or so have 10k, maybe ten thousand or so saw through the fud and accumulated 1-2k this past bear market, it doesn't matter, they're going to win far bigger.

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Fuck off fudder GOLDMAN SERGEY

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Clearly he bribed them to be able to speak. If you dump enough tokens you can buy your way into any speaking engagement.

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I don't know why anyone would be dumb enough to trust this fat slob with their life savings.
Verification - Sneeded

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By making normes use their bank chain instead of a cex they make more money. The greedy never ends for them, they want to maximise their profits always.

And yes I agree, they won't dump as they will need to stake to secure the network for their large transactions.

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Your nonsense post is responded to with nonsense. What's the problem?

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I actually think the banks will lock up as much as possible just so they can pump the price. The higher the price the money they have.

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This was the best meme on biz this year. A testament to the current state of markets and Link. Completely turgid with thought and creativity. Basically the opposite of everything this place used to be. A reflection of the times we live in

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You'd still have people from those banks accumulating for their personal benefit, wouldn't you?

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Nice editing faggot.

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When do you think this accumulation period is going to end?

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Not "Institutional Crypto Trading: The Flight to Quality". Those boys are anti Chainlink.

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This only makes sense if bankers bought LPL otherwise they won't be able to stake. Think about which node will they stake with without buying LPL?

I can't even imagine the seeth once no-poolers figure this out.

Pool's closed.

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Did you guys get rugged already?

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This was a meme on biz this year. A reference to the current state of markets and Link. It displays some level of thought and creativity. Basically everything this place is. A reflection of the times we live in

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I can tell by your seething ESL nonsense you clearly missed out. That's okay more pool for me!

>> No.56307909

It’s ok I’m in real staking not your gay Ponzi scheme rug pull 2.0 now

>> No.56307926

You think its totally kosher that you walk around on the same level as they with your morals intact? Hell no. It’s a club and you are never going to be in it until you do as they do.

>> No.56307929

They can stake on their own nodes as they will have their own professional dev teams. Anons like us will either need to stake early or use SDLs priority service, but that's more for whales.

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False. I am going to be a good Catholic and glorify God with my wealth.

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Good fortune to you friend.

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Thanks I was wondering why fireblocks sounded so familiar. Obviously I'm fuckin retarded.

>> No.56307970

You're trying to get people to buy and the price is in the gutter (great if it was a real good project).
Yet.. you keep accusing people who criticize your shilling as having
>missed out
and saying that the
>pool's closed
My question is: why does your low IQ shilling have to be so full of ridiculous internal contradictions?

>> No.56307976

>You'll know when you get back a big fat FUCK YOU on your buy order lol

>> No.56307996

Yeah no shit, the whole game has always been about controlling the population. The real question is how the fuck did they know so much about science and psychology. My theory is demons gave it to them to proxy control the world.

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Chainlink is not needed. If all of this was true and the token was actually needed theres no way it would be crabbing at $7 for 2 years. All of these bankers with trillions of dollars would of front ran it years ago.
My only conclusion is that the token really isnt needed

>> No.56308015

>about science
Most science is fake and gay.

>> No.56308022

Look at this seething ESL raging in the comments LPL chads lmao

Pool is closed you may continue to rage

>> No.56308060

I'd say about a fortnight from now

>> No.56308064

Checked and based "would of" poster humbling us with his based tenuous grasp on English.

>> No.56308151

Would off* ;)

>> No.56308198

the funnier thing is that it is almost always native speakers who type "would of" instead of would have

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I’ve held LINK for a year, until this morning. The project states lots of things yet I see very little of it ever impact the token price. Hell there are some things the project team states that I’ve recognized as being impossible bullshit (and they completely go silent when someone points that out since they know they’re publishing hopium).

