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before you say 1k look me in the eye and tell me youre not selling if this hits $200. I dont believe you

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The predictable 4 year pump and dump cycle is not going to last forever. Many will sell early thinking they are smarter than the rest of the herd only to find that they are now priced out of what is literally a new paradigm.

I will add that this strange period of the past couple of years is the opportunity of a century. On one hand institutional adoption has never been more imminent than now. On the other hand Link has never seen a more severe bear market when you take into consideration the price performance vs fundamentals. This is the time period in which weak minds have capitulated due to being gaslit by the markets. In hindsight it will appear to be the most obvious investment opportunity that has ever existed. Never sell link

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I would sell a small chunk at $200 I'll admit, but not the whole shebang or even close.

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If it hits ATH again I will sell

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I'll sell my first year of staking rewards at $100

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I'll sell whenever I see the top of bubble signs. Well, I'll sell some, there's an amount I'll liyterwly never sell.

Frankly it depend on how much you got

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Why is it pumping?

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did you just wake up for a 5 year coma?

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My target is $150. Going to reconsider my target at $50 and $100, meaning I might sell earlier. I need to quit my job and would rather lock in profits. Burger tax is the worst so that also skews my decision. I need to hold for a year to get a better rate.

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I’ll look you in the eye while whispering you sweet nothings.

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>Burger tax is the worst so that also skews my decision
I have to pay 1/3 its annoying af

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At $200, I will have made over $50k for staking my Links for 9 months (so extrapolate that to $60k per year). Plus my millions of dollars in principal holdings. I might consider selling my staking rewards at $200, sure, why not?

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My post is now a pasta it seems. My average is $22 and I only have 850 linkies plus staking rewards kek.

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>sell your link
you still don't get it

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Buy borrow die senpai

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I will always keep 1k to sell at 1k, but I'll probably try to time the top this run now that ove experienced the entirety of a bear market holding. Before the board floods with a new wave of newfags what are our expected price points to hit? We would have easily cleared 100 last run had it not been for the boomer remover cleaning house.

I'm thinking we hit around 200 and then 20 is the new 5

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$10 tired of holding this underperforming shitcoin. Im going back to the only crypto that matters, BTC

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I only have a small stack so I won't consider selling until it's life changing money
But really my plan is to stake forever and sell the rewards only as necessary

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This. I'm never selling. I'm going to live off my staking rewards. If you sell you're ngmi.

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I've already started selling. I sell 1.25% more than my previous sell every 2.25% increase in price starting at $7.82 until ~$150.

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>crypto is going to crash 90% every 4 years for the rest of eternity

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What previous bullrun taught me is that none of the price predictions on this board matter.

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at $100 I'll have $10 million. That's probably enough for me.

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200-250 seems like a likely top for me as well.

if we pump brutally we will dump brutally

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>if we pump brutally we will dump brutally

The reason previous bullruns ended up retracing 90% is because all the hype turned out to be nothing more than hype. Bitcoin sounded great at first but it doesn't work as a currency in practicality. Ethereum was a good idea but again, the only thing you can do with it is shuffle shitcoins around albeit trustlessly.

Chainlink fulfulls the promise of Web3 and cryptographic truth. The hype is real. There will not be 90% correction I can tell you that. For those of you who plan to swing some or all of your Link, start DCAing after a 50% retracement from whatever ATH it reaches. Don't get greedy waiting for the 90% drop which will never come.

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There will be a correction because people will sell and the higher it goes the less people will buy.

Google, Amazon, Nvidia are all very legit and delivered everything and more but they suffered many corrections after pumping big.
If we make a x100 in a year for exemple, which isn't unheard of, we WILL dump.

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You’re forgetting one crucial fact. The token is needed

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I have 500. If we reach those prices I’m selling half to pay off my car and student loans. I’m about $50K in debt. Do with this info what you will.

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So is the amazon stock, what's your point? IF we pump hard 2017 XRP style we WILL go down hard as well

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You still don’t even understand Link

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It's just market forces, nothing to do with token utility. It's like gravity.

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>So is the amazon stock
What the fuck are you talking about?

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hell i sold at $30 last year and rebought at a $7 average so if an obvious as fuck setup like that comes again i will sell and rebuy
but long-term i will never not hold at least 10k link

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and that was due to the massive macro headwinds i saw on the horizon, i dont trade short term. we're probably through most of the macro bullshit for awhile so i plan to hold at least another 5+ years

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We’re not going past $150 this run.

