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Go advertise somewhere else

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Thanks OP.
And fuck bankless mev mafia faggot cucks.

Still gonna watch, just for my main man Sirgay Nazarev

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kek knew marines would deliver this

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Never understood why Sergey bothers with these cucks from Ethereum. They've all hated on him for years - Vitalik included.

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This is piracy. Do not watch this video if it is not available to you through a legitimate source.

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make it a LINK smart contract or shut up and take it

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You figured it out. The meth faggots fucked up everything. Their retardation and unfunny socialist clown show destroyed the crypto ponzi and now they desperately desperately try to rebuild bottom up legitimacy

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Haha Sergey's reaction and "we are very far ahead".

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It’s so over for fudfags

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>early into the interview sergey starts talking about making the world a better place and God radiates light upon him

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Priceless. And the Bankless boy on the left didn't even know Chainlink was not a singular oracle network, but rather a protocol for composing a network of a limitless number of oracle networks, each with its own specific function. We are so far ahead of the game, anons.

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watching this interview, its crazy just how little prep the bankless interviewers did going into this.

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"no way" hahahah. we become bankless even without understanding banking bojs

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I don't know if I have ever heard Sergey come across so assertive, confidant, and dominant in an interview before. Holy based

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He genuinely hates them. You can tell

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I have never seen him so annoyed haha, just goes to show the iq of most chumps in this "space".

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>we brought the biggest banks in the world to blockchains while you weren't looking, it is live in production

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what a fucking unprofessional joke. congrats on minor success, it's all you'll get with this hack. sick of this shit, just sold my stack

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just 2 minutes in and they're already squirming
would love to see a body language expert analyze their behavior here

>akshually it's the first time ever we have sirgay on after 6 years, which is interesting umm... maybe there's a hidden backstory here but we wont get into
>full disclosure: we do not own any of the relevant investment vehicle related to this podcast (ticker LINK) so yeah ummmm this is why we seem deranged and unhinged (but we wont tell you we're invested in competitors with the other vc tranny mafia)

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BASED thank you was waiting for someone to post this. Funny how these guys cuck their own listeners with this early access paywall kek, they just can't help themselves

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also hilarious seeing cucks calling themselves bankLESS now having to shill for the banking conglomerate coming on-chain
can you believe the bank cartel ended up being the most honest cleansing participants vs the """crypto native""" grifters and mev villains being the absolute shitstain parasites of the whole space?

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how much did sergey par for these pigs to betray eth?

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crypto is the wild west, which is also good because it makes it more robust in the long run

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I can't believe those brainlets are some kind of authority in the market. No wonder LINK is still not even top 10.

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This market is tarded. The meth mafia retards thought the best way to scam is keeping the suckers stupid. That might work at 0% interest rates with helicopter money when the tards have money in their pockets to spend. It doesn't work if those two pre-requirements aren't given

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rebrand to B A N K Y E S when?

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YASSSSS Thank you King!

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>Did you just say QUADrillions??

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seeing sergey talk with such authority makes me rock hard

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top kek i only just got to that part and came right back to the thread. this interview gon be good

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It's nice to see Sergey getting recognized on a big platform like Bankless but the hosts are massive faggots. I'm an ETH maxi but there's no way I can watch this for 1 hour.

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whats even more funny is seeing those smug idiots realizing they slept on chainlink big time

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They did a good interview with Chainlink God like 2 years ago but then they went mostly silent on LINK since then; only mentioning fans and memes from 4chan every now and then.

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>sirgay goes on a rant explaining oracles aren't just price data but do everything blockchains cant do because they're useless otherwise
>18:00: (six fucking years later) akshually we never went down the oracle rabbit down, but uhh maybe this is a rabbit hole we should go down

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Wow. These two retards had no idea what they are in for. And you can see the jew on the right try to wrap his head around everything Sergay is saying while still trying to maintain his idea that other "oracle" services are still relevant.

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six fucking years and they're only now starting to realize what biz realized on day 1
sirgay's face throughout
imagine him having to deal with this level of ignorance and bad faith from these """expert""" bad actors vc fucks on a daily basis

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i can't even believe he said that outloud

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>sirgay, chainlink isn't one network, it's a network of networks, is that correct?
>it's absolutely not one network, we have thousands of networks that can scale in parallel and more secure
>wow....... and each has a specific function??
>YES, we're akshually doing decentralized validation as a service, do you get it yet????? while you jerk offs thumbed your asses shilling copy pasted defi forks we were actually building a massive monopoly under your nose, do you get it yet idiots

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sensing a bit of anger from you my man

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>do you get how netflix or uber operate? they rely on thousands of services. akshually our end goal with chainlink is to launch MILLIONS of services
holy shit this video is so great, sirgay's pitch is like the wet dream of any vc, he's so clearly maturing into the main leader of the whole space swinging his big oracle dick around BUT they cant invest into it for pennies HAHAHA

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kek it's so fucking embarrassing it's unreal. I don't follow crypto news (except /biz/) but is this really the level of vision that people have for the space? Did they really think the whole fucking world would run on ETH or some shit? Or that banks would be forced to funnel their assets onto something fucking retarded like ADA? How could you possibly think that? It's mind blowing to me that the fact that chainlink is necessary to make blockchains/smartcontracts "work" is mind blowing to THEM. Like how the fuck did they think it was going to work otherwise?

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I just got to this bit. The fucking state of these retards. You can pinpoint the second Sergey just thought
>Wtf am I doing with these retards? I have a world to conquer

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just wait until the year 2077 when these cucks find out that sergey is the reincarnation of pythagoras. its going to be hilarious

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>how do demand and supply sides come to consensus on the format of the data etc?
>we're gonna be announcing some exciting things about how that works in a more automated and scalable way at smartcon, the answer will basically be a dynamic automated marketplace, we're reached the point where we can make that

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You can see the smile on Sergey's face when he name drops Ari, yknow the chief scientist at RSA and now the same role at lil' ol' chainlink, and how they built this new method of consensus together. im only 30 minutes in and this is absolute gold.

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Meth fucked crapto. It transformed it into clown show run by an incompetent clown mafia that exposed the entire scam and made everyone lose trust in the ponzi

This is the meth mafias desperate attempt to rebuild bottom up legitimacy that won't come back. Crapto is dead for the next decade, at least until all buttcorn miners went bankrupt and the meth clown mafia too

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Just finished watching the entire thing.
The most infuriating part is Sergey telling them like 4 times that the banks just arrived with CCIP and they are still talking about it in an hypothetical way.
They don't even understand what just happened.