>> No.56308215

Just to give a super quick high-level explanation, Chainlink claimed their service could be embraced by traditional finance and gave examples that weren’t possible due to vendor-related licensing fees. Even things that appear as simple as broadcasting SEDOL, CUSIP, ISIN, Moodys ratings, S&P ratings, etc would be very problematic.

>> No.56308233

>would of front ran
That's a peach and no mistake. Just sold stack.

>> No.56308253

Oh shit, not problematic licensing fees! Where’s my ledger? Where’s a step by step guide on market selling chainlink with unlimited slippage?

>> No.56308287

Selling would also mean giving up their keys to the network.

>> No.56308309

Makes me. How will banks take profit? All profit will be link tokens. Will they be willing to sell? I suppose they will just consider the LINK token as the 'profit', and LINK will probably their 'to go' asset for profits.

>> No.56308324

Shut the fuck up you scam artist nigger I cannot believe you people have the gall to keep trying to do this after lpl literally fucking rugged

>> No.56308354

lmao LPL chads look at this bullish seethe POOL'S CLOSED KEK HA HA HA BETTER LUCK NEXT LIFE

>> No.56309064

If you can't tell he's taking the piss you are giga autistic

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had a dream last night that on a smart con style stage a chainlink conference broke out into a super hardcore orgy

>> No.56309811

He’s literally just a fill in spot thats scheduled to talk for like 5min. Calm down.

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That's what I'm saying. They're going to be handed whatever they need to stake from that 350 million wallet when the time comes, it will immediately be staked, and it will be turned into a money printing machine via node fees and staking rewards.
Exactly, individuals will still accumulate, but the moon isn't going to be institutions buying in, they're going to be handed their nodes, that was always the endgame. The moon is going to be speculators acknowledging that the faucet is turned on, and competing with each other to get a piece.

CCIP is going to be a big part of that. If staking 1.0 follows sometime next year, you're going to see 4 digit link this cycle and possibly higher than that, guaranteed. Also decent chance link decouples from btc permanently at that point.

If no staking 1.0, all of this may not happen until 2028-2030, next cycle basically. Thing is, even without 1.0, you are playing chicken with speculators, who at any given time can just decide to frontrun the actual event and price you out forever. This isn't a shitcoin, this is the endgame of crypto.

>> No.56309900

>3 person panel slotted for 45min
>only going to talk for 5 min
Also you’re too retarded to know that the important part of this isn’t the actual discussion but that he is at a conference schmoozing with elite fags with money over cocktails

>> No.56309917

are you retarded?
we had an insider literally frontrun a private bank's announcement to validate to us the internal info he had

dude could get in serious fuckin trouble lmfao if hes at labs

>> No.56309939

>are you retarded
No, but you are because you lack basic reading comprehension and/or you don’t understand greentexting and need to lurk more newfag

>> No.56309955

I mean hasn’t it been obvious? In a more scaled down version, I heard one of my coworkers got into Chainlink because he overheard when I was discussing it with another crypto guy and we usually talk about finance. This faggot does not deserve to hold a single link and thus, at every opportunity I tell him to sell, crypto is dangerous, can’t cash out, SEC regulations, not needed, etc.

Some people don’t deserve to make it. It’s that simple. And once you realize this, you understand the game.

>> No.56309977

Sergey thought it said goldman snacks

>> No.56310087

>the 350 million wallet has never been touched
this is wrong there never was a single wallet and they move the funds around so for us its impossible to say the distribution of the teams tokens
but there are only about 450 million tokens left and in the next 2 years 140 of those will be released
taking into account that both cll and the nodes still need to be subsidized on a daily basis that means sergey still needs to kleep some tokens in reserve for himself
hence this talk that institution get all their link for free is demonstrably false

>> No.56310121

>there never was a single wallet
It doesn't matter how its held, there is 350 million that was never going to be moved except to "Node Operators to incentivize the ecosystem"
Its in the original whitepaper, nothing has ever changed with regards to this. Its never brought up anymore because oldfags do not want newfags to make it, and its funnier to just go "haha 700k dump man haha"
How its distributed is up for debate, there may already be OTC deals between these institutions and Sergey, but that is what's going to happen. No it won't be free, but they're not going to have to pay a premium or market buy it either, and its going to be staked.

