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First for brap

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today the golden bullrun starts

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Third for sniff

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First for worst /smg/ ever

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What is spy's bottom?

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How the fuck is Sweden weaker than DAX today? Something is off.

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I would like to buy TBF, but my broker does not offer it :(

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9th for /LEAN HAWGS

Stay winnin HE-LE pair traders

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I'm feeling good about today, bros.

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>HE-LE pair traders
How does it work? Long HE and short LE?

t. long LE short GF

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>wake up
>green as fuck
Anyone else?

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Wheat futures bouncing back (mildly) and PYPL in the green in PM so yeah me too.

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No, I'm blue.

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Come out bobo

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I'm predicting green futures but it'll be red by end of day

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>Vortexa data thus far for September, has Saudi Arabian crude exports ~800KBbl/d higher than the August exit 3-week average, touching 7.5MMBbl/d during the week ended September 15th. While the market may digest this news poorly in the coming weeks, as official news is filtered through JODI (with said reaction contributing to our view that >$90/Bbl isn't permanent), we don't view higher exports as detrimental to balances, and still largely think OPEC cuts will be directionally complied with (i.e. we will be short barrels). Given recent weakness in equity prices, it's our view that export-headline led softening in duration names would be an opportunity to increase positioning.
>With Middle Easten floating storage now ~70% off of August highs, when the original exports cuts started to really hit the tape, we are confident that a momentarily increase in exports is not an increase in production, rather an expected easing in local demand, and the rearrangement of stockpiles.

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Da ba di da ba die

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Here comes the fed speaker

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>BABA +4%
wtf guys did the chinks pump their own bags?

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Let him cook

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to get retail’s liquidity
rug inbound

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And today we pump

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Another great day REIT gods

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>Zey shorted zee stocks?
>Pamp eet.

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Crox in my mind is going to be the next coca cola. Imagine coke early on and who would possibly have considered investing long term. it was sugar water. easily exposed to competition, all it had was branding. But in a market where your product is extremely cheap to manufacture (expanded foam shoes, like bottled sugar water), establishing yourself as THE brand means that you can maintain super solid margins AND provide your customer with the brand name satisfaction from purchasing THE brand. Coke succeeded because it cost so little extra in the large scale of things to just go ahead and get THE brand. All brown sugar water is often called “coke”, and similarly, all foam clogs will always be called “crocs” even if they are some other brand. Crocs IS THE brand you want to have, its the name brand of its category. And they make like insane margins charging even $50 per pair. This is also why they actually do BETTER in recessions. Its the cheapest shoe you can buy and get the “top of the line”. People don’t forego luxuries altogether and crocs, like coca cola, is a very, very good deal for consumers who are even somewhat brand conscious (basically everyone). Look at their growth in Asian, African markets. It’s clearly evidence that slightly cheaper knock offs are just not hurting their business whatsoever. Also consider the general trend of the worlds economy. Theres broadly a massive trend to work-from-home and service related occupations. I would argue Crocs is THE shoe for WFH and an extremely popular choice for service type occupations. The fact its a top choice for nurses and kitchen workers is a huge compliment to their actual utility as more than comfort, but also durable and high functioning. There are even more broad market trends im not going over but suffice to say, Crocs is either going to be bought, or they will be an insanely solid, extremely profitable, high ROI, high FCF business for the next 50+ years.

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Fresh pasta is served.

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The market will remain fake & gay until every last Bobo is mind broken & transistions into pic.

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Thoughts on TGT?

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TLDR We will all be too poor to buy nice shoes and will have to buy crox

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Do people think it will be a green Friday?

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Remember, it's a Friday and Fridays are normally red days.

Also, first for NVDA to $100/share EOY

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I think we get a small dcb, rob theta from figgahs all day resume normal operation (falling bigly) during sour hour. Barring no stupid fedniggers speak today.

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Yes the spread for hogs and cattle is wide right now; so long HE and shorting LE or GF

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I am 33 and for the first time in my life did I put in an application for work. Make of that what you will.

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that is a sharp lookin bobo

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Agreed. SPY has place it needs to be

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Granted, I'm wearing some crocks brand flipflops right now I think.
Still Coke plays some weird games with exclusivity that Crocks can't. It's not like some airports or whatever will only allow official Crocks branded shoes if you don't want to wear actual shoes.