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>look it’s not going past $150 because… look it just won’t ok?
You’re as retarded as linkies yelling $1k eoy. Truth is, no one fucking know what will happen.

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I'm never selling my OG bags, I'll sell my staking rewards yearly for taxual reasons

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No! It can’t be!

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>He didnt plan ahead over a year ago and keep a huge chunk of Link to reach long term hold taxrate.


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Bro, it's on you. Why not snag some QANX? It's been straight green this year, plus they just threw Librescan into their stack of USPs. You're missing out, man

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I'm going to have roughly 1k link in staking rewards well before we hit any sort of top this cycle, assuming link doesn't break the cycle anyways. So probably that, if I decide to sell. That's the funny thing, OG's will all have anywhere from 1k to like 10k in staking rewards just this cycle alone, nobody has to actually consider selling their stack anymore besides tourists who didn't catch on, didn't realize the fud was all bullshit, and only managed to accumulate a triple digit stack.

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When am I selling my $KAVA you ask? Why thank you for asking, I'm planning to sell at $2 dollars and walk away with massive profits. See, I'm not a fucking idiot thinking my alt of choice is going to break $1000, like LINK, which can't even hold $8 properly for long. This is called being a grown adult.

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Sold half my bag already for RAIL.
Based move

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Never selling, I'll just add Supra to my list.

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>Many will sell early thinking they are smarter than the rest of the herd

Pre-covid in the old world I would have sold early. But it literally doesn’t matter now. 80% of America is jabbed with the covid vaccine poison. After 7 P.M. nobody is outside having fun. No BBQ’s. No kids running around. It’s literally like being in an eastern bloc communist country in America now where everyone is inside and it’s like they are hiding for something. If Link god candles to $1,000 EOY I literally won’t care because everything is irrevocably fucked. 5 years ago I would have walked into oncoming traffic and jerked off in the street giving cars at a red light a shit after link were to shoot up to $1,000 EOY. Now? I’ll probably just go to bed early.

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Imagine selling a goose that lays golden eggs for pennies

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You mean a duck, a whole row of them.

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I can sell half my stack for $200, by a millionaire and still have enough left over for staking and holding that I can make nolinkies seethe forever which is worth a million dollars to me

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I have 9k, 7k of that perma-staked. I will sell 2k between $150 and $200 so I can buy a house.

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Never this is the foundation of my dynasty

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jannies tongue my lily white anus and Nyan Cat Money will be a top 100 coin in 3 years and you unbelieving faggots will fomo the top...#1

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Jannies have tongued my anus 64 times.

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Some hopium but I still believe in Oracles so I will rather look on new and more reliable oracles with faster Feeds for smart contracts.

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Jannies have tongued my anus 111 times.

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>still thinks chainlink is just a price oracle
oh my sweet pajeet

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smart contracts are 10 years away from world utilization, so there will be other -90% from the top

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1000 link at $500 just so I can get the fuck out of my parents basement and buy a decent apartment, car, and furnishings

maybe another 1000 at $1.5k or 2k so i can get really comfy and be an affluent NEET

everything else, holding to 10k+

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Are you telling me it is not just a front-end for jabber?!?!

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>implying I’m going to sell
Deflationary pressure is only going to increase in the future, anyone who can’t see that now is willfully ignorant. I’m only a 3k linklet but in the coming bull run I’ll sell all of my other bags and let my linkies accumulate. In a few years I may sell some of my staking rewards but never going to unload all of my link. If it hits 1K I may sell half of my stack but that sounds like a bad decision desu. I’d rather have 5% yield forever.

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It’s not about a number it’s about selling when the weekly candles start going crazy.

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you would be lucky to be able to sell this useless token for $15 a piece

kys linky

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>Deflationary pressure is only going to increase in the future
why? Also which indicator could work out as top indicator?

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It’s about the fundamentals. Staking is going to lock up increasing amounts of the token and major financial institutions are in on it. It’s not even schizo territory at this point, it’s out in the open. The only question is how long it will take. Could still be several years but it’s happening. Buying at these prices is an incredible opportunity.

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Keep holding, we are closer the pump anon.

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Sold it off for RAIL, no regrets.

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Blockchain is making life easy. It offers individuals greater control over their data, ensuring privacy and security while enabling easy access to health records. This technology enhances efficiency, interoperability, and patient empowerment in healthcare.

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I'm holding RAIL, smart choice.