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They are just advertisers and you are posting in an advertising thread taking their desperate desperate advertising serious

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>hoffman: so you're saying you basically are an aggregate frontend like zapper (what?) and want ccip to be the interface for banks to interact with defi, but what's the point when they can just use ethereum with metamask?
>sirgay: let me explain, I wanna be clear, you're describing a frontend, we're not that, i don't know what zapper is but we're nothing like that, ccip is a VERY low level protocol

unbelievable, holy shit, how can he be so thick

>btw what we're doing with anz, they have over 1T in asset, think of one bank as one wallet, with over 1T, which is more than our entire industry btw, and there are 1000s of banks like them, just to be clear about what we're saying, do you understand they use their own existing infrastructure and swift messages and thousands of employees already doing things a certain, and they're not gonna train everyone to use metamask? well we allow them to interact with their existing infra and swift messages and their own private chains, not only ethereum, and what ccip also does is it triggers functions and can add various data/services to enrich complex use cases, all from the bank backend, and we have condensed dozens of convoluted cross chain transactions in one single step

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holy shit he literally said the token is not needed wtf?! it's so over

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>uh yeah i still don't get it, but we've had no talent vc retards come on the podcast doing some retarded jerk off thing about """intent""", that sounds like what you're describing, right?
>no. (with the smugest smile) we're far ahead. we're VERY far ahead. we're not about "intent", we're about Execution

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this was so based, he didn't even let him finish his sentence, completely bitched him out

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absolute kino moment

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imo sergey dropped the ball a bit here, he clearly doesnt know what (((intents))) really are meant to be, which is a user revealing what they want and getting some mev refunded if they want

banks are still gonna get mevved to hell if ccip into ethereum

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that's why they won't use Ethereum, they will use kaspa
yes, kaspa has solved the mev problem
in about a year or so you will believe me

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Fucking spot on
A project like CL has open runway to absolutely clean house of this fucking bush league industry
Met him just now and his demeanor is evolved from all the media I've seen previously involving him
Man's here to take the brass ring

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Same. Dumped all my Bankless tokens and bought 100k LINK.

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This was actually an extremely informative interview. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what I'm dumping $500 into every week.

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>o you're saying you basically are an aggregate frontend like zapper (what?) and want ccip to be the interface for banks to interact with defi, but what's the point when they can just use ethereum with metamask?
>>sirgay: let me explain, I wanna be clear, you're describing a frontend, we're not that, i don't know what zapper is but we're nothing like that, ccip is a VERY low level protocol
was coming here to post about this, these guys are fuccboi retards and I hate that so much of crypto/web3 is the worst, most boring and uncreative losers with confirmation bias of any field or industry hiding behind the nascent nature of the technology so outsiders don't immediately identify them as charlatans

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Hoffman played the role of Brooke Shields here. Imagine being on a 100 minute long podcast and having everything you say smacked down immediately hahaha

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Sergey says that he is bullish on a lot of DeFi protocols which will get massive inflows from TradFi once the floodgates open. Which ones are they?

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Synthetix and GMX

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Chainlink has already solved this with FSS. What other MEV attacks will they do? You have to understand, whatever you think you know, the chainlink team is 10 steps ahead of you. That is one thing I've come to accept. I'm a retard and I don't delude myself into thinking I'm smarter than I am just because I came across Chainlink early. Following their lead has been my way of getting ahead of this space and making lots of money, but I don't delude myself into thinking I know more than they do or that I've considered problems they haven't.

I didn't know what an oracle was in 2017, thanks to Chainlink, I knew what it was before these retards in the podcast. I didn't know what MEV was, Ari Juels invented it and also has been inventing solutions to it. I never considered something like CCIP until Sergey announced it at smartcon 2 years ago (or whenever that was, it all blurs together). I long ago stopped pretending I have any idea what is actually going on behind the scenes. I never considered a decentralized data marketplace, but that is being announced this week.

You should stop pretending you know more than these guys.

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At about 23:50 what country/places is he talking about in regards to crop insurance. I assume he means the third world?

>> No.56242073

He's talking about African shitholes. Have you not seen all the pictures of Ugandans wearing chainlink shirts?

>> No.56242078

AAVE is the only one that I would say is guaranteed. Tons of institutional pilots on AAVE already.
SNX as the other anon said is another decent bet but I don't think GMX is because the devs are anon.

>> No.56242110

icp is solving eth's mev problem with vetKeys

>> No.56242121

ICP not needed Chainlink solves everything

>> No.56242145

Aave is the best lending/borrowing defi but betting on it is like betting on one little piece of chainlink, it’s for people that don’t know better

>> No.56242159

I thought they just worked on sergey's plantation he uses to make his shirts.

>> No.56242163

icp is centralized, of course there's no mev
fss is not live and never will be, Ari's ideas are flawed

>> No.56242192

lol these brainkless dudes have no clue
there is like 1,000 people in the whole world who understand the important of ccip sending assets plus messages

>> No.56242217

>icp is centralized, of course there's no mev
it's going to solve it ON eth with chain key and vetKeys retard

>> No.56242290

yeah many have "solved" mev by acting as a centralized arbitrator

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Aave and Synthetix are the only ones Sergey namedrops during that interview.

And even Synthetix have had it's own sidesteps with Pyth and other shit why Chainlink chose to deploy Low Latency Oracles with their competitor GMX.

So Aave is the only one which has been loyal from the start. And they are integrating the whole Chainlink service stack as we speak.


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flawed in what way?

>> No.56242399

Also, I believe banks will have the resources to run their own MEV-resistant RPC providers, special nodes, bla bla, etc etc (that is, if they want to interact with Ethereum). I don't really view Ethereum as necessarily having the brightest future.

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how much do you plan to stake long term vs how much will you sell in 24-25?

>> No.56242498

I'm reading these green texts from anons in both absolute sheer fucking disbelief but also a of fucking course they are this dense. Can't wait to get home to watch the video. Theres no way they suggested banks USE METAMASK what the fuck am I reading

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Go over to an xrp thread. They literally think it’s a battle between which blockchain is fastest and has the most partnerships. Ford was right when he said if he had asked the consumer what they wanted they would have said “faster horses”. I guess I can have a little sympathy because anyone who actually thought about the implications of a fully integrated multichain world is necessarily a linky since link is the only project working that far ahead.

