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it's really annoying having to drink so much water every single day

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I was super depressed yesterday and don’t think I drank any water. I had a bowl of khao soi curry noodles though that probably kept me from dying

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Drink sparkling water or carbonated caffeinated water instead, try zevia.

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Shut the fuck up fatass. You should be drinking water instead of goylent green poison.

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What tickers to go long water?

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I ate some rice that was more than a day old and can't stop pissing out my ass, does that make me an honorary aryan?

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my nigga eat a watermelon

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This 8 glasses of water thing people believe is such a fucking meme. Lmao just drink some water if you feel thirsty nigga your body will tell you what it needs.

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If I don't force myself to drink extra water when I eat salty fast food I end up waking up dehydrated in the middle of the night.

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Guys what about a pill that makes you less thirsty so you don’t have to drink water as often?

I feel like this could be big?!?

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only if you have diabetes or kidney stones