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>US Debt Clock right now
lmfao you only had to listen. You had 10 years.
It's happening

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>all blank
We Did It Reddit. We balanced the debt

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let me guess, you think this is because of some Jewish conspiracy rather than an api issue that will be resolved soon

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Too late nigger cattle I'm on the kikes side now

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>memeing instead of understanding what's happening

>doesn't realize the federal reserve was removed from the debt clock and replaced with "USA Treasury Dollars"
>doesn't understand the implications of this.

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pic related, its a treasury note.

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>we just change the definition
>problem solved
LMAO the retardation of the so called west knows no bounds

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>thinking I care about goy cattle problems
Lol. Lmao. Quick turn on the TV and tell me what the big nose suit people are saying to fix your diabetes medicine prices

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Brainlet, with no concept of history of finance on the board dedicated to finance. Imagine my shock.

>Dismissal combo with offtopic argument starter
nice try. I hope whatever payment you receive is worth attempting to throw humanity in the woodchipper. You think they'd spare you if they won? Lmfao

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kek always knew he was a manlet

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Incoming wealth transfer in 3...2....

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>2 more weeks

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>spare you
I'm playing the long game. The resources to find me far exceeds the resources to burn your commieblock apartment down

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Not my problem. Go tax the browns and women some more.

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Schizos gonna schizo.

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>seething tranjans trying to derail
not gonna work!

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it's finally happening.. just two more weeks and the US economy will collapse

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This has to be a hack job, right? No way they'd throw a Trump quote at the bottom of this