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No jokes no bullshit.
How are we feeling about ETH?

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It bounced from the 0.06 low.
Its still my main bag

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Fees are too high.

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avax will slowly but eventually take over

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>avax will slowly but eventually take over

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It's down on users, while even bnb is up on users from this time last year. Not sure if it's bullish that with the users going to l2s or not. I looking at aztec I don't think eth can switch to privacy using solidity. I don't think they can make a privacy play on chain with tornado being sanctioned. It's super secure, best tokenomics but no one can really afford to use the chain that much. I'm also poor and not worth listening too

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The first thing I am doing one shimmer EVM goes lives tomorrow. I am moving all eth value to fee free shimmer. Sick of gas fees.

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I feel pretty confident