It’s not about mev or ccip or even dtcc tokenizing its financial instruments. In the future every transaction will be a snartcontract and every snartcontract will be validated by link. Which means that link takes a piece of every global transaction, whether it be weather data fed from an api from your diy barometer on your roof, or a credit default swap worth billions, or a McDonald’s pay cheque. You have to be a little crazy to envision such a world.

>> No.56242579

There’s one in particular, it’s not launched yet, because it’s CCIP native. Easily found if you go with this info.

>> No.56242640

Yup African, Indian and South American countries. Sergey in his past talks and interviews was a big bull on decentralized insurance. He specifically name dropped Etherisc a lot of times, maybe something to look into since its very cheap.

>> No.56242641

If you're staking LINK you will find that out when you receive your BUILD token rewards.

>> No.56242652

Is the AAVE coin actually a good investment though. I've used their services before but never really interacted with the token. Is it just one of those gov tokens that have no other uses besides voting power?

>> No.56242697

This just goes to show how literally 99% of people IN the crypto market don't understand what Chainlink is or what it does, let alone anyone outside the crypto market.

I mean all these bankless fags do is talk about crypto and make crypto content every day and yet they look and sound like crayon eating tards when Sergey explains to them how a decentralized oracle network operates. Now think of the general retail, let alone a standard person on the street. We are all unironically far too early for our own good lmao

>> No.56242731

These two clueless faggots are unlistenable.

"So what you're saying is this is like zapper?"

Fucking hell.

>> No.56242742

>Communist China International Party

>> No.56242788

Do you prefer his Thanos thumb snapping analogy?

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>no way

>we're aiming to become the largest global liquidity layer across public and private chains

>can u explain whats the dtcc??
>they're like the fed for securities and manage quadrillions
>did you just say QUADRILLIONS??!!
>yes quadrillions, that's what i keep trying to explain, i'm not here just to bring in another measly trillion, i'm here to drag this entire scam space dragging and kicking into adulthood whether you like it or not

>but that seems complicated for them, so you'd have to make it easier...?
>................... ABSOLUTELY. That's what we're doing and what I've been saying for the past hour

>level 5 is when we have multiple networks running in parallel and multiple different dons doing the cross chain stuff because we aim to be endlessly scalable instead of layer 2 layer 3 layer 4 nonsense
>...sounds like one of vitalik's sharts?
>yeah no


he's grown so much in confidence it's unreal
idk how anyone can watch this itw and 1. not go all in 2. not realize how out of their depth these two are

>> No.56242801

checked based thank you anon. will listen to later while fast forwarding anytime sergey is not speaking

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lol seething

>> No.56242818

Bros... is he...? No, I cannot be.

>> No.56242823

anons how much do you plan to stake long term vs how much % will you sell in 24-25?

>> No.56242835

>we're aiming to become the largest global liquidity layer across public and private chains

In the old days he would’ve just thought that. I could almost see Eric Schmidt sitting on his shoulder saying “is there any reason you can’t just announce that to your audience?”

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I think a lot of the original guys are going to take profits to an extent when jet thresholds like 100 are hit. At least with the expectation to swing. A lot of people who held at 50 are kicking themselves. But it’ll be different for everyone and depend on how lucrative staking is. If a sui stack can earn 40k a year, why sell it? Everyone who held from the beginning knows what they’re holding. Why not just wait a few years more?

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Holy shit

>> No.56242934

He might as well have been speaking in Swahili or clicks and burps because these two faggots couldn't understand a single word coming out of his mouth.

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>kind of feels like a shard
Utterly embarrassing.

>> No.56242951

Never selling.

>> No.56242959

>so you're saying it's like zapper?
>so you're saying it's like uniswap x?
>so you're saying it's like shards?
glasses guy at least tried to engage with sirgay but hoffman has terminal brainrot

>> No.56242960

Absolutely blessed

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>> No.56242986

>while you jerk offs thumbed your asses shilling copy pasted defi forks we were actually building a massive monopoly under your nose, do you get it yet idiots

I stood up and clapped at this part.

>> No.56242996

I kinda wanted to know what he meant by intent tho

>> No.56243007

Agreed that Sergey's response to the question sounds like he hasn't heard of an "intent" in the blockchain sense before. However CCIP for the large part will not really interact with intents in any way. Swift/banks have no need to craft smart contracts using blockchain languages, the point of CCIP is that they will be able to communicate with chains/smart contracts using the swift messaging standards they already use and are comfortable with, intents are pretty much obsolete. Even though he didn't know what they are, he was completely correct to to say that they are way past that as intents are a solution to a problem that doesn't exist under CCIP kek

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Okay I'm convinced.
Dumped all my ETH into LINK for about 110k~ link tokens.
I better not get burned.

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"Did you just say quadrillion!?"

>> No.56243145

Time stamp?

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Kek baggies
>September 4, 2020:
LINK: $12.50
BTC: $10,434
ETH: $388
BNB: $20.62
XRP: $0.23
ADA: $0.08
DOGE: $0.002
SOL: $2.71
TRX: $0.03
MATIC: $0.01

>September 4, 2023:
LINK: $5.96
BTC: $25,743
ETH: $1,623
BNB: $214.45
XRP: $0.50
ADA: $0.25
DOGE: $0.063
SOL: $19.36
TRX: $0.07
MATIC: $0.55

>> No.56243259

Jesus christ these goobers have no clue about the technology or financial infrastucture that they are supposed to explain to their listeners. If this is one of the largest podcasts in crypto, no wonder the top 20 is filled with shit scam products without usecase or scalability.

The faces of realization (or false realization) are priceless. How could they not know about the most important creation in the industry. CCIP is the largest leap after the creation of BTC and ETH, and unlocks way more possibilities than either.

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Bankless is VC owned. You could interpret this episode as the dominant wing of the VC industrial crypto complex throwing in the towl and now the only fudders left are the ones who haven't yet realized the bi-weekly rupee faucet just dried up.

VCs are already bending the knee. CCIP is imminent. All their retarded layer zero scams and redundant layer ones are as dead as fried chicken, it's over for them.