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Are you memeing or actually retarded enough to think NVDA will go that low?

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Yeah I see that the HE/LE ratio is fairly low. If I were to combine HE-LE with LE-GF I'd end up with HE-GF, so that's probably the better pair, at least until ~February

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Well done bro, honestly. Work makes you free unironically.

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If you check the data male labor participation typically falls during recessions and crabs otherwise.

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$100 off from the ATH so far, $300 more to go.
Get real, baggie.

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Also, Chacos gang.

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800 is the goal, we just need 100%

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Nvidia's forward PE is 40. You are going to shoot yourself in the foot you drooling retard, the entire MSCI world will restructure their data bases with NVIDIA architecture

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that would put it at $2 trillion valuation, and with their $27 billion revenue? yeah that makes sense, 100%. Mhm, let's just ignore the fed tightening up the money supply. Realistic.

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Your reply is so sarcastic that I'm not sure if you got my sarcasm.

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>Fat Bear Week starts in October

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Heh, I guess it does spike at the beginning.

>> No.56169050

25 after this decline

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I’m thinking that the market might be completely dead at this point. We’re seeing endless articles about population decline and low future economic growth. The only saving grace is AI, and I don’t think that will be enough.

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Does the market usually rise the rest of the year following September?

>> No.56169075

I make all of my trades based on off hand comments youtubers make and sell as soon as I hear someone recommend the trade im in
I am currently in SRS and DRV

>> No.56169077

Bottom signal for normie cattle. Bull run is on the way

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What will happen when the ten year yield hits 5% by eoy?

>> No.56169087

Whisper.ai and an LLM with a decent FSL prompt could replace probably 25% of the staff at most fast food restaurants. Anyone running their own stuff knows how to set this up and a number of chains are already doing it in production today.

AI is weird. It's simultaneously overestimated and underestimated, kind of like the internet in the 90s was. It's not going to turn people into gods or whatever but it will have a non-trivial deflationary effect.

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if you aren't buying in September and going away, are you even paying attention?
>bobos: this is it! this is the big one!
>bulls: *autistic rambling and silence*
no better signal for me

>> No.56169098

Banks will cum and buy insane amounts.

I don't see why a retail investor should buy more than the 12 month right now for the next year.

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Nailed it.

>> No.56169110

I feel like an idiot.
I did all my options trading in my IRA to save on taxes but it means my fucking retirement account has all the crazy high risk positions. It also means it's very bearish while my unrestricted account is full of boomer buy-and-hold value positions. I almost never have a day where they both move the same direction.

>> No.56169111

It’s weird how dismissive most normal people are. Read the comments on any /r/economics thread and most of the comments say that AI is just as useless as crypto. They must not have any original ideas, because I’ve already come up with a bunch of use cases that I can use for work. And I’m not a very creative person. I can only imagine what other people have/will come up with.

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Here comes the Heem

>> No.56169121

All admin work can unironically be replaced by AI. In Google since they started using AI they have started making their cloud and youtube profitable. Go and figure, most normies overrate their competence and importance

>> No.56169126

Yeah, that's the thing most people don't think that much about using it with excel, PowerPoint etc. Like even these basic things could be huge value adds, and that's not including like modular market content and other possibilities that are very real.

>> No.56169127

Reddit is 90% astroturf and 10% dopamine addicted retards. You will actually be more intelligent if you block it and never ever visit the site. It's crazy Huffman managed to build a site even worse than 4chan.

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>> No.56169135

Meh. I'm pretty bearish on AI being applied to admin work. It might have a moderate effect but Excel and VBA should have revolutionized it and it really didn't.
Maybe conversational chat bots work better with the typical female retard they hire to do those things but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

>> No.56169138

what are these stupid faggots doing this morning, constant retarded candles but the market moves nowhere

>> No.56169142

it will pump to 4400 and close the weekend there

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This is a game created by the leading AI developer in the world. They spent 1 trillion dollars on this.

