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A whale spent 19 BTC >$500K in fees on a single transaction.

As a basic user, can something like this happen to me? Can it happen to Monero?

In CakeWallet all of this stuff seems automatic?

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>jew glownigger seething & coping hardcore

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It will literally tell you the fee and you have to press a button to confirm.

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it cannot happen in monero because nobody uses that ghost chain.

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>he doesn't know

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no seriously, maybe 100 people use it so fuck off

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>he doesn’t know how to check the transactions in each block are rising year over year since creation
I hope you never make it Anon. You sound like a fiat banker cuck

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>>he doesn’t know how to check the transactions in each block are rising year over year since creation
stagnant 3 years and now declining

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it has almost 3B marketcap and it has been consistenly growing. XMR also outperformed all other assets this cryptoBear.

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is this "outperformance" in the room with us now?

done with you retards

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I love monero as the next guy, but
>txid or it didn't happen

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Sometimes I think it would be fun to fud xmr with you guys but I just can't I'm too autistic it feels like it would be lying.

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the wallet will tell you how much is the tx fee before you send.
in xmr you get the same fees for transferring $1 or $9999999999999.
the fees can actually be set by you with the proper knowledge. it is not recommended since it will fuck up your privacy since your txfee will be different from every other fee.
wallets calculate the tx fee depending on the network usage at the time of the tx. they all use the same method (i believe).

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>everyone is a retard that sees it is making higher lows since 2016

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Don’t even tell them about the stable block transaction growth throughout. We got Jewed hard early on but they ended up being too early. Now that it has been banned and its user’s ostracized severely, the ones still holding are not fucking selling. Good game finance Jews.

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It was paypal, they didn't properly audit their new system. So yes, it can happen to Monero, but would be much harder to detect or refund (the miner offered paypal a refund for the 19 BTC).

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>Can it happen to Monero?
An evil node can recommend an overcharge fed fee to a wallet. It has happened before. Most XMR wallets have hard coded a warning if the fee is out of the expected range. As well, you still have to approve the transaction. Otherwise, the simplest is to run your own node. If you can't trust your own node, what can you trust?