>> No.56243385

>the technology or financial infrastucture that they are supposed to explain to their listeners
These guys are complete and utter amateurs. Their podcast is essentially a niche crypto marketing tool. I can't wait till the industry matures and real professionals take over to make faggots like them irrelevant.

>> No.56243403


Holy shit this video is the epitome of spoon feeding normie retail. They really might have finally flipped the switch.

Listen to the talking points the guy with glasses mentions as an intro. Hilarious

>> No.56243407

>price $8

>> No.56243414

I honestly wonder what made them wait so long, was it really the Reddit fudding, the racist frog association? insane.

>> No.56243415

Holy shit is this seriously real
I knew I didn’t like this guy but he is a full blown retard

>> No.56243420

ahhahahah fuck im an hour in and fuck hes fired up because you just know he knows who hes dealing with. certainly a few people will finally get alarm bells ringing once they watch this.

>> No.56243433


>> No.56243436

>I honestly wonder what made them wait so long

Idk the exact scope and seriousness of the relationship but Bankless is obviously in bed with Chainlink's competitors. The other cross chain solutions Layer Zero and the like. MEV Mafia too.

>> No.56243440

Motherfuck Sirgay is not mincing words anymore kek

>> No.56243447

6 years is an very small timeframe to completely change global finance

>> No.56243457

They are but Ryan is farm from stupid, it might have just been to please David. This guy seems very easy to buy off or manipulate.


>> No.56243479
File: 72 KB, 633x724, 1596910303316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56243500

>They are but Ryan is farm from stupid,

Not a fan of either of those guys but I agree they are clearly successful and it was probably strictly business/money motivated that they didn't acknowledge Chainlink until now.

>> No.56243601

wtf I thought the guy on the left was Ari. he looks just like him

>> No.56243646
File: 347 KB, 500x500, 1515635171460.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So, we're kind of just coming together to create a set of global standards that can allow the world's banks to transact on blockchains. That's what's happening with SWIFT.

>> No.56243717

Literally keked for minutes when this happened

>> No.56243740

This whole thing was just a filter for high iq anons with great imagination, that’s why we keep saying we were chosen. My estimation of mankind's intelligence has fucken plummeted

>> No.56243795

To be fair the US prints off chuck-e-cheese tokens, false flags themselves and fakes elections. It's all retarded. So like, how the fuck else could it work? Some magical company that (((verifies))) ownership on a national scale could work just as well

>> No.56243799

lol, they will play scenes from this interview on the news in the aftermath of sergey getting dragged out of his million dollar home in handcuffs

>> No.56243849

That is actually how it works. The dtcc is the sole owner and curator of all stock certificates. When you “buy” a stock it’s more like leading it from a legal standpoint. It’s entirely centralized and accounted for by the dtcc.

>> No.56243852

Incredible, right?

>> No.56243873

jesus fucking christ

>> No.56243891

do you really think sergey didn't understand what he was being asked lmao? it was a dumb question and he got bitched out for asking it, sergey was tired of his shit

>> No.56244143

On the bright side all of the members of bankless have addresses and families.

>> No.56244159

holy fuck

>> No.56244221

No more sergey, no more of this

>> No.56244257

At first I thought some of the interview was them playing dumb maybe and they actually had massive link stacks, and were in on the suppression with the VC's. But after seeing this... no, I actually believe they are that dumb, and they hold no link. Amazing.

>> No.56244264

I think Sergey is a very rational and wise individual, and refrained from getting too ahead of himself with overt confidence prior to the completion of the innovations, particularly CCIP, that will be the driver of Chainlink achieving it's goal as the global liquidity layer. Now that the pieces are falling into place and the technology is here to allow for the take off phase to occur, Sergey gives himself the right to swing his big dick around to clowns like these.

>> No.56244312

underpromise, overdeliver

>> No.56244367
File: 624 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20231001-000427_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good read

>> No.56244395
File: 399 KB, 842x960, 1597262760015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah. he might be a massive faggot but at least he also sees how inorganic these avax leeches are and understands the marines are a different breed

>> No.56244515

>ok, so now let' s assume that we have the technical hurdle, uh complete, and im sure there is a ton of work still to do on the ccip road map
no man, its already here, its done, the banks are here, hello

>> No.56244590

I swore they owned link the whole time.

>> No.56244646

I have always hated these “Bankless” faggots with a burning passion. It just disgusts me that people who are so fucking retarded are recognized so authoritatively in this retarded industry. It really explains why we’ve been stuck in a clown market for years when you’ve got these faggots influencing other faggots. They deserve to be wiped out and lose everything for being the snakes they are. But their stupidity is the thing I find the most offensive, every time they open their mouth I just wish someone would shoot them so that I don’t have to hear their bullshit hitting my ears.

>> No.56244651


Honestly its interesting that he simultaneously seems to get it, but also not get it. Yes, frogs can and will be co-opted, and yes, shitcoins do it all the time. But the frog was never the point in the first place. Pepe emerged as an organic response to reddit co-opting and ruining memes like troll and rage faces. The well of pepe was then poisoned via racist and offensive imagery to keep them out, and it largely worked for a while, although its been less effective as the years have gone by, and he's largely been replaced by varying types of chud, wojack, and soi memes, which themselves will be replaced as they get co-opted. The strength was never the singular meme, but the ability of a small group of people to identify organic belief in some sort of idea.

For the same reason, shitcoins adopting pepe isn't an issue, because this has largely been identified years ago, and anyone who hasn't realized it, isn't really from "here" to begin with. Its why chainlink (besides twitter faggots, who are always laggards to begin with) has largely stepped away from pepe imagery, with most sergey memes having a far more esoteric theme post 2019.

tl;dr his entire explanation screams 100-120 IQ, which is just the sort of group you expect to miss chainlink. And support garbage like BLM.

>> No.56245128

I think it’s the fact that CCIP is finally becoming a real thing and, long story short, these parasites are on borrowed time. Up until now the crypto industry was driven by retarded narratives where people got all excited about new L1s and they all thought THIS was going to be the one that solves all the problems and everyone is gonna do everything on THIS layer 1. That’s obviously what the dumb money was thinking. In reality VC kikes have been orchestrating these scams and making a shit load of money off of dumb money.

VC kikes are in a dilemma. CCIP is a paradigm shift and completely trivializes whatever blockchain you’re interacting with (e.g. I don’t give a single fuck if the thing I’m watching on Netflix is being served by AWS or Azure). CCIP becomes the standard to redefine what we think of with DLT, and it completely deprecates the VC kike playbook.

