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>so here is the deal
>50 Turkish Lira's per week
>you can rest on the weekends
>spam racist stuff like "HELLO NIGGERS I HOLD AVAX" and maybe they wont suspect that you are brownies like myself
>also pretend that we are best friends with those link marines
>if they detect you, just call them Poomars and icpoors

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every time ive tried to befriend someone that looks like that, they give off a weird aloof scammer vibe. like they would kill me for my shoe.

feral, gross people

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Kek icpoor nigger thinks that he is funny

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Yes, emin does emit a scumbag type of vibe

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I guess theres still some actual people here, cheers for the laugh anon

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emin has that scammer vibe its true, most turk guys I've known in RL were genuinely good guys though (not trying to defend avax btw fuck this shitcoin)

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imagine still unironically holding avax. I dumped my bags since the double spend incident and never looked back

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Bump because this shit too funny.
I hope someone adds to thread

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Retard confirmed. It went x5 since then.

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>thinks the word nigger is racist or that racism is even real
>proceeds to be racist towards pajeets
Avax was created by the same people that created Chainlink, when they noticed how big of an abomination Ethereum became (which they also created)