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ngl kava is kind of cookin right now

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If it was fucking cooking it'd be $1 again. Fuck.

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this is my face when one of my favorite shitcoins has increased by 1% in the last 24 hours. please like and subscribe for more daily crypto memes and jokes and make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram.

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>Still no high value high TVL projects
>Kava Rise program practically pristine, no dev has wanted to sink their teeth into it yet
>"Terra Labs 2.0", ATH is $5
Cut my life into pieces.

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Everyone is cooking fr no cap dat altcoin season really do be cookin fr on g

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Can you smell what The Rock is cooking, though?

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Haha brilliant meme my friend! Have my upvote!

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Go ahead bro, go synthetize a high quality high tvl bread winner project with ChatGPT since you are so much better at it. Lmao

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What happened to their rise program? so far nobody has shown any real interest to build something interesting besides the jeets behind Quickswap.

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jokes aside i fucking hope this is real and it's not just a red herring. holy shit. i did the diversifiaction meme and i dont know if it was the worst mistake of my life or if i did actually buy shit for cheap.
>tfw 90% of my assets are not bitcoin
>all of it is crypto regardless
these defi encouragement projects need to get big and healthy. please.

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that was announced like two months ago. if you think quality software can be built in two months you are absolutely retarded. they will come in time one shortly after the other and kava will once again be a good purchase decision.

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AI generated shit feels like what you'd have during a fucking fever dream

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>he fell for the "altcoin" scam meme
>he doesn't know that the only way to make it so to accumulate as much BTC as possible.
Kek this is why you faggots never make it despite only having to follow such a simple strategy.

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d-don't forget to sign up for my patreon to join my discord community and enjoy some uhhh..... 'insider' info ;^)

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your shitcoin isn't going to make it either, fag

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What the FUCK am I looking at.

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This whole thread smells of chatGPT written posts. Disgusting.

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you trannies are eerily easy to spot.

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>My market understanding is the correct way
>You are all wrong (except for me)
>It's so obvious bro
My nigga...

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i fucking hate myself for chuckling at this garbage.

it's already erc-20 bro. kinetix should be filed with shitcoins ripe for investments at this point.

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I made a porn game in RPG Maker in one month and it netted me over a thousand dollars in Steam. Note that I didn't even create art or use AI for it it was all text boxes with my own written smut.