>> No.56310131
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forgot pic

>> No.56310140

One piece of FUD that gets me is if something happens to ETH, what happens to the link token? Since link is an ERC-20 token.

>> No.56310174

tons of nodes are ran by enterprises like goldman sachs, pwc, etc.

eth is never dying even if the community gives up or is fucked as long as corporations have an interest in the well being of ETH. (link's well being)

>> No.56310188

>in the next 2 years 140 of those will be released
what will happen to the remaining 449,999,860?

>> No.56310207

So is link ultimately dependent on ETH then?

>> No.56310220

you talk as if you believe eth is a monolith rather than innumerable nodes as a dependency

but no, link bridges to any chain, including private.
i will personally be holding my link on a private bank chain with goldman sachs for high APY.

>> No.56310228

I meant the token itself, it's an ERC-20.

>> No.56310241

ERC-667 and is cross chain compatible
are you retarded or new or both?

>> No.56310259

So if ETH goes under, is it possible to convert the link token into another format?

>> No.56310273

What do you mean by "ETH going under"? Every Ethereum validator simultaneously shutting down? Along with every full node?

>> No.56310278

do you work at costco?
you don't sound like you understand anything about these systems at all, saying "if eth goes under". You realize we have innumerable state machines distributed across the world that can re-take lead of the chain at any time? And would provide ample amounts of time (months even, a year) to take a damaged state chain and move assets / reconcile the original chain

i hope you realize your own intellectual shortcomings in this space. you need to study a lot, lot more.

>> No.56310300

It was downgraded to ERC-10 years ago, newfag

>> No.56310308

dont mess with baby, hes a stupid ass retail worker trying to come to terms with buying LINK

we should appreciate our starbucks barista potential link marines even if they are bottom of the barrel iq in this space

>> No.56310321

This is how you treat new members of the community? If you want more investors for link, the community should be reaching out and accepting new members, why do you insult me?

>> No.56310333

we dont want you to invest you fucking retard
we dont care about you or your brainlet feelings
we dont care
we dont want you in our community
get the fuck out if you cant handle how it is here.

this is the wild west of information and conversation. only the brightest autist type personalities who can disseminate fact from fiction can make it here.

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>> No.56310357

The most voracious ones always have the lowest amount of holdings. I bet you 3 don't even hold that much link, yet you are acting like you are better than I am just because I am willing to learn? How dare you?

>> No.56310365

go read the archives if you want to learn about link

>> No.56310375

learn elsewhere, discuss findings here
we're not your teachers you 100IQ smoothbrain

you don't even fucking understand how the underlying blockchain technology works

stop coping with your "i bet they don't hold 5000 link like me!"

you fucking retard
we are not just all neets sitting at home
we are top notch product owners, software engineers, in corporates around the world who had tons of cash sitting around through every hype cycle.

trust me, you are nothing

>> No.56310398

>i bet they don't hold 5000 link l
I bet you don't do you?

>> No.56310410

>If you want more investors from the community

That's where you're wrong, bucko. We couldn't give less of a shit if you and your poo in loo army don't buy in, in fact it's preferable that you don't. Sorry!!

>> No.56310416

Is this why vaporware scams outperform link?

>> No.56310418

trust me, i'm not the type of dumbass who will dox myself with a wallet
do better and stop trying to dick measure (you will lose, you cannot and will not have as much link as ogs as we bought immediately together by pooling ETH)

spend your time learning instead and god willing, you won't be so much of a tool

"bbbbbut mom i bet they don't like me cuz i have more things than them"

yes honey, that's exactly it, the retard who can't understand ethereum has more LINK than die hard believers who had tons of cash due to income and early investment in blockchain

>> No.56310426

>have as much link as ogs
How much link is considered an OG?

