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anyone else here waste the entire year playing video games all day long instead of researching/trading their portfolio?

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Don’t need to I hold link it’s only a matter of time before I’m ELITE. Especially with Honk Kong on Monday

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Yes I did. As of yesterday I officially have more credit card debt than I do in savings so thats something Ill have to deal with in a couple months on top of being unemployed. It feels like my brain is on fire all the time, if that makes sense

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I'm actually fucking with my portfolio and finance sheets when I told myself I'd play videogames.

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Yes, i just debtmaxxxed all my credit cards, threw some money at crypto and the rest is in my mother's bank account earning boomer passive income and i have nothing else to do than playing videogames and hitting the gym 3 times a week, waiting for the bullrun.

I'm a NEET now

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If you hold index funds, that's exactly the right thing to do.

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What's happening monday

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Fat bastard

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the only good thing I did this year was buy a couple of funny ducks from duck race
almost all my networth went on keyboards and controllers that I don't even use

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are you me?

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I spent the first 1/3rd of the year programming a trading strat so I could simulate some trades. After spending so much time on it I came to the conclusion that you cannot beat the buy and holders, so i joined team Bogle >>56295975. Also the IRS nuked all of my free cash so I had no money to invest until the summer, and by then I realized I was happier not obsessing over charts.

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I'm in the same position fren.

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100%, getting more sickly along the way.

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not only the year but most of my young adult life
At least I'm fit

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Are you me?

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Wasted the last year going to drum and bass shows, doing a fuck ton of psychedelics and other drugs. Got laid a couple times, it’s been alright I guess.

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>drum and bass
Holy shit is it 20 years ago? I haven't heard anyone talk about drum and bass in a long time. I still remember going to see Pendulum back in the day. I feel old now.

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