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Here comes the heem
(Do do do do)
Here comes the heem
Its alright

>> No.56169156

very realistic Abo skins

>> No.56169161

>admin work
Most accounting, paper pushing, finantial departments, law departments (unironically alredy BTFOes lawyers and lawyers want to ban it for a reason) and customer service can be done with AI. Companies taking advantage of it is a whole different story

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no this is the right thing to do and in general terms you are on the right path
your only problem is how much of your IRA is risky otherwise taxable plays
simply scale the risky plays back a bit
for instance, you could only do risky plays in your IRA as much as the total money you have in your brokerage
maybe even less, personal preference
just reduce total amount on high risk and you are golden

>> No.56169171

Faggot, go back and stay the fuck back. This place should autopermaban anyone with reddit cookies.

>> No.56169175

do you really wanna hold over the weekend in this market lol

>> No.56169181

Some I've worked with are already making their moves. But it'll take time to release fully fleshed out products. Especially since it takes a lot of Capex to buy these expensive ass nvidia chips.

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>> No.56169185

it has to bounce , think about the economy , millions would starve

>> No.56169186

Most of it could be done in VBA but it isn't. These things are more a social artifact than a real necessity. That's why I'm really not convinced AI will meaningfully change it.

>> No.56169189

Yes why wouldn't you hold if you own good companies at reasonable prices?

>> No.56169190

>millions would starve
that would actually be really good for a lot of americans
thank you for your exit liquidity

>> No.56169195

That makes me feel better. At least half the account is in bonds and cash so maybe I'm not in such a bad spot. Seeing the big red number in the mornings messes with me though.

>> No.56169200

>most of the comments say that AI is just as useless as crypto
kek, even if you completely discount any business applications/automations with AI, it's proven itself to be the search engine most people actually want when they look stuff up

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You're welcome, shortsighted doomer.

>> No.56169209

Thank you for selling me something I want for even cheaper. The market is a voting machine day by day, but overtime it is a weighing machine and valuations do matter.

>> No.56169214

>exit liquidity
lol retard

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>> No.56169220

AI has been used to optimize gaming graphics, optimize the performance of databases and to design semiconductor chips. Unironically redditors are retarded.

>> No.56169221

its not about doomer or not, its about overvalued. bubbles pop, and you will need to invest a lot more capital to get back to your current dca. thank you for your resolve though.

>> No.56169226

It would take an actual apocalypse (as in: not a fake one like COVID) to have real starvation in the US. The economy could deteriorate to a pretty extreme degree before that really got going.

>> No.56169231

Skyrim could've drawn stuff as good as this. This is zero progress in graphics quality in ten years. Of course, this game requires a far more capable and expensive graphics card to run than Skyrim did, lol.

>> No.56169233

Retard that's why you buy your shares of what you want at a reasonable price. Then you can hold without issue.

You truly are the blackest gorilla nigger

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>> No.56169246

im talking about tech, so it depends on what you are talking about. but you are probably also talking about tech, so that makes you the gorilla nigger because you have no idea what you are talking about.

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File: 410 KB, 1403x779, Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 06-52-58 S&P 500 Map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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the market is healing

>> No.56169272

I own some tech stock yes. But I bought it at much cheaper prices than now. Like I don't mind holding my aapl and msft since I'm so far removed from that shit hitting my cost per share. I just collect the divvy as these companies print money and will return solidly.

Same for blackstone and other shit I have.

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feels about numbers are a sign you are taking more risk than advisable
it leads to bad decision making too
but putting taxable events in a nontaxable account is very smart
once you scale back in your IRA and i suggest you do from your previous posts, look at higher risk but hold forever type of investments in your brokerage if you want to remain relatively untaxed and still maintain an aggressive posture without being a complete degen in your IRA

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>> No.56169278

learn to listen when oil speaks

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I wasn't talking about tech. You know what happens when you assume.

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I wouldn’t short here unless you are going to enter and avg down on this bounce. Waiting here, may scalp some 0dte longs to duck around

>> No.56169294

sounds like a lot of smugness to me, I cant wait for that to get wiped away
>he didnt assume anything when he began talking to me

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I assumed you were a braindead zoomer and I was correct.

>> No.56169304

I mean I'm not smug, I've been reasonable and have profits from it. But I have a good personal inflow of cash so it's much easier to have a lesser risk appetite that requires me to buy and sell constantly instead of just buy overtime.

I don't think I'll suddenly get wiped, but if I did I would be more concerned about how much ammo I have not my net worth.

