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It’s going to dump during or after smartcon isn’t it

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Depends on smartcon

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Yep, easy demoralization tactic. It'll dump after the nothingburger event

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yeah bro, sell the news for sure

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I'm preparing my sell orders as we speak. Sirgay and his posse of breakdancing niggers aren't about to dump on me again.

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It will pump into staking 0.2v and then dump while you're trapped with no ability to sell.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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How longs that unbonding time? Ohhh yeah 2 fucking weeks.

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Is there an estimated date when this is coming out? Probably not. Will i be able to participate? Probably not.

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>you’re trapped
>lol unbound in two weeks
Yea you’re actually fucking stupid

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Eth mooned hard within 2 years.
LINK is 6 years old already and has only given mediocre returns. Youre not early to anything.
Token not needed was correct.
This is textbook buy the rumor sell the news for smart con

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It will dump but won’t stay down for long

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2 weeks in a volatile market is an eternity

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I will sell on Sunday, and rebuy later. Screencap this, there will be talks that people go apeshit over, and then the euphoria wears off 6 hours later once you realize the timetable. Screen cap this and come back to it, 100% guaranteed

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Better plan ahead of time

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cool bro how about you sell the news and i don't

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i would kill myself if i sold link at $6 after holding for 5 years and then it went to $100. so yeah pretty accurate. i'm sure we'll get some people just like this

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Check the charts from the last few Smartcons and come to your own conclusions.
>hint: it will dump

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These people are probably dead now.

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It always does.

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I'd buy RAIL instead.

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>Patrick Collins seething in the comments
kek fuddie

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what happened to him? I've been away from this board so I missed this one

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No fucking clue but he left and started an auditing firm or some shit

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