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Collecting neetbux. My brother does IT WFH. Me and my brother live in my house. We split the mortgage and we share my car. We both go to Wawa to save money. We are both investing in crypto and real estate. WAGMI!!!!

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If you google search "big tit brunette" with safe search off, you'd be amazed by the results.

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You're the landlord of your brother while you don't work and he works? That's a strange situation. But if you are both alright with that there's nothing wrong.

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OP was molested by his father. he collects $930/month in SSI disability for low grade mental retardation, autism, and other documented mental illnesses. he still lives with his father, who takes all of his $930/month SSI disability. OP posts these inane shit threads as a coping mechanism.

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Incredibly based and brother-pilled.

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I'm considering threatening suicide and getting mental disability neetbux. I literally see no downside