>> No.56169308

3 mins for liftoff. or heem

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>Stocks only go up they said.

>> No.56169312

First of all, we've had AI for like 20 years now and all of a sudden it's a big thing?
Generative language models don't do anything except generate text. If you're some braindead business mba who makes power meaningless power points I guess chatGPT must seem like the next big thing. However for regular people it's useless. The interesting thing though is that even professionals have been ensared by the "AI" illusion. I met a respectable professor recently who told me he made a company based on an AI search engine. Like, what's that gonna do that google doesn't already do better?
If you don't actually know how machine learning works I guess it must seem like a huge revolution but in truth like, the transformer was invented in 2017, gans in 2015.
Don't get me wrong, ML is big and will be an even bigger part of the future but people investing in ""AI"" and generating hype for models they don't understand will be bagholding soon, as God intended.

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>> No.56169321

wrong again retard.
its not a 'sudden' thing you should be worried about. its your smugness and confidence in being correct, and then eventually when you realize that you arent, eventually you'll understand what the bears here have been saying about tech. its ok. I work in tech. you just dont get it yet.

>> No.56169326

Lots of things and ideas exist for a while. Like tons of shit is always limited by tech to execute it, the new nvda tech is so much more powerful that you can deliver on this shit actually.

Kinda like how current battery storage tech limits a lot of shit we know you can totally do otherwise.

>> No.56169336

The options market actually thinks QYLD won't hit $16?

>> No.56169337
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are we going up or what? don't have all day to stare at the charts

>> No.56169339

Oh God, you're one of those self important gen x IT guys that nobody likes and shoves in a closet in some dark floor of the building.

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am i going to make money today?

>> No.56169343

I mean I did work for Salesforce before and have google clients rn. But I can read financial statements and see a few companies are doing quite well.... You can see their future plans, like apples transition to maximizing the value per phone with high margin service offerings.

>> No.56169344
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looking crabbish
is this still le big one, bobos?

>> No.56169345

are you long energy?

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>> No.56169349

>and all of a sudden it's a big thing?
>WHat is Moore's law?
>What is massive data gathering

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Dump is over already? I mean, I bought a bit, but that's disappointing, I wanted to buy more in the way down

>> No.56169352

no im in sales. tech sales is slowing down. ignore me all you want. it isnt the same industry.
everyone is working off of services right now. everyone. it all rides on the consumer.

>> No.56169354

People always buy on Fridays
It'll crash again Monday if it doesn't by end of day today

>> No.56169356


>> No.56169360

then I can't say for sure you will be making money today.

>> No.56169362

How are bobos enjoying clown world today? Fucking lmao.

>> No.56169365

yeah thinking about moving my limit buys up from resistance levels
real nothingburger this one

>> No.56169368
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>no im in sales
The blackest gorilla niggers of all. No wonder you're a confident retard.

>> No.56169370


>> No.56169377

I know, you're the 500 iq navy seal nigger who plays everything correctly

>> No.56169378

Are we all agree it's a pump day before crushing again on Monday?

>> No.56169383

All within expected ranges.

>> No.56169384
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At least I can use the shift key on my keyboard, as well as punctuation.

>> No.56169387

No, that is me

>> No.56169390
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Buying more OSTK

>> No.56169393

>punctuation on an imageboard

>> No.56169394
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I warned bobos yesterday was a bear trap. It looks like reckoning is coming and we pumping to a 20% return this year

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>> No.56169397

I'm a simple man
I see TTOO down 10% i buy and trade before close for easy profit

>> No.56169400
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>Not using images on an image board

>> No.56169402

>AGI is coming guys!! muhh rocco's basilisk

>> No.56169405

Sell some naked puts like a real mumu would.

>> No.56169409

XOP is pumping. Someone woke up today and finally accepted this oil price is here to stay.

>> No.56169415
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yep, dump is over. look at these ATHs!

>> No.56169416

the image board part isnt my day job, that part is IT/tech sales, which I mentioned. You obviously dont have a day job or even any money, you just like to act like you know everything without actually knowing anything, I know exactly which tranny you are. How are your faggot ass marijuana stocks doing?

>> No.56169417
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>expected ranges

>> No.56169419
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I'm watching you closely.