>> No.56245226

I think the narrative that they will get fucked and neets will inherit the earth is flawed, not that I want to give them too much credit, but if you personally were making money hand over fist scamming retail, would you take the time to hedge your bets, and accumulate say, a little 10k or 100k insurance link stack (complete with price suppression to ensure you accumulate at lower prices) while you continue to run your scams? I know I would. And that's probably what most have done.

They're going to win either way, they just win harder scamming retail with 100x profits left and right, instead of requiring a full 2 year bullrun to get maybe a 100x on a link investment. Some will rightly get fucked, but many others who have even the slightest clue what is happening will have hedged their bets and win no matter what happens.

>> No.56245258

absolutely BRUTAL execution

>> No.56245260

>centralized arbitrator
You mean SWIFT?

>> No.56245313

>2.4k views 22 hours ago
kek even the big reveal in the normiesphere is still practically unheard of

>> No.56245322

The video isn't public yet.

>> No.56245496

we all assumed they were dishonest bad actors and doing everything to suppress link
as demonstrated by this podcast, they genuinely just did not know, because they're just well capitalized idiots who were lucky to get early on eth yet never stopped to ask what eth would be useful for without real world use cases

>> No.56245517

imagine paying these fools $17 a month for early access just for this episode to drop and realize you've been misled by charlatans the entire time, the realization dawning as you read the smug and boastful comments of linkies who got the unlisted link for free. lmao

>> No.56245526

These guys specifically? Simping for BLM, claiming Russia used facebook to get Trump elected, yeah they're idiots. I was referring to VC kikes as alluded to by the post I was responding to, those types are probably covered no matter what happens and will get away with it.

These two are just useful idiots.

>> No.56245561

Great to see the General of the Green Frog Menace get his shit pushed in by the Based Bankless Nazis. Based Co-Fuhrer Ryan did a great job mentioning intents to really dabb on that fat retard and really throw him a curve ball. Based Co-Fuhrer David pushed Sergey's shit in hard. Great to read all the seethe on here the green frog menace is really riled up now based kings! Bankless are 1000% ahead of the curve and by the end of the year you will all see facts reality logic come into play Seig Heil VC Nazis!!!

>> No.56245582

>I honestly wonder what made them wait so long
you have to pay them a fee for an interview. Sergey never wanted to until now, thats literally it. There is a pic floating around it costs 50k or something i dont remember

>> No.56245607

>paying 50k to talk to clueless retards so that even more retarded people will get involved all in the name of decentralization
only in crypto is this possible. i fucking love the future

>> No.56245619

I think that's true for some VC kikes. We have some anecdotal observations around a certain cryptocurrency doing a very specific thing when Chainlink hits a very specific price in the range it's been in for over 500 days. But I don't think we should overlook just how many stupid people have attached themselves to this industry. It's not just these soifaggots on Bankless. The collective IQ of this industry went down several standard deviations in the last few years because of the amount of retards that flooded in, VCs aren't an exception. Are some of them clued in and have positioned themselves accordingly? Of course, but I really wouldn't be shocked if this cohort of people is a lot smaller than you would think.

Think about it like this. How confident are you that people truly understand Bitcoin in terms of what it can do, and what it can't do? Relatively speaking... it's probably "high enough" where people go with muh digital money (or more recently digital gold for reasons we all know). Bitcoin is easy. Now let's talk about Ethereum. How confident are you that people understand what Ethereum is, what can it do that Bitcoin can't do, etc. Very, very few people can actually give a reasonable answer to this. With that in mind, let's bring in Chainlink. How confident are you that people understand what Chainlink is, what can it do that Ethereum can't do etc. This number is so unbelievably small it's not even funny. To this day there are so many retards who have the most retarded misconceptions about Chainlink. The reality is DLT filters out 99% of the population because they're just too dumb, they have no hope of ever understanding this stuff in a meaningful way. That's why I really don't think that a lot of VCs have positioned themselves accordingly. I'm not even saying this in a "we're so much smarter and better than them" kind of way, I think this is just the brutal reality of the situation.

>> No.56245652

How do you guys even watch this without spacing out? Its boring as fuck i dont wanna hear these lispy nerds talking

>> No.56245657

It's ok, we know your brain is completely fried. Now go, shoo shoo zoom zoom.

>> No.56245674

ive been baghold since link started trading on binance and my brain is fucking mush. i dont blame him

>> No.56246145

He has a black square framed on his wall..

>> No.56246311


Just one of many incredibly kino moments in this interview

>> No.56246387

Does anyone else remember when this guy cried on the podcast the week after SBF and FTX rugged? On top of that, THEY KEPT IT IN THE EPISODE. Because they care so much about the "ecosystem" or whatever.
Wtf is going on with podcast hosts lately??

>> No.56246394


Oh my god, hoffman is so clueless and pathetic. His style of writing makes my skin crawl, that detached pseudo-intellectual drivel without any sharp thinking to back it up.

>> No.56246417


His constant capitalization of Green Frog is the most cringe shit I have ever seen.

>> No.56246429

Imagine believing in this faggot lmao.. LINK marines sold $30 imagine buying LINK under 0.46c lmao.

>> No.56246842
File: 599 KB, 926x732, Arpanet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heres the big picture:
>blockchains are like computers (BTC, ETH, SOL, LTC)
>some more advanced than others, but they are limited to what is on them or can be manually added

in the 1970's federal institutions and colleges that had unused digital phone lines realized they could send 1's and 0's from computers across them to each other (T1's) instead of just digital voice.
>this introduced the ARPAnet (sergey mentioned)
as you can see in the pic, this is what the current blockchain industry is trying to do with bridges connecting campuses (chains). The problem is all these 1's and 0's were handled in different ways as this technology was being developed and there were no standards.

chainlink instead aimed to recreate the functions we actually use today in communications but for blockchain and work with IEEE to make them standards; and monetize them.
>CCIP = TCP/IP (also mentioned by sergey) and BGP (routing protocol of the internet)

So here's how sergey described the CCIP integration at an application layer:
>took their existing internal banking software
>slapped a router on it (CCIP Integration)
>giving their private software side an internal RFC1918 IP address (is now banks private chain)
>the ability to leave their local network and traverse the internet (CCIP)
>to any other webserver they need to connect to (any chain that CCIP has integrated into)
>using a single interface (CCIP GUI integrated into legacy software)
>and using transport protocols TCP/UDP (LINK as gas fee)
>to move data (shitcoins lel)

I dont know if sergey actually knows what intents are or not, but it became apparent to him these guys cant comprehend what is actually happening because they live in a BTC/ETH bubble. Sergey is telling them directly that he is bringing billions of people into crypto and quadrillions of dollars and these faggots cant see past some random bullshit features on eth.

