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Give me some reasons not to kill myself. I'm so tired of this shit

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you got nice repeating digits

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idek what to say broski when did u start? nigga i started last 2021 top and been stuck in this whore ass market since why cant they just bring us the bull now WHYYY PLEASE 2024 COME FASTER

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You should stay alive to spite the world and disrupt things for all the NPCs and their puppet masters

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You haven't tried abusing steroids yet

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Do a flip, faggot.

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If you're white definitely kys, otherwise don't.

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Opportunity cost

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dont have any

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to see where this all goes

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Okay, here is one the whole derivative market incloding crypto is going to 0!

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Because you can make life better alive, you have no idea what your agency’s like after. Even if theirs no soul shuffled cards repeat hands and molecules will recombine to have you replay this life over and over.

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If you kill yourself people who hate you will be happy.

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you have the entire rest of eternity to be dead. you can fake it for another ~50 years you humongous faggot

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this post blinded me.