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very basic question: how much does it cost to send 10$ worth of ethereum?
google says 0.50$ but that seems too much. how much do you pay?

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a lot

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sounds about right at current prices and 16gwei: https://etherscan.io/gastracker
but gas prices often fall as low as 9 gwei currently, so if you are willing wait to wait several hours then you can send it for 20-30 cents.

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hmm, i thought theoretically, it should be astronomically cheaper than btc, due to short block times and proof of stake. btc is less than a dollar itself. how's this possible?

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i think it's quite cheap for an L1. if you need to transfer very often, then you should consider switching to an L2 where you can transfer for almost nothing.

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proof of stake and block times have nothing to do with transaction throughput or fees

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>i think it's quite cheap for an L1
Then you aren't thinking hard enough. Transacting on eth is silly expensive compared to other L1s.

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Why can’t it cost zero?

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If you want to send $10 cheaper use any of the cheap as shit ghostchains

Conversely it costs $0.50 to send $100k on eth and PayPal would skullfuck me for $3000 on that transaction if it's a purchase or send some glowies to kidnap me immediately if I marked it as a "gift"

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why would i ever send 10 dollars on eth mainnet u poor loser?

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It cost about $12 to send $10