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Say you're given $700,000.
What would you do with it?

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I buy 3 flats and rent them out

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all in chainlank

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based OP, can you post more le happy merchant ai pictures please

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>pay off moms mortgage
>buy and install two wood stoves in my house
>get my jeep totally repaired and overhauled
>maybe buy my dream sports bike used for 5k
>the rest in gold until needed/wanted

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I would create pod living for the homeless. Japanese style pod hotel mini scale. If we are allowed by house zoning rules then homelessness would not exist.

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Buy some land, build a house for myself and just live there and keep working.
If any money left over id prob invest into something safe like Microsoft.
Afterwards just work and i can retire sooner

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Chainlink. All of it.

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Spend however much it takes to make sure every single fuddie has a noose for when LINK takes off
Rest goes into LINK

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i would buy heavy weapons to shell Israel

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3? ahahahaahahaha. Maybe 1/2

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jews everywhere

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2. Relinquish my actual citizenship
3. Buy citizenship of some Tax Haven country
4. Move to US, start a business.

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buy a tent and spend the rest on drugs

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your dream life is my actual life pathetic shitskin
kys seriously

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- Buy a house near me in cash. $300k.

- Buy my dream car in cash, a Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet. $75k

- Pay off my current car and keep it as my winter driver. $2k

- Buy a good security system for my house. $2k

- Invest the remaining $300k in T-Bills and earn an extra $15k on my current income.

I now have 2 paid off cars, a paid off house and a decent income, in a nice (although boring) neighborhood. I would still work at my current job, which covers my health, vision and dental insurance. All I would need to worry about at that point is car insurance, home insurance and basic maintenance.

It would actually be amazing.

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I would give it to all the homeless people in LA

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>I would create pod living for the homeless
enjoy rebuilding it every 2 weeks, lol

theres a reason these mfs are homeless

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Go all in on btc and eth

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still a wagie tho

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something like this probably

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haven't seen many of these kinds of AI images posted in a while.

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So what? You should try living in reality. The reason you're such a miserable person is because you want everything handed to you on a golden platter while putting in zeri effort to get there.

My answer was honest and realistic. Instead of playing along with OP's question, you lashed out with hatred towards a random person you know nothing about. Get a grip on reality and try being happy for once in your life.

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See >>56240473

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Buying a green card costs 1 million

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Buying a $75k car is stupid. You fail.

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Just keeping it real

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It's not stupid if it's something I want and can afford.

It's sad to me how 90% of the users on 4chan are just miserable people that want other people to be miserable with them. Literal crabs in a bucket mentality.

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That's one of the best ones that I have seen. You would get called out as a schizo for pointing it out.

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they only reason you want the car is to impress other people, so count yourself in on those 90%

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Any other comments?

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unironically? 100k ETH, 100 BTC, 50k silver, 50k gold, then I'd put 400k in a money market making 5.5% and wait for RE prices to drop to buy a house a plan to live in the for next 30 or 40 years

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Buy a nice house with a big garden for about 300k
Put the rest in savings/investments/pension
Soon as the kids are out the door in 12 years time, retire.

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no, its still stupid. arguing eating fast food 5 times a day 7 times a week "because you like it" just means you're stupid, not that it's a good use of money. you know who else shares your logic? drug addicts. money's only purpose is to make me happy shooting it up in my veins.

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based and rational

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Shit I see it now. It's better when looking at the thumbnail.

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>Soon as the kids are out the door in 12 years time, retire.

Do you regret having children? I mean what is the point? Just insane waste of energy, time, and money only to look forward desperately until it is over and you are freed from them?

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Property. Rest into blue chips stocks that pay dividends.

In the property I'd make sure it's big enough so I just rent the basement out to college students.

If I do my math right, dividends plus college student rent could be easy passive income that covers my utilities, car insurance and very basic groceries.

Then I'd just need to work some easy part time job for extra cash while also telling the government my income is less than $30k to get benefits.

Goal is passive enough income, standard cost of living. If I get kids any income I'll earn can go to saving up for them rather than just paying a mortgage or rent.

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Your Apu appears to have an erection, can you please delete as this is a blue board. Thanks.

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Eating fast food everyday is bad for your health. Doing drugs is bad for your health. Buying a luxury car that you can afford and brings you joy isn't bad for your health.

Fun fact, I'm a 6'3", 185 pound, natural bodybuilder (non-competitive) and did a few modeling side jobs for a couple different clothing brands. So, I care about about health. You picked the worst analogy possible.

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Because they can't say no when i want someone to play board games with and in a years time when the 2nd one gets their computer then i'll have a pocket healer and a pocket dps to follow me around.
Really though I'd say it's because I wanted family. Mine were shit growing up so I figured I'd do it right this time and then I've done better by the next generation at least. Also having people I can rely on when I'm older can't hurt too.

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I would buy lot of instant poison and pizzas.

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why dont you answer the question?

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Atleast my people aren't going extinct cucked Wigger.
I can literally walk into your country right now if I want to, your women will spread their legs and your government will pay me to live there.

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cease this wagebabble and kindly begone to your cage wagie

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homelessness is not the state of being homeless, it is the mindset that led to it. You will not fix a mindset with materials.

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Well i've been given 200k and 400k before and i lost it all in various amounts of time. It was either due to my mismanagement of the money or because i chose to trust on the wrong people. Anyway i would probably try my luck and put it all into launching tokens, maybe allah or some other close launch. See if i can do the usual whale movement and try to duplicate it.
Knowing me tho i would probably find a way to lose it all

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I will crash off my mortgage, get a better apartment, and dive into real estate, stocks and crypto
>Chainlink. All of it.
Nah, gonna diversify with some bitcoin, bnb, gods, chz, and the rest in Ride to access it's VR games.

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Take 500k of it and start a private lending operation.

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I thought I did? No I don't regret it

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Invest 500k in various ways (LINK, boring NASDAQ/ETFs mostly, I think rentals are extremely boomer tier and not worth it). That 200k would be partly saved/set aside for future down payment and partly living expenses.

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Humbly enjoy life I guess, and >>56239943

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Leave the US.

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kill yourself parasite

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Nothing. Whoever it really belongs to will come to reclaim it sooner or later.

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Real estate with 500k, that's a comfy yearly 20k in rent after taxes, enough to make me upper middle class in my country if I don't quit my job.
200k on LINK

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I will use half and go for holiday and use half to invest in NXRA, QNT and TRIAS.

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Hi im from poor country and i need to give me opinion since im recently in here.

You can ignore the white responding, smell like wet dogs anyway.

USA best country for money, you work 8 hours you go home, some time you stay extra, YOU GET MORE EXTRA MONEY! Pizza as well one time.

Work is easy as roofist, you place the black things in roof people give you money. 20 by hour, KACHING!!! $$$

House is cheap if you drive an hour to work, food costs cheaper then in my country. COSTCO MORE CHEAPER THAN IN MY COUNTRY!

Police once lets me go if I have no license, didn not have to give them money, they free me for no money.

Black people lazy white people afraid, if you work more versus them (easy) they call you things. No matter hah, they will not be live for too much (police encounters).

Overround, Americans are complainers, I like USA very much

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Are these AI generated? Pretty hilarious. I saw another one like this of a tree. Some good merchants.

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I will use half to fly around the world getting my flight deals from cryptMI and then use the rest to invest and marry. Gonna make it right?

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probably a house, see what i can do for my family, and then a bunch of eth.
hope i finally manage to make it big with my shitcoin trading

pretty based
the good security system is a good and comfy idea