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>wake up at 7:59
>turn on mouse jiggler
>set 1h timer to check and reply to messages
>finish chores in one hour
>ponder lifes many questions for an hour
>go to gym during lunch
>spend the rest of the day being a racist on the internet

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WFH is the future

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Because no one will fucking hire me.

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get a job with the military doing production support. then get a wfh job doing the same thing
t. someone with experince

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I do even less than that but I'm looking for a new job. I need to make more money if I ever want to invest a worthwhile amount. At this point I'd rather actually WORK from home if it means I have a shot at owning a house.

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6 figure WFH in mornings
lift at Lunch
go into the office in afternoon for 4 hours
then do cardio after work
Abs almost popping

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I did this but got a second job and became overemployed. Thinking about quitting my extra job to have more time for home projects and being racist on the internet though.

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>Wake up at 3PM
>Day trade futures for 2 hours (I'm in Europe so s&p markets close at 11PM)
>Lose thousands
>Shot of triple espresso (5 of them)
>Watch Master & Commander for the 5th time this month
>Shot of Johnnie Walker and a coke zero
>Go to bed crying

Definitely gonna make it one of these days

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>lose thousands
Sounds about right