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>Applying for a dream job
>Forgot to replace the [company name] with the company name in my cover letter

Looks like I'll be staying in my job for a bit longer

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>applying for a job

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kek. alpha move, it shows them you dont give a shit or need them. they will be falling over to hire you because they know you fuck

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What the fuck is a dream job. Sounds Orwellian.
The only dream job is raising livestock while your wife tends to the children and garden. You dont need a coverletter for that

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It's a WFH job with my exact skillset.

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>send a bunch of applications
>some rando calls me from a place I didn't even apply to
>says his """"client"""" is looking for someone for a position tangentially related to the ones I was applying for
I fucking HATE recruiters

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Do you really think HR roasties actually read cover letters?

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Dear [candidate name],


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You weren't gonna get it anyways retard these jobs have 500 people minimum applying if it's an easy data entry job.
I've been applying for security analyst positions and they're full, fucking brutal .

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Imagine having a “dream job”. Wagies make me sick.

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don't feel bad, I said my mom's name in an interview and when I tried to correct myself I just looked like a retard
they didn't call me back and his face looked upset that whole hour, at least I got duck race but fuck I want a better job

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>Applying for a dream job
The dream job is no job