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Is /biz/ going to rope when Cardano wins and Charles has the last laugh?

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Cardano is the same iota shit except still centralized with fees. They coulda at least made it fee free like iota if they were going to fuck things up like iota.

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What do you mean? Cardano is the most decentralized blockchain there is with literal no VC funding or stake and their staking protocol, which was created way before Ethereum's absolute dog shit staking.

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0 research and sub 70 iq tribalism: the post

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Charlie already won... all of your money you dumbfucks.

Now the fat fuck flies around the world in his private jet, trolling you with pics from different places and you still begging to suck his dick you fucking imbeciles.

Who the fuck is so dumb to invest in a chain founded by a pathological liar who cant even code.
Keep riding that shit to zero, don't ever give up, you deserve it!

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Cardano literally 100x'd last bull cycle.

This bull cycle, Cardano is going to 60x to $15.

Stay poor Rajesh.

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Verification not required.

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Based Cardano Chad

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Because I'm nutzacked and staked.

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Cardano Chads out here winning and getting that sweet staking reward.

Get that ADA, king.

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>Who the fuck is so dumb to invest in a chain founded by a pathological liar who cant even code.
>Keep riding that shit to zero, don't ever give up, you deserve it!
Is this about that nasty but also probably right sort of thing he said about you vitalik?

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What did Charles say about that freaky fuck Vitalik?

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>What did Charles say about that freaky fuck Vitalik?
Something along the lines of
>I can tell you this, you'll never see him on a date. With a woman anyway.
He also reminded the people watching that he's worked directly with him before

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Go to bed Charles I know you're reading this.

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Win what? Ticket to irrelevance? If that's the case, it might have already won

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Yet it's still holding #7 in marketcap no problem and literally no one is selling Cardano right now.

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>vitalik fell in love with charles
>but charles-san said it was not daijoubo
>this is why vitalik kicked him out of eth

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>market cap
literally a meme metric, there is shitload of tokens worth 20-30 cents each, of course it will have high le marketcap
>no one is selling
I see. That must be why it's down ~90 percent

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All Ada does is fund Charles lavish lifestyle and you guys cheer him on it’s pathetic

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ADA prints me money, seethe harder nocoiner

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Charles travels so much because he's researching which countries are US extradition proof.

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Same. Staking in the spectrum ispo right now it sucks not earning my ada rewards but spectrum dex is looking pretty solid with their focus on actually being decentralized unlike the jeet dexes we got right now with their centralized batchers. The only one I really like out of the current dexes is muesliswap, then maybe wingriders.

Wouldn't touch minswap ever even if it is the most popular dex right now. Redditors are retarded and completely forget the time the entire dex almost got rugged if not for wingriders letting those jeets know their source code was full of bugs. Then they used the vulnerabilities to rug their own contracts, deploy new closed source contracts, and put all the assets back in the pools. Total shit show on a level worse than sundaeswap. At least sundaeswap contract hasn't been proven insecure.

Spectrum is open source from the start and allows you to run batchers yourself so it's actually decentralized.

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Somehow just looked at the faces of the minswap team and noticed none of them had genuinely nerdy features, just the casual hipster- and asian ~25y old college group of kids. Never touched it because of that.
Haven't been able to trust the israeli based team @ the djed gang, either. With stables, it's either trust the code with algos or trust the team with the centralized, and so far only binance and dai have seemed trustworthy to me, and those haven't been incorporated yet.
The experiment with djed (and coti, which seems speculative) seems too risky to place your funds into unless it will even out its fees and had its code tested in time. Coti is seemingly overshooting its prognosis and the delisting of their native token on the major exchanges is worrying to me. I haven't met one Jew I would trust with my money, even though for once this team want to operate as transparently as possible and deliver on their promises exactly because it will be extremely profitable if they get the reward mechanism right. Still didn't trust it.
Stables on Cardano will be a major feature, and I wish something like dai or busd could be wrapped somewhere. I'd rather trust some schitzo xmr wallet dev than the tether executives with my money.

Muesliswap was the frist to launch and sundaeswap had it fair share of lessons on the road. As so far I would trust the code on sundaeswap at least.

I never jumped meme coins, but snek would be the best, if not only real candidate for some culture subgroup in the ecosystem.

The 'digital nation' aspect of the Cardano culture seems legit. I hope it will develop favorably. I am exited about liqwid, and I hope the code will be bulletproof. Seems coherent enough, as does world mobile.

I am actually thinking the rollout is going very well. Not too fast and not too slow. I'll pan out nicely I think.

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No /biz/ is going to laugh when this forgettable moron has to make a YouTube video begging for money to pay his mortgage and minimum credit card payments. All he'll receive is mockery and then he will rope and be forgotten in less than 3 days.

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I won't touch liqwid for one because the founder is a nigger that puts his family members in positions they are unqualified for. Huge red flag. See also

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This. Cardano prints money every bull cycle, it's hilarious.

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Yeah cause it was shorted so heavily and entered contango. Bitmex has been manipulating it to liquidate shorts since 2017. If you try to sell a significant amount on spot the price slips A LOT.

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charles couldnt reach Sergey's ability and vision even in his wildest wetdream

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>buys the top because "two more weeks for smart contracts"
>lies about buying at $0.000000001

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avalanche bagholder COPE

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>Haven't been able to trust the israeli based team @ the djed gang, either.

That is one of my biggest gripes .... Wish they had a stablecoin that was solid and not run by kikes.

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Cardano is the superior coin. The whole ecosystem is just buzzing. Literally hundreds of great dapps.

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Lol how about that.. It seemed way overbought to me, so I held out. I think I have such a highly tuned scam detector that I'd wish I had the balls to actually sell the coins for fiat stables, which fundamentally are completely unstrustworthy, when the top was as obvious as it still was to me. I really kind of regret a 10x loss in that sense.

Next time I'll have to sell the top to make it but I'll be very strict with which stables, and possibly half-half it with monero which has shown the best stability out there compared to anything but buttcoin.

Anyone know any non-kyc exchange that seems honest enough and has lending interests avaliable?
I have to compare how risky it seems to some generic stables wallet, and kucoin still seems to have lending avaliable for non-kyc ustomers, but has been aggressive in their marketing on sudden kyc-compliance.

Seriously wondering if I just should dump next top in monero which only drops 3x every cycle, but stables might be a better option.

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It might just be my english here, but if I lend you money, you borrow it. Right?

Other than that, kucoin lets you lend them your shit for a period of time and they give you interest in return and I don't give them my information. Not sure for how long though.

I also think you can borrow shit with collateral, which is how they generate interest. You just can't send the amount borrowed or amount put as collateral out of the exchange, basically making it a casino for you to gamble and lose your money in (thanks to insider knowledge and how shorts are liquidated).

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Shimmer EVM vs cardano... shimmer evm tomorrow wins. Cardano is HOT TRASH. Who is paying a fee at all in 2023? Shimmer is fee FREE. Stop shilling useless coins. EVEN MMORPG ingame cash has no fees. Zero fees ZERO. WTF is the small fee on cardano even for? Outdated trash.