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>Ccip not on mainnet
>staking isn’t even v1 yet
>no users
Yeah I wouldn’t trust this pump if I were you linkies. Sub $5 soon

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super compelling thread anon

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>it keeps going up

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Bro you dont understand chainlink

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There is absolutely no fucking reason for this pump

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Didnt this happen last year? Pre Smartcon hype runup…then 30 seconds in

>homeless bucket band

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Crypto is a ghost town right now, but few projects actually do anything and link is one of them. I'm not selling.

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It doesn’t do anything dumbass

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>fudcucks literally obsessed with my investments and would do anything to make me sell, even gargle my balls and suck my toes (which they would enjoy because they're absolute faggots)
sorry just not selling
no, not even if you sit here for the rest of your waking hours every single day making the same shit over and over again
all fields