>> No.56246884

the more you notice.

>> No.56247330

>anon notices
>thread dies
>really makes you think pilled
avocados, your response?

>> No.56247388

>guy on the right pouting throughout like a petulant child
fucking insufferable

>> No.56247474

kek yeah i noticed that
like grow the fuck up, be a professional. but wait they're not professionals, they're influencers. sergey is the professional and he schooled them as he should

>> No.56247494

The Bankless midwits are the ones who are supposed to be the "knowers" in the normie crypto sphere. Let that fucking sink in. They're worthless faggots. They cried when the SBF shit happened because they trusted in him. Imagine having ever trusted that kike?

>> No.56247505
File: 48 KB, 1204x799, 1580480672176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is a great watch
would be good if some of the autists on twitter could calm down
these guys shilling it would help the project a lot, at least in the bear. in saying that, they will want cash for that

>> No.56247635
File: 42 KB, 331x414, 1534188858790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bankless retards absolutely btfo

>> No.56247708

>in the 1970's federal institutions and colleges
This is pretty amazing and predates "internet" shit. Not that it is really related to your post at all, but it is interesting use of the phone system.

>> No.56247712
File: 26 KB, 680x374, manysuchcases.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bush league industry full of fucking midwits.
That was abundantly obvious a long time ago anyway, just look at the multi millionaire influencers on CX/CT. Often pathetic underdeveloped men in their late 20s and beyond with BAYC avatars posting videos of them boxing with dogshit technique and palming off life lessons about hustling. They understand narratives and trends, which is the only skill to their credit, but that is the only game they play. The memes about crypto bros is fucking spot on.

>> No.56247784

Need to petition them to rename from Bankless to Brainless. Much more on brand.

>> No.56247796
File: 12 KB, 224x224, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The section heading in this part of the video is titled Dynamic Automated Inception Marketplace.
Please don't tell me they came up with this name right after BBC chain lmao

>> No.56247812

more like clueless

>> No.56247855

Based retard. I'm right here with you. What are your plans post singularity?

>> No.56247878

Yeah. So, why us? I got a hot tip and don't properly understand the tech, although I understood the idea and the implications instantly. This amount of wealth can't just be for hookers and blow. I've got some big ideas. I know it's delusional but I do feel selected somewhat

>> No.56247894

Sir you will be very wealthy indeed. Do something godlod with it

>> No.56247949

>underpromise, overdeliver
why did he promise ccip in 2022 then?

>> No.56247968

JFC, nice.

>> No.56247974

Am I right I’m thinking you’ve basically been seething about shit like CCIP taking longer than expected to the point of whining about it on /biz/ on a nearly daily basis?
Just how shit and pointless is your life that you’ve watched chainlink go from whitepaper to golden child of SIBOS and your reaction is seething rage that one of their predicted launch dates didn’t pan out. You do understand that chainlink mooning isn’t going to cure your depression, don’t you?

>> No.56248081
File: 46 KB, 714x549, Hoffman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek. How clueless can a person be? Imagine missing out on the 4th IR because you got baited by Twitter frogposters

>> No.56248097

>The big money that's coming into crypto over the next decade isn't coming for Green Frog coins

He just got sat down and lectured for 2 hours about how that’s fucking exactly why the big money is coming. No wonder he looked like he was about to cry

>> No.56248121
File: 191 KB, 947x2048, 20231001_185813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56248130

The Shepherd of Nazareth has come to lead his people to the promised land of breastmilk and money. Have faythe in him.

>> No.56248134
File: 625 KB, 2048x2048, 1592762427920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56248137

>already solved this with FSS
FSS isn't even solved yet you dense nigga. We're still literal years away. If you watch Ari's latest published talk (few weeks old) he talks about how there's still work to be done on PROF, and tomorrow he'll be talking about PROF at Smartcon. PROF is FSS.

>> No.56248146

Where to buy?

>> No.56248175

I imagine they have some plan for them but may just be to keep for next year.

>> No.56248181

I noooticed the same, he always wears this wrinkly shit. Look at money skelly and zuck though (early fb days) and you realise it doesnt matter at all.

>> No.56248252 [DELETED] 
File: 904 KB, 1024x1024, 5435615689304921630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jannies tongue my lily white anus and Nyan Cat Money will be a top 100 coin in 3 years and you unbelieving faggots will fomo the top...#0

>> No.56248263


This is hilarious. It really was just hubris. I thought it was money motivated. It was because he literally couldn't internalize or entertainment the possibility that a project followed by people who engage in "wrong-think" might be successful. Something along those lines. He didn't take it serious as a result knows nothing about it.

>> No.56248283

you mean Clueless

>> No.56248373

you don't have to get so angry about this, it's just money

>> No.56248386 [DELETED] 
File: 1.02 MB, 1024x1024, 28323245840415391144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jannies tongue my lily white anus and Nyan Cat Money will be a top 100 coin in 3 years and you unbelieving faggots will fomo the top...#20...nyancatmoney.com

>> No.56248472

At the end "I feel like I speak fluent chainlink now" no you don't/won't

>> No.56248621 [DELETED] 
File: 167 KB, 720x404, 46402612455128599031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Jannies have tongued my anus 97 times.

>> No.56248628
File: 42 KB, 500x380, e5b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56248767

>everyone discrediting their retarded podcast
>calling them literal regards and scam artists
Great advertisement.

>> No.56248786

My sweet angel boy

>> No.56248959

What a fucking retard

>> No.56249033
File: 238 KB, 2048x1104, 1695832010903231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek. he's literally just another libtard redditor who got filtered by pee pee poo poo and a cartoon frog that his masters told him was waycist

>> No.56249180

kek its hilarious watching sergey continuously BTFOing these brainlets.

