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>marketing pundits show for stocks or crypto
>like fox business or coindesk
>yes line go this way. headlines say line will go this way in the future
>let's have our guest speaker now!
>it's literally someone from the C-suite of a business that wants you to buy their product

I fucking hate advertisements. How do we get rid of advertisements?

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I use uBlock

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I have not seen an advertisement for over 15 years.

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china is collapsing. the declining birthrate is some serious shit. 2022, the population decreased to 850,000 decline since 1961.

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losing 850,000 in 2022 is serious. The US is moving manufacturing to mexico and india which drives up costs for goods.

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>Watching any business news network besides Bloomberg

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>850,000 neets died in 60 years

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>and here to talk about his new book on this topic is (insert guest here).

>(insert guest here) has been a market expert for decades and has written numerous books helping average investors just like you make the most of their trades. (Insert guest here)'s latest book is a must read and will be a critical part of helping to make sure that you survive and even thrive in the coming (two more weeks) economic downturn that will be the worst in a generation, maybe even the worst since the great depression.

>but first be sure to ring that bell and like and subscribe. Now a word from our sponsor...