>> No.56310427

Are you the personality test anon who had that other test that’s a lot more in depth?

>> No.56310447

Everyone in our pool at least collected 50,000 LINK, some significantly more due to the overwhelming amount of ETH provided to the pools.

OGs are not ICOers.
OGs bought on the market, and most will have at the minimum 10,000 LINK.

i hope you're understanding the culture slowly.
although i've insulted you to shit rightfully as a brainlet you are, i keep feeding you info.

welcome to biz

>> No.56310470

>50,000 LINK
Thats almost 400 grand right now, what kind of lunatic has 400 grand to throw into an internet coin?

>> No.56310476

what i am telling you is he lied, there is no way to know whatever distribution is on those remaining tokens and that picture you posted is just informative it does not imply an investment contract
remember its not a security so they can change all this at will to no repercussion
sergey already dipped into the 350 million part to fund the ongoing expenses of the network and is going to continue doing so
not even sure if this is bearish at all since it will mean that the institution will yes be indeed forced to buy on open market
pretty sure some early adopters will get special privilege pretty sure, but most big bois will indeed be scrambling for our bags eventually

>> No.56310479

link was 11 cents at ico

>> No.56310491

can someone please take over guiding the new initiate retard to biz?

he seems to be very slow, even taking ideas such "as price currently does not equal price in the past"

he does have heart tho, seeing as hes here, but i cant take dealing with retard anymore

anyone care to take over?

>> No.56310499

lol the midwits cant even comprehend small link stacks anymore
even for late buyers in the 2019 end of bear market 100k was the minimum to strive for
search the archives if you are so buttblasted about it there were absolute chads buying 1 million stinkies back in the early days with their eth gains

and 50k link was 10k usd when bought not 400k like you seem to think, price graphs really confuse the midwit

>> No.56310505

i am pretty sure the big stacks were not bought at ico but in the summer of 19 with the gains from the winners of the 17 golden bull

>> No.56310509

i fucking hate how twitter influxes these baristas here.

but once they're here, if they have any fucking brain, they stay. hopefully we can train this fucking costco employee over time.

>> No.56310516

probably but i was just giving him a reference point

>> No.56310563

the ball is in your court new fag.

you either get butt hurt and sad that nobody cares about you, and the fact we will be critically honest that you are indeed a fucking retard, OR, you accept you are fucking stupid, and see this as an opportunity for mental growth.

id start with understanding a fucking DLT if you're still here and not crying running back to twitter with your micro brain

>> No.56310941

>CCIP is going to be a big part of that. If staking 1.0 follows sometime next year, you're going to see 4 digit link this cycle and possibly higher than that, guaranteed. Also decent chance link decouples from btc permanently at that point.

Stop with these insane projections. I've read the same shit for 6 years now.
>two more weeks
I can't hear it anymore. There won't be q singularity you fucking morons. Sure it will pump decently when it goes mainstream, but until then it will be a steadyish climb, maybe with speculation pumps down the road. Look at the sibos and smartcon effect, +1,50$, wtf? Just make your peace with it or you will go mental. I've stopped obsessing, because I ve been disappiointed so many times by now

>> No.56311295

>Its simple, 4chan and /biz/ specifically fosters Intuition which is why INTJs and INFJs and INTPs (which have intuition as their auxiliary function) are so statistically represented here despite being the least common personalities in the overall population
This in an ENTP imagebord, (I)ncel.

>> No.56311309

Lots of thing you got wrong in your meme by the way, kings are kshatrias, engineers would be vayshas, shudra aren't untouchable, that's dalits.