They have no idea about what sergey is talking about

>> No.56249869
File: 481 KB, 1000x2168, 1684891954465332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56249980

>It really was just hubris. I thought it was money motivated.
A particularly burning insult for VCs

>> No.56249989

Dopey retards still arrogant even after all that. Should’ve been beaten as kids

>> No.56249996


Phenomenal work anon. this interview is becoming part of link lore

>> No.56250371

Yeah, that's a save from me bro

>> No.56250989

i'd love to work for tom's zschach

>> No.56251847

>decentralized data marketplace
dude, listing services were talked about widely in 2018, there were supposed to be websites with data providers listing their services, possible data to provide, their reuputation rankings etc, it all should've been dane and running years ago

crosschain operability is not a new concept by any means either, there were many shitcoins that were supposed to to that even in 2017, ask deluded arkies

>> No.56251873

Trying to wrap my head around CCIP. The way Sergey describes it sounds like magic, like I could for example use CCIP to buy Circle USDC from Ethereum, by paying for it with FTM from my Fantom Network wallet, and get Circle USDC back in my Fantom wallet, even though there is no native Circle USDC on the Fantom Network, and all without incurring cross-chain bridging gas fees. Is CCIP capable of that or am I misunderstanding it? How could CCIP generate Circle USDC on a chain that Circle itself hasn't issued native USDC on? Or does CCIP only work with specific tokens and specific chains?

>> No.56251894

he looked like crying at various points, sergey's slavic directness hurt him

>> No.56252014

you should. and that is good. i have ideas for good, too. those with a lot of wealth have the responsibility of kings. are you going to abandon your duty or be like King Arthur?

>> No.56252046

>sui stack earn 40k
uhhh...anon...say what? this project owns.

>> No.56252100

I wasn’t making a price prediction just throwing out numbers to illustrate the point that whether or not people decide to sell will be based on how much they earn in staking rewards.
Yes. You’re not going to be doing shit like that anymore. All those steps are going to be taken care of on the back end. Ccip is like grand central station for all chains and will allow end users to choose where they want to end up.

>> No.56252141

Sounds amazing, but I'm not sure what gives CCIP the abiltiy/authority to issue Circle USDC on a chain that Circle itself doesn't support natively, as an example. Or would CCIP only provide crosschain support for very specific tokens in agreement with the token issuer?

>> No.56252165
File: 46 KB, 702x329, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's on our side now, don't be too harsh on him

>> No.56252177
File: 91 KB, 534x500, MarineFood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56252178
File: 12 KB, 168x168, king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wait a moment....

>> No.56252182

Or would it be that the token issued on Fantom is not actually official native Circle USD, which is unsupported on Fantom, but an IOU generated via CCIP that is 100% undisputed proof of ownership of official native Circle USD verified by Chainlink oracles, which can be redeemed for the real thing at any time via CCIP on a network that does have native Circle USDC like Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, etc.?

>> No.56252191
File: 79 KB, 749x728, DRNSPepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Knee status: Bend

>> No.56252269

I'm starting to think letting 4chan in on Link was another way to make it unappealing to normies.
They really thought about everything.

>> No.56252529

Everything that you would do to do it manually is now handled in the backend by ccip

>> No.56252543

Fuck this cuck

>> No.56252655

In that example, if you're on FTM network, you could automate the purchase of buying USDC on the ETH network in a single transaction using your FTM as currency on the FTM network. CCIP is the network of bridges that you send your FTM on, and along with instructions as to how to use the FTM; which application/protocol you'll buy USDC from.

Right now CCIP is only on specific chains, but works with anything token because you're just programming things to do with it. If you can manually move a token, you can program it to move.

>> No.56252665

>better a comparatively few basement dwellers know than entire sections of the normiesphere
It's genius.

captcha: GAYW2 (lol)

>> No.56252720

you're correct on this and is a bit of an issue with ccip
i'm not sure how conversion to the canonical version will occur. or maybe the ccip version will become canonical

>> No.56253195

We need to compile a list of these seething moments

>3:45 tfw this is our first episode about chianlink... there is a backstory there

>8:20 tfw you start realising chainlinks vision is the Valhalla of crypto

>18:00 "I don't think i was ready for a rabbit hole to go down. i don't think bankless has gone down the oracle network rabbit hole.

>22:00 tfw you summarise what you know about chainlink and get corrected by what it can and actually does.

>28:50 ":it it..it is a network of oracle networks?!"

only half way through but this is fucken golden.

As a sidenote the guy on the left is clearly alot smarter than the guy on the right. you can tell he is seething more but in different way because he actually understands the gravity of the situation. The guy on the right is like a egotistical 13yr old who can't admit he is wrong and spouts well i had this thesis before and chainlink agrees.

>> No.56253250


You know if we could be constructive to people off 4chan even just once we might actually help our own investment succeed?

>> No.56253268
File: 48 KB, 1147x1147, brainless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yes 100%. The guy on the left is clueless, but its honestly not annoying bc you can tell he's super interested and trying to learn in real time. The guy on the right is on a totally different journey, bc as others in this thread have pointed out, he's super lefty and has written at length about disliking "the Frog Army" (though he manages to have very little grasp of 4chan culture and pepe despite writing at length about it). So, he's in the process of realizing that Sergey is absolutely legit and Chainlink is amazing, despite his huge previous bias.

Ah well - great interview, honestly it's not even a big deal they were so clueless since Big Serg keeps levelling up to such a god-tier communicator.

>> No.56253299

he comes across as someone who cares very highly about what others think of him

>> No.56253386

I have a lib coworker friend who is pretty rare in that he’s the kind of guy you can talk to about the differences in your politics and just have it be a good conversation. No freak outs. One day he asked me a particular question about gay I don’t recall, but the core of the question was why don’t conservatives agree with liberals? Not only did he not understand that there are different people who live in different places with different circumstances and concerns, he didn’t understand that we actually believe different things. What he thought was that the right actually believes everything the left does, they’re just stubborn or racist or greedy or too ignorant to understand that they were wrong. This was an educated and intelligent guy who apparently didn’t have a fully developed theory of mind. He just thought everyone else was just like him and wanted the same things he did.

And there are stupid people on both sides that don’t really get it, but this wasn’t that. There is like a mental block for these people where they just can’t let themselves understand the other side.

>> No.56253387

i think they asked dumb questions on purpose for their audience. they finally bent the knee and had to accept we aren't going bankless anytime soon and that banks and institutions are the ones that will actually pump our bags in the next run

>> No.56253405

Goddam I love this man. How does he do it bros? Is it the kefir?

