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My country has a retarded tax policy that regards locked staking as a taxable event.

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I don’t give a shit about you. I just hope you linkfucks lose all your money

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You're in for a rough 10 years, bud.

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Fellow linkbrothers, I just want to know when I will be able to stake with withdrawal. I bought link in early 2018 and haven’t touched my wallet yet. I presume I’m eligible.

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v0.2 will have a month to withdrawal
look into SDL

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Acronym for what?

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but you will be going link -> stlink which will likely be a taxable event
ask account, basically the same as steth, reth, cbeth etc, a lst

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So this is third party staking?

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yeah they have some of node operator pool by working directly with the nodes
then they are going to get space in the community pool in v0.2

obviously some risk with them as more smart contract risk. normal staking is better for most due to tax implications

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also they have a bad brand name after fucking over early investors, stlink has been fine for me though

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Assume I’m patient and not in a hurry, is it better to just wait for chainlink to expand their own staking pools? I’m leaning toward this because if Chainlink staking fails then Chainlink as a project is worthless anyways, so I really see little risk in going with their own staking pool.

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Just keep x% of your stack out of staking so you can sell it instead of rewards.

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Will v0.2 allow for more stakers and withdrawal, is this what we all are waiting for?

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i thought your problem was that you didn't want locked staking?
it's better to be in standard chainlink staking as you don't need to do a token swap but with v0.2 it will still be locked for a weeks or a month (still to be confirmed)
the good thing about stLINK is that it's liquid so you can sell any time so may not be a tax issue although it may create other tax issues

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chainlink staking is a security architecture, not a service provided by chainlink labs. the current form of staking is more like a test or template to demonstrate how staking and slashing can work in production. in the future, clients that actually want the security guarantees of staking will write their own modules that plug into a staking pool. they will set staking requirements such as minimum LINK collateral and the conditions for slashing. it's then up to individual nodes to accept the terms (or be whitelisted into the module if this is a bespoke solution). not every node will service every job, 1) because the job requester may only want certain nodes for the job and 2) some stakers may not want to provide LINK collateral to certain nodes or jobs. the "staking pool" will therefore eventually be partitioned, and not all staked LINK will be receiving rewards from every possible job
yes v0.2 will allow withdrawals. they posted a blog post about it, you should read it

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Thank you both. Lastly, with staking, what incentives are there for the token price to rise if holders are to receive dividend (rewards) on an inflationary token? Why would anyone want to sell.

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the token price will need to reflect the collateral requirements across the entire network
assuming they don't rug us and allow other assets as collateral

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functionally this will be achieved by yield. node operators are paid to do on-demand jobs like ccip transfers, vrf, functions (the latter now enabling low latency pull oracles that cost money with every request). every job has a premium, dependent on the kind of job, that is paid on top of the gas price. meaning that every job is net positive buy pressure on the LINK token, even when part of the LINK reward is sold to cover gas. furthermore, since jobs have collateral requirements, nodes will need enough LINK to meet those requirements. to get that LINK they must offer competitive yields to stakers, meaning nodes will share some of those premiums with anyone who decides to delegate them LINK. And because the best, most reliable nodes will get the best jobs, there is competition among nodes to get that staked LINK, allowing them to service high value jobs, and demonstrate their reliability to additional clients who are looking for trustworthy DONs.

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lol, sergey still doesn't allow people to sell?

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SDL are scammers.
Jonny is a serial rug puller on his 4th token after illegally denying Linkpool investors their due.
Avoid it at all cost if you don't want suffering.
They have no strategy in case of slashing, have no defensive design or concept of planning in advance.
They hope everything will work without an issue despite the multiple previous failures, and didn't even think of the impact of slashing until someone asked them on discord.
This was after claiming that 1 stLINK = 1 LINK, which would be false if a slashing event occurs.

If you want instant staking you might as well wait for staking v1.0 to go live and hope the exchanges will add support for it in some way.

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SDL is composed of nodes servicing core Chainlink services and are a majority of the cohort currently plugged into staking v0.1. I really have zero sympathy for any ICO Linkpool buyers given how much you have already benefited. If this is how you repay the many multiples you received on your investment, then I am very glad that you are gone

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Pax your taxes u fucking faggot

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linkpool ico price was $0.015 or something, with same supply sdl is $0.29
feel for anyone who bought it in 2021 or 2022 though

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I am negative on this <<investment>>
Turns out Jonny was a honorary jew.

Also he fucked up the token supply and economics again by rug pulling the node operators or their SDL supply, then added scam economics with a multi year forced bag holding that's multiples times higher than the duration of any one of his tokens.

When competition comes the node operators will leave SDL to join a proper solution with a healthy company.
There are so many vectors for a failure that associating yourself with SDL should be seen as pure Luna style gambling.

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>Also he fucked up the token supply and economics again by rug pulling the node operators or their SDL supply
no retard, they realized that by lowering the sdl supply and getting that price up they could make a lot more money, and so could the nops
the nops lose a bit of income (but still partially get it back through sdl staking) but they can dump their sdl in future years for big money

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Is there any reason not to stake 100% of your LINK stack once it opens for the public? Is spreading your stack across multiple node operators necessary or is it redundant?

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When will I have one wallet (not cex) that is able to trade on any chain, who is making it, and do they have a coin?

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Scamming Dirty Leeches. They WILL rug you again like they did in December 2022.

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Token not needed.

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Read the latest blod post regarding staking 0.2

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Nobody who doesn’t matter will be staking shit

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>i dont care about you
>i just refresh the catalog every minute so i can rush into threads 1 min after theyre made to complain and this obviously dominates my life as a fudcuck
you should kill yourself before youre abducted and used in bohemian grove style hunting / rape parties as bait by newly rich linkies post singularity

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Kinetix, binance, kraken, every fucking staking protocol on this planet had that from day one practically. Holy shit link tech is retarded no wonder theres no adoption nor growth.

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>Kinetix, binance, kraken
none of that is actual staking

v1.0 will be actual staking

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Or they can just leave this cartel for a better one once there is competition with a proper and healthy solution.

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Be read for the lawsuit scammer, I'm coming for you.

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Best to leave half your stack to sell during the bull.

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Unironically never. The crypto markets are obviously extremely volatile which is inherently a problem since the link token is the source of collateral on which the system is built. If stakers were immediately able to withdraw link in the event of a sharp fall in token price, the volume of transactions able to be made on the network would plummet since there would simultaneously a double whammy of fewer tokens which are worth less now securing everything. There will always be a long unbonding process to try and ensure stability of the system. The good news is that eventually as a greater proportion of tokens are staked on the network and token value becomes more dependant on the volume of transactions on the network rather than the wider crypto market movements, the team will probably be able to safely reduce the length of the unbonding process somewhat.

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