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I refuse to believe more than 1% of biz has made money in crypto

Ive been in crypto since 2015, the market went up so quickly so suddenly that if you missed that early phase you havent made shit

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If you haven't made any money since 2015 you're actually part of the 1% that aren't profitable. It's almost impossible to not have made money.
I started buying Bitcoin in 2012, lost everything in mtgox, started again in 2016 and I still made two millions.

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Mate I know people from my era of 2015'ers who have nothing now because they lost everything picking the wrong alts or they lost their bitcoin either from their own actions or actions done to the.......................................... or even if they just bought Bitcoin and held it, they weren't able to buy enough during the time it was at a good price for their socioeconomic status and thus even though they did everything right, they just didn't have enough money at the time they needed it to have enough to make it now.

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2015 old fag here since poloniex days
only worth $3.5M right now
had $25M at the top 2 years ago and didnt sell
life fucking sucks, couldve bought a yacht in Tangier and Tunisia and fucked a different sandpussy everyday

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BTC was roughly $300 dollars in 2015. If you would have bought just 1 you would have made a killer profit. I'm also assuming you have a job and this isn't just a demoralization thread.

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Got here in 2021.I now know why most people don't make it in crypto.Seeing what I believed to be a good alts constantly bleeding to death is extremely demoralizing.You never know whether you picked a good coin or a relic from the past.That only becomes apparent when it's too late (a.k.a the full bull mode).Plus the main move pushed the crypto cap from 100b to 1t happened within three months.You never know when that move happens that's why you try to catch the falling knife

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Been in crypto since 2018, had $1.5M in unrealized gains at one point. Now, I'm back at square one.

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What are you holding?

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Ok but you're looking at it in hindsight.

If you were practicing proper risk management you as an average person weren't going all in on bitcoin, you were putting a very small % of your spare money for investing into bitcoin, you were not buying bitcoin under the assumption a bull market would come in a few years, the expectation was in the decades, not a few years.

For example in 2015 I thought it would take probably until 2030 for Bitcoin to hit $10,000 with there always being a chance it goes to $0.

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got like 10M BAT, others are zec, gno, zen,strax, ghst, sxp,dcr, etc....
just bagholding for last 2 years, and some even more
Sold SSV early this year when it outperformed everything and recently DONUT

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You realize the people camping biz are the ones who don't need to work right? Eveyone else cannot look at biz because they focus on their wagie life

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>3.5 mil
Pretty sure that's still an option

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lol. holy shitcoin casino. it's funny when retards make it. good job dude.

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lmao i started with 200 dollars
yeah, but im too autistic to hit my goals only then i pursue others

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Got a screenshot of your portfolio at the top?

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a month after the top

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did you ever get into eth/btc? or just went straight into alts

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lost 150-200BTC trading margin and perps(Bitmex) for eth, btc, xmr and others. so i stick to trading and holding spot alts which is what all my historical profits were

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ahh i see, i assume you got those alts before they made CEX listing right?

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trading on polo in 2016-17 was the best ever
neither took profits that time and in 2021
just waiting for the next one

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the only thing worse than not having lost your stack is still holding on to it and wasting untold amount of time to tell yourself that it will be fine. just look at link

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I made high 5 figures from airdrops alone lol

thanks UNI, thanks BLUR, thanks ARB

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oh really? so you only bought alts on exchanges? never on dex?

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If you've been in since 2015, you would've made tons just doing buying BTC/ETH and holding. Or buying almost any alt in early 2017. If you got in later it's a bit trickier.

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imagine being in since 2015 when you literally just had to throw a few $100 at anything so make hundreds of thousands . and you still haven't made it. lmao

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How do you margin trade 10 million? Aren't you retards ever satisfied? help a brother out mate, i only have 6 dollars to my name?

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I actually think most people make money in crypto. If you don't sell for a loss it's basically impossible to lose money, you just have to wait for the next cycle.
2015 was 2 cycles ago, most alts are still 10000% up from back then.
that's what i tell people if i don't want them to know how much i made in crypto

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you're an idiot

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Yeah I have a hard time believing that. In 2017 everything was mooning, even the shittiest of projects. You literally couldn't 'pick the wrong alts'. And if you invested in 2015 it was very early alt market, nobody was full alt, everybody was at least part bitcoin.

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Most people won't understand but it was MUCH riskier to buy Bitcoin before 2017.
Everyone thought it was a one time bubble (tulip mania).
The perception really started to change for crypto with Ethereum and the EEA announcements.

Also as a rule you tend to baghold during your first circle because you let yourself be caught in the euphoria and don't have a point of reference on whether or not it's time to sell.
Once you experience a bubble you tend to sell the next one thanks to pure trauma.

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It was the opposite for me. I sold way too much when bitcoin went from below $10 to $20+. After that I learned to be less risk adverse.

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I made £10 million on DOGE in 2021. I should have taken £9.5 million profits and reinvested the remainin 500k. But for some reason, I put it all into Internet Computer (ticker: ICP) on its Coinbase launch, expecting to make £500 million+. I wish I had a time machine.

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1mill collateral with 10x leverage
easy to blow up
>, i only have 6 dollars to my name?
learn some online skill and capitalize on it

maybe 10% of my profits are from dexs

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No what im asking is, did you buy those alt coins BEFORE they got listed on exchanges?

usually when an alt gets listed on an exchange, it pumps and then dumps, and the only people who make money are the ones who bought the alt like 1 year before it was actually listed

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Just buy lowcaps with a strong community. SUPRA or some new meme with a lot of people in it.

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Now you know why they call it "ICPoor"

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You're entire comment is meaningless. Of course you won't make money by staying on the sidelines.

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some yes, but coins still ran 50-100x and more after getting listed and there werent even dex's in 2016-17. maybe etherdelta but it was shit

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Im American and those numbers don't make any sense to me. You must come from s9me foreign land

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I wasn't an early speculator. The early birds were pre 2011 and they saw a bubble from $1 per bitcoin to $35 per bitcoin before it collapsed. I came in after the collapse and prices were rapidly going up from $1 to $5. I wasn't a utopian by any stretch, I just saw a way to get rich because the cohort getting interested in bitcoin was massively larger than the cohort that had driven the previous bubble.

I was telling people back in 2011 to buy bitcoin. I was telling them when it went up to $100 dollars a coin. I was telling them when it went to $1000 per coin. I told people to buy AMD before it took off because it was making the graphics cards in all of the new generation of gaming consoles and top tier pcs, if they thought that bitcoin was too risky. You know something? Not a single person, neither friend nor family, listened to me. In 2021 I had the same people talking to me about cryptocurrency as an investment.

Crypto doesn't "make you rich". There is always another opportunity to get rich. At this point crypto is popular with a cult of people who think that worship of it will make them rich like it did previous people who spotted an opportunity to ride a bubble and get out before it crashed.

Did it make me rich? No. Not what I consider rich. But boy has it been fucking educational to pay attention to, and to pay attention to how people were treating it.

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I've made around $3m profit since starting 2018. Re-entered the market back in July.

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I didn't make plenty money in the last bull market, but I think with the likes of COTI, UTK and CYMI in my pf that should change in the next bull market

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If I woke up and saw my portfolio at those numbers, I would slam sell every one of those shits and start over with $1,000. The fact that those numbers are 1000X my portfolio slightly biases my decision

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Nah those who been here since jan 2017 made it

Those who joined in Q4 2017 likely didn't unless they had strong initial capital to put in. The gap between early and late 2017 joiners was x100 ROI difference.

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CYMI is a good one. I'm using its crypto card and I like the zero fees that it offers on all transactions