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My wife told me today that I look "cuckable".
How do I make sure she gets zero cents from my 35 years of hard work? I rather burn everything in a bonfire.

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Be a man and tell her shes fuckin retarded seriously you cant be this stupid

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since youre ESL, maybe try an ethnic business forum since cuckolding is treated differently in different cultures.

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Tell her she looks "cheatable" and start banging whores

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you will give her everything and start over fresh with an underage asian gf. you'll either become an alcoholic and die early or a strong alpha man with mixed race weaboo kids. Choose wisely.

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hold her head in the toliet for about 10 seconds than lift up and ask her if she thinks you look cuckoldable still? if she says non call her a whore liar and hold her head in the toliet for another 10 seconds and do this about 3 4 times total before you stop. have her pack all her things after this (dont let her dry her toliet head off) and tell her to get out and go to her parents and you instantly call every lawyer in town and divorce her.

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You didn't sign a prenup?
It's over for you

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Why didn't you check her right fucking there?

You pseudo failed this shit test but there's still time. Go to her right now and ask her what the fuck she meant. Tell her in no uncertain terms you're not a fucking cuck and you don't appreciate being called one. The implication is you look like a weak bitch unfit to carry on his genes. If you let that shit slide your relationship is over bucko. Thats if she hasnt already stepped out and shes just feeling you out about it now.

Too late to get an A+ on this but you still have time for a B-. Maybe.

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Every male I know with an Asian wife or gf is beta af. I can't understand how they get a wife from one of the poorest regions in the world and still get bossed around by her and pay a shitload of money monthly to their family. Serious I would rather stay single

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Smart, anon. Give her something she can use to demolish you in court, then take her to court.

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This has to be a fucking bait thread, right?
OP post your jawline

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don't listen to this guy. Op should buy her flowers and ask nicely to eat her pussy instead

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You already got cucked before it began

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Listen to this guy but instead of asking it as a question demand it.

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Put it in crypto obviously

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>My wife told me today that I look "cuckable"
>My wife

i hope for your sake this is a larp. otherwise its too late anon. sorry for your loss.

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^this, but take a dump in the toilet first

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Very kek lmao my ass off

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Get a black queen baddie and rizz her up infront of her

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you can always set her up to sue her and win the lion's share in the divorce. it's a good plan if you want to start a business, I'm getting it ready to go back to SORA (now I can see why boomers hate their wives)

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stomp on her belly wwhile she sleeps so she cannot make more muttspawn

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all white men are cuckable

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every unmarried Chud always says this online.
in the real world, prenups cost over $100K.
Do you have an extra $100K to spend before you get married? It's not realistic and you are obviously single and will die alone. Make it happen sooner rather than later.

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Why are they so much

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lots of billable hours writing one

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Sign over all of your assets to your mom or someone.

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It doesn't cost 100k, I'm not single and you will die sooner than me you fat fuck 4chan incel

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go back

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They're not, it costs less than $1000 on average. I know middle class couples that have signed one

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Every nignog and spic is cuckable because they're braindead retarded. It's easier to cuck retards because they're too dumb to realize what's going on. Then when they finally realize they go postal and end up in prison kek. Why do you think the black community is so broken? Because nigger women are huge sluts cucking their nigger husbands constantly.

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Look into Monero

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It's you who needs to go back to your discord troon hideout.

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this post gave me a boner

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>My wife told me today that I look "cuckable".
Best case scenario is that it's a response to your browsing history and was intended to be foreplay.
Worst case she intends to cheat in front of you instead of behind your back.

Install as many cameras, tracking etc. as possible without her noticing.

Main question is what your direct response was, anything other than asserting dominance would be a negative.
Unless she knows you're into this type of porn take preparing for divorce seriously. >>56246325

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Other interesting options for stuff like real-estate include giving parents and siblings permanent rights as "tenants" to use the property free of charge for eternity.
Options depend on local law, but it basically makes a property worthless when someone wants to sell it.

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>start spending a lot of time in the casino
>take out cash from atms near it and stash it somewhere safe
>drain the funds entirely as the divorce rape approaches
>join a gambling support group
>when it comes time to split the assets tell the sad sad story of how you lost it all chasing losses

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jannies tongue my lily white anus and Nyan Cat Money will be a top 100 coin in 3 years and you unbelieving faggots will fomo the top...#1

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Dude just did this to my wife for no reason and now she's balling her eyes out. They won't be able to tell she's crying though since her face is full of shit

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Jannies have tongued my anus 71 times.

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Kek this
But also dump her how do you take disrespect bro…

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Currynigger posts

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Rick has warned you but you didn't listen.


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Pretty based tbqh.

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A simple coincidence goy, nothing more.

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This, you could probably do the soap in a sock treatment and beat the shit out of her as well. It will probably make her wet desu senpai. Assuming no LARP it’s probably already over for you. You should have grabbed her by the throat immediately and pinned her against the wall and asked her to repeat what she said with a look in your eyes that shows you mean business but I doubt you have the balls to do so. Women are like dogs sometimes they need a firm reminder who runs the show or they’ll shit all over your domain.

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Did that make you cry?