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I’m starting to realize that chainlink is actually xrp 2.0…

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always has been.
there's a reason b2b alts always fail to do anything after the one cycle where they get pumped and dumped by retail.
businesses don't buy retail speculation tokens unless retail speculation is the only product being sold and they want to get a piece of it. they're not there to buy your bags, only to get you to buy theirs.

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Even the language they use is similar too
All these hype over some “products” that no one ever uses or needs that somehow in the future everyone will use?

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No way link ever gets back to its ath. Notice the media never touches it. This karp fishing board is the only place that even discusses it

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>Rank 5
>28.15B marketcap
I wish we were like Xrp. Link would've been $50 a pop.

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>Regularly on Bloomberg
>Regularly on CNBC
>Regularly on Yahoo Finance
>Regularly on NASDAQ
>Regularly on MSNBC
>Literally the ONLY crypto project with this kind of media presence

What exactly did anon mean by this?

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Remember a few weeks ago when some idiots here said there was a “media blackout” against link lol

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>NASDAQ tradetalks reporting LIVE from SmartCon by Chainlink

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it might see a new fiat high if and only if bitcoin makes a much bigger run than it did in the 2021 cycle. but even then we're still talking about two figures.

too many people in this baggie cult only held link and didn't even pay attention to what the rest of the market was doing.
if they had been the 2020 btc top would have made a lot more sense in the context of defi summer and would have been a very obvious sell signal there and then.
instead they thought their delusions were being validated by the market and held while those who knew what they were doing were selling everything.

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Not everyone is a trader, bro, it's much less stressful to just hold. I tried to swing half my LINK stack in 2019 and bought back in 24 hours later because the stress was killing me.

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you've got it backwards though. link stopped being something to invest in after the 2020 btc pico top, that was the universal exit for anyone not actively trading alts.
since then you can only make a case for trading breakouts or the range it's been in for the past year, you can't make a case for investing.

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Show me one Bloomberg article. The television appearance he made was mostly about the broad markets. He’s never appeared on cnbc, cnbc world is the C-list network that doesn’t feature high profile execs, unironically CZ and SBF appeared on CNBC with Deidre bosa and Kate Rooney all the time but never Sergey. Cz sent bnb from $2 to $250, show me the link pump

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You're all over the place, bro, calm down.

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lol source?