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beware losing money on his newest state of the art, made 100% of cow dung like every icp shitcoin "I CAN'T PUMP" aka ICP (scam ticker)

Next, this is the list of those involved in the sheme (most of them the same as always):
- raj (telegram tranny admin and orchestrator)
- dejan (aka kys post-walled troon, his nosejob went fatal btw)
- brokestapu (see zetsnorr, also knownk as 'top signal')
- larry anon (blackman boyfriend)
- donaldo j pamp (schizo nigger scammer from venezuela who larps as 44)
- zetsnorr (low tier soiboi from reddit who larps as a dick sucker in raj's teletranny channel)
- MK (sandnigger who composes trap (see dj khaled) music under 'MKalls' alias)
- VP of interracial relations (fat faggot behind a lot of low liquidity scams inside the icp ecosystem see icypee and aliencoin)
- miguel&gustavo (grifters from brazil)
- jake (unironic glowie)

hope all these faggots unironically kill themselves drowning in pajeet drain water

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>VP of interracial relations (fat faggot behind a lot of low liquidity scams inside the icp ecosystem see icypee and aliencoin)

Also known as smeg or smug from the dragginz discord. He has been shilling tendy there relentlessly and recently got banned. Tendy got delisted from icpcoins and all their shitcoins are basically blacklisted in whale groups now.

Raj was also known as OG Medalist last year when he was launching shilling NFT scams instead (OG medals, ICPC, Donge, just to name a few).

These people are all scammers and parasites of the ICP ecosystem.

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they been advertising on biz for 2+ years scaming newfags nonstop, everyone interested on icp in /biz/ have noticed this 'cryptogang' already, hopefully people are more aware of these thirdworld monkeys.

this new project is so low effort it's just sad, kudos raj, seems that you just hitted a creative wall and can't pull off big projects how you did in the past like dino eggs, also rugged cubebots and created co-created liquidICP and icpwojak with palanga, the niggerjeet also rugged (based on nftgeek info):
shinjuku npc nft
boomers nft collection
vrstl first collection

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brokestapu is the worst pee chud, he acts retarded on purpose so people don't suspect him of being a serial rugger

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Brokestapu here, why do I keep getting called skemmer
I’ve never launched a coin, sir

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definitely one of the worst offenders on the list.
kys trans-reddit nigger, your curry smell is fucking unbereable.
you and alex from ccc are one of the worst scammers i've ever have the disgust of knowing

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But… what coin did I scam sir..?

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Also you forgot to add:
Yeeegz/NotDogfinity/whatever that fat wagie boomer calls himself these days

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brokestapu is actually a scammer and his only reaction to allegations is to seem unaware and retarded. Stay away from anything this guy launches/endorses.

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oh yea i forgot to add:
- said geegz and bort on the other icp thread
- asscrack (sold icp at bottom just to spend everything on hair saloon treatment and cheek filing)
- puddi (mongoloid childmolester larper who acts like a sperg retard and doesn't know how to do an eth transaction)
- kyers (high estrogen bug larping faggot)
- Tm (low iq retard boomer queer faggot, he only spams gay nigger gifs)

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literal poster boy of high profile serial scammer tg group, just kys tranny

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I'm Donald J Pamp and never had anything to do with this

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To add to Yeegz while we are exposing the ICP scammers:
Last year he was heavily collaborating with IC Kitties/Puppies and their Internet Humans scam (Lucian and Alex). The Romanians scammed tens of thousands of ICP from retail investors. Check dfinity pill on youtube to see the scammers getting a dfinity grant for a podcast as well.

Yeegz was also one of the first to pull the GHOST LP thinking it's dead. Made a couple of thousands of ICP this way.

They think people forgot but they will all get what they deserve one day.

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But which coin? Can you sirs name one?