>> No.56169431

>AGI is coming guys
No one said that moron. AI alredy has some useful applications even if it is not AGI. The limiting factor before was a lack parallelization and computing power

>> No.56169436
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Uraniumchads where you at??

>> No.56169437

My company is now only hiring women for tech positions.
Zoomers get fucked. No house, no job, no gf, all your friends are faggots. lmao

>> No.56169439
File: 420 KB, 673x513, 1669835607620113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a job, and a bit of money. A big crunch time project finished last week and all this week's work is done; I'm just chillin for today. I've also never invested in marijuana stocks in my life. Well, assuming they weren't part of Russell 2000 or anything. Anyway, run along, you've got some retarded lies to sell in order to keep your "job".

>> No.56169443

Reminder: Do not drink the Kool Aid - sell the rip on Monday near close if options, or Tuesday premarket if shares
Relief rally is in order - don't get sucked in thinking that it is real - cash in, cash out, lock in profits

>> No.56169445

Give ticket so I can short it

>> No.56169451

All the chads sold.

>> No.56169458
File: 1.47 MB, 236x250, Dyatlov headshake.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo. Camelco bounce happened as I called yesterday: >>56163032

Meanwhile everyone ignored what I said and wandered off to stare at exposed reactor cores or fail to give me feedwater in my reactor.

>> No.56169460

what do you do, pray tell
>he wont

>> No.56169463
File: 2.41 MB, 400x224, 1670038106623099.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me when i make money

>> No.56169464

Tfw comfy Friday with basically all shit cleared from the week and a bunch of people are on PTO.

Das it mane.

>> No.56169466

I got ccj options yesterday after you told me. Oct or Dec expiry

>> No.56169473
File: 395 KB, 511x673, 1674759399321149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I deliver on dumbshit promises made by "people" like you.

>> No.56169479

Not traded

>> No.56169480

exactly, you are a doordash delivery driver
>A big crunch time project
what an absolute faggot

>> No.56169481
File: 68 KB, 1024x937, pepeglasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok guys /pol/ culture war memes aside is TGT a buy yet? They just increased the devidend and it seems margins are recovering. also christmas shopping season

>> No.56169486
File: 150 KB, 365x332, 1667414719909759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A big crunch time project
Yes, of course the sales hominid doesn't know what work goes into their lies.

>> No.56169489

cramer says its ok

>> No.56169490

You both sound like faggots, but your aggressiveness on such a fuckin meme board makes it worse.

>> No.56169491

>he isn't doing his call plan right now
So you're why they keep laying off sales bros.....

>> No.56169495

Did he tweet that it's ok or did he say it on his show?

>> No.56169500

And don't come at me with
>I'm up 85% ytd
or some other bullshit

>> No.56169508

I think he tweeted that inflation had peaked yesterday or something

>> No.56169513
File: 1.64 MB, 1038x1214, 1643257534175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He mad

>> No.56169518

this holiday season is going to be absolutely brutal - people are all out of money; retail activity, people buying shit, is absolutely cratering
people are considering going into big credit card debt in order to fund Christmas this year, but even that isn't on the table for millions and millions of people, as they've already maxed out their lines of credit over the whole last year, trying to spend their way out of inflation, using their credit cards to go on vacation plane trips etc.
it is going to be a major, major disappointment, with retailers having way too much inventory that they will have to mark down in price in order to sell it, will accrue a lot of losses from this
we are unironically going into a severe recession, a severe hard landing - it is just taking a lot longer than expected, due to Fed turning the liquidity back on "secretly" (eg. BTFP)
it makes no sense to buy retailers like TGT before a recession hits - WMT on the other hand, may hold up okay (but even WMT will fall due to beta)

>> No.56169524
File: 595 KB, 1404x722, OIL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169529


>> No.56169530

he said it on his show, that he 'wouldn't fight anyone buying it' which is unusually vague for him

>> No.56169533

Cramer was saying it's ok to sell everything on his show yesterday and that retail should sell

>> No.56169538

I'm not sure that means as much for target as the political/cultural stuff going on.
Retail theft needs to chill out and they need to fix their branding. Otherwise I don't see it going up and the options market seems to agree with me (which is a shame, it looks like it's all priced in.)

>> No.56169540

im in the tech side of sales, you faggots do the calls and I handle all your dirty work.
you aint even got a job, you're just a big nobody

>> No.56169541

>make 2% one day
>lose 2% one day
Why am I like this?

