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Bongs, we're running out of crypto friendly banks. Which banks are still good?

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Just use Revolut.

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From 16 October 2023, if we think you're making a payment related to cars, we'll decline it. If you'd still want to buy a car, you can try using a different bank or provider instead - but please be cautious, as you may end up in a car crash.

Please head to our website for more info about how to use public transport

We've made this decision because cars are increasingly responsible for car crashes. Declining these payments is one of the ways we're helping keep you and your family safe.

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Monzo / Revolut

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Why do you need a bank? Just use your crypto

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This, but unironically.

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yeh just use your crypto to buy more crypto. simple bro.

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I need to sell to pay my mortgage. How the fuck do I do that? Does kraken still work?

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It would be a great analogy if 90% of car purchases ended up to be indian scams targeting old people, where the victim then goes on TV and blames the bank for allowing the transaction to occur

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Chase doesn't have to investigate 75% of car sales with their fraud department. It's literally a resource drain on the entire bank if the entire fraud team is constantly investigating transfers to the same asset class.

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Since when was it the bank’s job to protect people from making retarded decisions with their money? Nobody forced these retarded boomers to send money to some pajeet scammer, they did it of their own free will.

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so the bottom will be after october 16?

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>If you want to buy crypto, use a different bank
Well problem solved. They even tell you not to do business with them.

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It looks like its just the UK digital branch of Chase that is doing this.

Also unrelated but if anyone knows which credit card providers let you buy USDC? Anyone just list a credit card you have used to buy crypto in the US. Thanks

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I'm not discussing this as whichever get mentioned will end up spammed with scammers (like op) and only make things more difficult

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A big brain anon in a previous related thread, possibly yourself, made an excellent big brain call regarding selective on ramping. Luckily, I'm already ramped.

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only smart fren ITT

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I think I know the post you are referring to. Suspicious timing, isn't it?

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Indeed. Indeed.
Perhaps it'd be interesting to watch whom places some phatty bag orders shortly. They're all kyced
>high value
>high frequency
>investment professional
things. Of coarse. So, should be no problem checking that.

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Damn this ain't good

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they have been doing this slowly over the past 2 years. funny how rishi wants the uk to be the worlds "leading country in crypto" yet the banks are all gatekeeping. doesnt add up, guess they dont want people getting ahead and using anything other than the gov cbdc. it all starts in london.

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Can I see the post please