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He mad because he missed every 100x lol

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you rugged HINU, benchod

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No I didn’t, Alpharius and Esteban rugged it, I wasn’t even as admin i was just a baggie, nice try AC

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hey thanks for keeping this one up with facts, yeegz talked about it on twitter how he 'didn't actually rug' cause he did time holding kek... funny how he was the most prominent whale in icypee too he had 4% of the supply.

to move one with more data, one of raj last ventures milked 5k icp from shinjuku mint on yumi, last time he even mentioned shinjuku was 1 year ago, he also dumped heavily into newfags with puddinigger hyping, btc flower with biz spam every fucking day...

there are literally countless stories, like the time he rugged boomers mint on entrepot with dejan

you rugged reddit on avax, shilled hard on biz while it was at the top, easy verifiable fact

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Okay verify it :P

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Countless. You're an admin in almost every tg group associated with a rugged coin. You're subtly shilling it everywhere and when you're blamed you act like you don't know shit. Either get a new tg account or leave the groups you're in if you want to keep the associated prove alive. No one wants to see your name.

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Also ZZZZK is a based dude. Leave him be.

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I really hope those faggots missed out on SNS

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Nope guaranteed faggot

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Who are you? Thanks though lmao

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I'm still in law school, 3-5 years in the future. I will just sue Lucian and Alex for the lulz.

I lost hundreds of ICP.

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Do you know the people associated with shinjuku, my friend got rugged really hard.

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no one is interested in ICP on this board bro in fact everyone besides you weird ICP trannies would really really love if they banned ICP from the board its a cancer to the space thank you

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tg icantpump
Fuck the fuds we mooning sisters
Also get in for airdrop

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You’re kidding me, Raj was really behind Dinos and Cubebot?

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add that turbonigger faggot that writes "poetry" and only makes sense when he remembers to take his meds

DEE if you read this, you're lucky you're too retarded to launch a shitcoin or nfts and rug them, but you kinda suck too just because fuck you. schizos are embarrassing fr

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Kek - Tm

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where are you dee you smelly curry ass nigga

are you looking for pennies on the highway? maybe airdrops in these shitcoin scams

he probably doesn't even browse biz anymore just schizoposts random tidbits on oc and distrkt. I've seen mental illness, but this retar s on a level so low, it actually larps back full circle and appears intelligent

but it's retardeed! I mean, look at what poo he posted today. EMBARRASSING

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Kek I still have my flowers though

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These faggots missed out on SNS right?

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bump for exposing the scammers

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you are right, this bort faggot also keeps fudding sns like crazy because adam pissed him off, rent free faggot

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Hope the trains gifted to pajeets through the innovation of the English eat every one of them.

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First funny IC thread since dragginz fags jeeted up the board and your gonna let it die? Shame on you gay niggers from outerspace.

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Is Raj B and TM behind shinjuku? I'm in law-school my friend got rugged hard, also soon to be lawyer. I promise you, fren, that I will rip these romanian cunts a new one after I finish law-school. ICPchads is next.

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Love Jordan xxx

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sup girl. how's the panda jpegs going

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The animals got new rooms from the money though
I'ma send RAJ there and cage him up to protect us all

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Kek what getting ghosted by a jeet does to a 10/10 tranny in bongland

>> No.56293609

getting ghosted what lol ?

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bort is a mental hospital fugitive that just talks to himself even when apparently talking to other person, too often starts unsolicited conversation attempts about himself and his string parsing work

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I have 1000s pissers.. What am I do?

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wait for the singularity scheduled for 3.3.33

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Poor Bort

What about Raj give me the run down on him

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Bort has a fucking wild ant farm in his bedroom, honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was an an escaped mental patient. What ever happened to icpchads btw? I think they kicked me a while ago or maybe it was just deleted, honestly I couldn’t stand any of the fags in there it was just complaining nft shilling and literal gay porn.

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which icpchad is behind shinjuku?