>> No.56311362

>we are
lol who

>> No.56311510

Ask a stupid question get no answer
You have absolutely no idea what youre talking about

>> No.56311564

i love it when stinkies bicker over whats a large stack or not
it's far better than all the gay FUD we normally see

>> No.56311588

>Also decent chance link decouples from btc permanently at that point.
this is what i live for
the great decoupling

>> No.56311756
File: 1.49 MB, 1280x720, singularity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56311768

Checked. Bitcoin needs to die. I can't believe people are still desperately clinging onto it and treating it as gold despite the halving problem and existence of XMR. Btc will be seen as myspace or AOL in the future, just a relic.

>> No.56311818
File: 262 KB, 500x500, 8739186635229406206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the f*** are we even talking about link isn't even a s******* sbox like ada and i don't know why all those btc maxis are sucking link's dk link is just another s**box s****coin

>> No.56312010

Kill yourself nigger faggot

>> No.56312213

So you're telling me 10k link is the minimum to make it? Its a pardox then. If link really was so great and this whole great reset token that liquidity of the entire world will shift over to, then 1 link should uniornically be enough. But now youre saying otherwise. so which is it? Is link so great that we should just buy as much as we can or are you gonna sit here and talk shit about our newfag stacks being "only 5k" cause you guys have so much link up your ass, the fucking diarrhea comes out to the keyboard

>> No.56312244

>If Google really was so great and this whole great reset index that liquidity of the entire world will shift over to, then 1 google stock should uniornically be enough
This is you. This is how dumb you are.

>> No.56312252

delete this
we will find you
t. mossad

>> No.56312280

i didnt really mean one you faggot. If you bought like 1000 dollars of google at the bottom of the dot com crash, im pretty sure you'd have made it. Thats my point

>> No.56312289

oh wait google didnt start till after dot com crash but you get my point. I'm asking if youre saying we need to have a ton to make it or is being a newfag and buying in now enough? I just want a house in an area free of niggers and a nice qt3.14 to have sex with.

>> No.56312292

>So you're telling me 10k link is the minimum to make it
where did i say this
i was mocking the newfag for his disbelief of the stacks that bizraelis managed to accumulate
this says nothing about the future value of said stacks, thats your own retard interpretation
and yes stack as much as you can why wouldnt you if you belief its going up, no reason to stop once you reach this arbitrary 'suicide stack'

>> No.56312305

Just go back to *eddit already

>> No.56312308

>or is being a newfag and buying in now enough?
ah a clear question at least
the anwser depends on your time frame, in 6 years def will make it
in 2 years hard to say we are at peak uncertainty and clowning right now so cant tell
depends on how impatient you are i guess, if you cant wait 6 years go ahead and pick a dogcoin of your choice and then make it never if you chose wrong
or you know pick the one certain thing that is right now massively underpriced, those two facts do not change because of the usd figure of your buy in today

>> No.56312317

Checked. And Goldman Macs pilled

>> No.56312950

>Stop with these insane projections

>> No.56314942

You sure they are accumulating? People are starting to look out for other oracles. SupraOracles and DIA being the most talked about.

>> No.56315360

Can't stop won't stop
Won't stop the bumperoooooo
Duh duh duh duh duhhhh
Everybodyyyyyy scroll around and bump some link threads woaaaahhhhhh

>> No.56315652
File: 185 KB, 1200x675, Enlight182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They’ll understand when Chainlink Oracles Power Everything.
Sergey and Ari are regulars here. They’re here

>> No.56315672

I think they are both far too busy building the future of finance to come here regularly

>> No.56315675
File: 206 KB, 823x762, 1605657894013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably because it's a globohomo shitcoin.

>> No.56315729

>There won't be q singularity
absolutely delusional

>> No.56315960

Once you're here you're here forever.

>> No.56317174

I heard from an insider that QNT will have a food truck outside, serving cold turkey

>> No.56317711

i need an extreme change in my life, and i hope chainlink will be that.

>> No.56317760

>oooo sers the SupraOracles are the very good yes many X soon available

>> No.56317779
File: 68 KB, 1042x586, 1516049776583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56317855

You're like all the other late fags