>> No.56169542
File: 3.56 MB, 400x720, good bear.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169546
File: 46 KB, 809x151, Process for buying physical uranium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>SRUUF: $17.08 0.48 2.90%
Do *you* own enough physical uranium, anon?

>> No.56169549

calm down

>> No.56169557

just post your a pic of portfolio and prove you're a big smarty pants

>> No.56169559

So buy SQQQ?

>> No.56169560

Either retard pump later or flat and monday the retard pump comes on NEW WEEK HOPES

>> No.56169561

Listen James and Bill, both of you get off of here and get back to work. Sales and operations are both critical to hitting our goals.

>> No.56169564

Yeah I made like $300 betting against him on WFC. His show seems to have a lot of alpha but I don't want to watch because I know how bad exposure to propaganda can mess with my brain.

>> No.56169565

you first

>> No.56169572

oh shit, gotta short carefully then

>> No.56169586

what the fuck are bears even. they look so much like dogs in certain angles and yet they aren't. are they even related to anyone? are they related to rats since they have 5 fingers and claws or something?

>> No.56169588
File: 74 KB, 600x600, duridstrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a cute Bobo. They are like huge dogmonkeys (as

>> No.56169589

>linking everything that is tracked in NOMINAL terms
Everything is fine, see! NOMINALLY everything is higher!

>> No.56169591

Yeah I love how people are like NEW WEEK NEW ECONOMY!!!!!

>> No.56169596
File: 79 KB, 211x244, 1588345633615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're all REAL figures, as in adjusted for inflation. Read nigga read

>> No.56169599
File: 766 KB, 1566x1118, Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 10.30.37 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169613
File: 155 KB, 356x414, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169614

Ursidae is literally the closest living family to Canidae, so yeah they're fairly close to dogs.

>> No.56169615
File: 26 KB, 512x501, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they're more related to cats than they are with dogs

>> No.56169621
File: 140 KB, 283x296, 1665165129141400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh yes, you've defeated me mumu. Best to slurp the dip, slurp it all. You're time is running out.

>> No.56169623

Wait you guys are actually taking physical deliveries on your futures?
Do you own actual land to store this on or are you shoving it in cabinets in some apartment?

>> No.56169627

Oh you're right - they are chained to certain years - sorry
Regardless, the move downward will be swift and "unexpected" - it doesn't happen beforehand
In other words, past performance doesn't guarantee future results
It has held up due to covid stimulus - all of this excess savings is now depleted and then some
If you're directly boosting consumers savings, you shouldn't be surprised that they were able to consume - but eventually, as it already did, it runs otu

>> No.56169630

That's not what the image says at all. It says that all Feliformia split off from Caniformia before Canidae and Ursidae even differentiated.

>> No.56169635

big bull trap to close the gap. all as planned>>56169529

>> No.56169638
File: 3 KB, 224x250, 1625377428639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169639
File: 9 KB, 177x278, 1360532143450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169640
File: 1.98 MB, 304x387, 1683293841360866.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Salesniggers are but beasts of burden, good for nothing but working and discarding.

>> No.56169641

"Cat thing." Lol

>> No.56169646

so they are close to dogs

>> No.56169647
File: 39 KB, 678x525, 1690886464408544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4 legged mammal
>4 legged mammal
>4 legged mammal
>seal lmao
>4 legged mammal
>4 legged mammal
>4 legged mammal

>> No.56169648

?? canidae = canines

>> No.56169653

nigga aint even disclose what he does cause hes probably a plumber out of a job. "big project" is plumbing the humongous tacobell shit he took that absolutely wrecked his american toilet system. so now he's here posting jpeezy meme's cause he has nothing better to do.

>> No.56169655
File: 23 KB, 613x513, uvxy9_22 back test trend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Be there soon after I back test this trend. Also watch dxy to pick back up it's upward moment. DXY up = everything more expensive=bearish

>> No.56169658

Bro wait until you find out whales are ungulates like deer.