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Cope avax baggie you will never be link

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blackman made 6k from icypee (he dumped on 110k mc)
his girlfriend larryanon made 2k from his share
meanwhile geegz has made 1k and still has a 3% bag to dump on any new liquidity

actual state is: *under damage control* they want to kick everyone who is not part of their schemes so nothing gets vent out here, little they know i could be dejan itself, maybe i want to ease my mind from all the undiscriminated robbery and the lying we commited collectively

if will try to remember and dig deeper on all stuff that has happened there, anons who want's justice served >>56288740 >>56288749, Keep Around, i will keep posting information about these illegal curry shits, specialy on -puddin- 'the money' behind every serious raj operation

raj is a unironical jeet serial scammer who uses the same tactics as brokest apu, see: >>56288238 he's on retarded mode most of the time right now claiming he doesn't even know how to post on 4chan, his only tool is a team of dedicated europoors to shill anything his goddamed soul expells from his gay and used up loose anus, all further questions to raj will automatically be replied with a joke about how 'it's bearmarket', even he just made 5000 icp from his last venture and could do something to help his rugged community, he instead brags about how it helped to pay for his 1st home and larps as brit businessman

theguy on twitter (raj) and his designated team of baggies: tm, nosleep, benni jay, smaug and interracial VP, and more high melanated individuals

bort is ok he only pretends he is a dev

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Do you know which scammers are in the EU, easier to prosecute under MICA regulation.

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I have a picture of him, Raj is a literal indian nigger who looks just like a monkey, his face is all fucked up

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listen sir, please sir, just wait a moment.
i didn't meant to send that money sir, im going to lose my job sir.

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based. Expose these jeets

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Lol I hope he gets raped by a pack of wild niggers.

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unironically the most bullish thread on icp this year kudos raj

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fuck the fuds

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Larry banned me from icpchads for calling out Raj and his scams :(
They are scared of me because I actually make money and they don't


>> No.56299421

Imagine being dumb enough to believe this retarded larp

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Stay mad

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will you go out with me

>> No.56299530


Yes if you are not RAJ

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She fucks dogs mate, wrap it up

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What a great insult

>> No.56299861

i can fix her

>> No.56299873

cool. you can moderate my cock if you catch my drift

>> No.56299921


It's probably smaller than Raj's
I also don't moderate for less than 2k so you better pay me heh

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Kek. Sure we some prebiotic should be fine.

>> No.56299950

Oh nose another obese childless harpy talking about penis size. What will we do oh vey

>> No.56299970

its seven inches long and they call my Larry. I'm also trans by the way

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Brother, if you can expose. I promise I will serve justice in the literal sense for my biz bros. I'm graduating in 2026. Keep up the good work

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Larry banned me from icpchads :(

>> No.56300876

That's why Larry is kang

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Larry loves Raj
Therefore Larry needs to die

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all schizos are niggers but not all niggers are schizos

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Typical tranny

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I'm glad I sold ICP and made the wise decision to buy XTP. At least my losses from ICP have been offset by gains from my XTP holdings.

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reddit-famous serial scammer sandnigger-troon known as dejan made a thread: >>56305704

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any more leaks?

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you leave my fucking fren alone nigger, you're not even going to be wealthy enough to lick his boots in the near future.

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also, fuck Larry

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The faggot only holds 1 dkp

>> No.56310987

It was different when choi and augustin were still around. So sad.

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I am not behind alien coin,

Being banned as a draggin helper was the last straw. Peecharts is real.

Fuck Icp coins

Tendys is not a scam still up x3 from launch and tendys is gonna blackhole. We have locked licquidity!

>> No.56312706

get rekt fgt. TENDY is going to ZERO

>> No.56312712

you're copy pasting icpcoins but can't figure out how to relist your tendy shitcoin. you absolutely braindead piece of shit. can't stop laughing

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vp you can suck my uncircumcised penor. let's do another cuckhold video where i fuck your swiss-cow wife and i cum over her fertile bobs while you grab her hand with tenderness (sell tendy)

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yeah, he is fucked up, he hates life cause he was born with a harelip. fucking monster baka

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Icy Preet

>> No.56314960

enjoy your ban, you racist dickhead