>> No.56253450

Except your shitcoin just got rejected at $8 like always and dumped while BTC is rallying. Back to $4 linkers.

>> No.56253471

My prediction is that it’s a fake out and Chainlink really are about to know it out of the park and the price is going to giga pump. This time it’s different.

>> No.56253487

There's no reason to believe this. The Chainlink network is not used for anything, there are basically no revenues to speak of. Now is the time to dump LINK and go all in on ETH because people are unjustifiably optimistic about Smartcon. LINK/ETH is heading to sub-ICO levels. Sell the news.

>> No.56253492

If it can be stopped by shitposting, it doesn't deserve to succeed. That guy is a faggot and he deserves ridicule because he is a retarded pseud

>> No.56253496

>his fridge isn’t stocked with highly potent kefir

>> No.56253499

Fuck him. He's a retarded faggot. He deserves to be mocked for being a midwit

>> No.56253529

Oy vey bubbulah, if he asks for forgiveness we must forgive him and forget his transgressions. Now cut the mushagana.

>> No.56253532

Or there are just a few smarter people here than whatever faggosphere most of you retards are touring from.

>> No.56253552

If he posts race realism memes, I'll forgive him.

>> No.56253561

Is this a pasta?

>> No.56253577

No, I just wrote it.

>> No.56253646

Left and right thinking is similar to the bell curve meme, in that the retards and the intelligent both understand tribalism will always win in the end, while midwits believe if you extend the olive branch you can magically mend all differences.

That's of course different from understanding why people think the way they do. I understand why a lot of left leaning people hold the beliefs they do, I don't even hold it against (some) of them because it is in their best personal interests. The problem is when certain (((groups))) convince others, like white liberals, to vote against their interests as a group.

>> No.56253660

I just bought 1,000 more

>> No.56253670

Damn we have been early for a very long time. These retards know absolutely nothing.

>> No.56253706

you can respond to multiple messages at once

>> No.56253717

Not to rain on anyones parade, but assuming they're eth maxis, they didn't lose very much. If you were an eth maxi, and missed link from 2018 to 2020, you were better off just waiting it out, and if you can accept what's coming now, you could technically transfer all your eth to link now, and do just as well as you would have had you done it back around mid 2019, or better than if you had at any other point since then almost.

Now if hubris prevents you from doing this, and you stay in eth, that may be where you really end up missing out. But if these guys were genuine, and diversify their holdings, sad as it is to admit, they will have outdone everyone but 2018 to mid 2019 link buyers.

As they say, being early can feel like being wrong.

>> No.56253729

I don't like to

>> No.56253962

What is wrong with some of you? God has given you an opportunity to amass great wealth and do GOOD things and you blaspheme Him and make/post blasphemous images!

Ngmi into heaven

>> No.56253978
File: 413 KB, 1097x2048, signal-2023-08-02-15-03-21-551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Repent of your wickedness. Sergey is not Christ.

>> No.56254128

I'm from 9gag

>> No.56254168


>> No.56254282

weak bait

>> No.56254291

why do you losers always have to compare yourselves to other people? wahh i made a ton of money but someone else made more. shut the fuck up pussy.

>> No.56254308

If you dont mind, please post confirmation of purchase. Obviously dont doxx yourself, but just want to keep the quality of the board up. Also, just curious…given you just made an $8,000 purchase, why did you wait until now? You had all of this year to buy 30% lower…

>> No.56254327

This is good for HBAR. HBAR probably will replace swift at some point

>> No.56254334

Weighing opportunity cost is a valuable comparable in investing. It’s important to remove emotions when evaluating investments. If you find yourself unable to do so, you may be what is referred to as “overweight” in your particular investment. You may also be overweight from a health standpoint, but that is outside the scope of this conversation

>> No.56254347

Shut up nerd.

>> No.56254525
File: 192 KB, 672x936, ltr-0-the-one-ring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most people don't understand the reason why itself is actually needed. Blockchains natively cannot communicate with each other; this is due to the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of different coding languages to speak.

>Even though language conversion appears to be simple, it is a herculean task with numerous complexities. It is appropriately regarded as one of the top ten programming difficulties facing the globe. Even before a reliable semi-automatic converter is accessible, much progress must be achieved.

that's where this comes along.

>However, one of the major challenges faced by the blockchain ecosystem is the lack of interoperability between different blockchain networks. As these networks operate in isolation, they are unable to communicate and share data with each other, limiting their potential applications and benefits.

>Blockchain interoperability refers to the ability of blockchains to communicate with other blockchains. The foundation of blockchain interoperability is cross-chain messaging protocols, which enable blockchains to read data from and/or write data to other blockchains.

That's why ripple was never meant to be the golden child of the crypto space. If china, russia, USA, India, EU, every country out there wants their own private blockchain then they don't have to use Cripple or XRP. But they will have to integrate their own digital currency with using LINK as a real time compiler to either use BTC as a global exchange currency OR to directly trade with each other.

Chainlink will be used regardless in these situations LINKCELS win again.

>> No.56254534

Awww fat boy doesnt like being called fat

>> No.56254666

that's a lot of words for saying that you're insecure. when i make money the last thing i'll do is count other people's money.

>> No.56255173

hold onto that resolve, it well be tested before you make it with link

>> No.56255498

That dude supports BLM and other woke shit. Clearly a massive retard. I hope the vax gets hin eventually.

>> No.56255513

Holy shit. It's not really similar, but somehow the thing about NPC meme and people not being able to "hear" their narrating voice in their head popped into mine.

>> No.56255676

there might be more truth to his belief than you are comfortable admitting. right wing politics is a rationalization of unwillingness to accept other beliefs and incorporate other cultures into your tribe. it's just highbrow redneck behavior, at least to a large part

>> No.56255717

Your IQ is 105, maximum. Has anyone ever told you that you’re not actually intelligent before? If not, I’m honored to be the first.

>> No.56255755

>I’m honored to be the first.
words that you'll never hear from a girl

>> No.56255787

based brother

>> No.56255792

Even your insults are low iq. I bet you’re a millennial and base your views of the world off of marvel movies.

>> No.56255796


>> No.56255809


>> No.56255828

>tongue african nutsacks because why have a first world country when you can bang bongos in the woods with Ngubu
Based and true.