>> No.56169660

I got confused

>> No.56169661

I say ARM, you say ___

>> No.56169665
File: 489 KB, 500x832, please.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop pumping

>> No.56169667

Also the Target near me is always packed and full of hot suburban milfs

>> No.56169668

now you're moving goalposts anon. You said consumer spending is "absolutely cratering". It's not. It's at the very least keeping up, I'd go as far as saying it's trending up. I agree changes in spending can be quick and surprising, but you can't claim that spending is declining right now because it just isn't reflected in the data right now. Whenever a crash comes is difficult to forecast because we don't have access to all this data immediately, it will take at least a month or two until we get to see how things like consumption have evolved.

In the meantime, the 2y/10y spread is probably a better indicator to keep an eye on. If it starts uninverting like a motherfucker, that'll be a good leading indicator of a crash.

>> No.56169672
File: 89 KB, 1131x1008, 1683042327109213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf is happening

>> No.56169673
File: 253 KB, 954x954, 1693983711800231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best light up a cigar, and sit down for a nice glass of whiskey. We are not doing shit today.
>Anon, put on some clothes at least.

>> No.56169678
File: 116 KB, 278x321, 1678498124925074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just bored of you is all. Why are you typing like a 20 year old mulatto?

>> No.56169679


>> No.56169680
File: 116 KB, 1810x1116, 1689587450554067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even-toed or odd-toed?

>> No.56169686

mostly cause im bored of you as well I guess

>> No.56169688

You misspelled AMR. No worries anon, just don't accidently buy that pump and ump IPO haha!

>> No.56169692

The meme is real from July to September 8 or 9 weeks, even the August dump week, monday pumped. Last 2 mondays, one pumped. This week only slightly up rather flat, but not down.

>> No.56169694
File: 64 KB, 765x355, arm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Options market looks priced in.

>> No.56169697

Some Iranian guy at work actually hooked me up with a couple of his friends who have a warehouse somewhere that they're paying me to store it at. Sweet deal if you can get it.

>> No.56169702
File: 2.72 MB, 638x360, B8.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhh even I think.

>> No.56169707

Based value add with financial instruments move.

>> No.56169710


>> No.56169711

>bear-dogs aren't rea-

>> No.56169714

This desu.
Take profits, rebuy 30% down

>> No.56169718

>You said consumer spending is "absolutely cratering". It's not.
It is, this quarter, in the past 6 weeks - granted, all of my experience with it is subjective, and has just been from talking to people
everyone I meet, at any store, in any industry, I ask them about their opinion on the economy - I have seen non-stop complaints over the last 6 weeks
>wow it feels like all the demand dried up
>man my online store is selling sooo slow
>man my contracting business has really, really slowed down
>man nobody is buying X anymore it feels like
>oh yeah, it's been super super slow the last couple of weeks in here, very few customers
and this isn't limited to just 1 store or industry - practically economy wide, from how many people I have heard it from
I literally see normie Facebook posts in my feed in addition, complaining about how their online store isn't doing well anymore

>> No.56169719

Bone-crushing dogs

>> No.56169723

Is he okay?

>> No.56169724

>its still on OTC markets
alright boys lets load

>> No.56169728

People are idiots. They will gladly sell to escape panic and fear of seeing a loss or seeing their paper gains go down. The only hope is to remain calm always, which is hard as fuck honestly.

>> No.56169731
File: 61 KB, 1186x643, spending.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is data on the matter idk why y'all fighting for.

They can digest the feathers relatively easily.

>> No.56169736
File: 1.23 MB, 500x280, 1683739136081372.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The orca? No, they're fucked in the head. Also, I'm pretty sure they aren't even true whales.

>> No.56169752

barnacled humpback fins typed this post

>> No.56169759

Anecdotally, I experience the same thing so I get where you're coming from. It's been exceedingly hard to get overtime at my workplace because the corporation is cutting back on costs every way it can, and business definitely seems to be slow. But I've been experiencing this same thing for over a year now, and the common sentiment has been similar for over a year as well. I'm not saying the economy is strong or anything, just that consumer spending is surprisingly inelastic and resilient despite how it seems to me in my personal experience.

>> No.56169761

Did the stingray ded

>> No.56169766
File: 1.04 MB, 480x480, 1685983395346083.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh, it's not like that.

>> No.56169779

right now, we are in the period where instead of laying off employees, they are just cutting hours (nationwide this is going on)
it's the first step - they don't want to let go of employees if they don't have to, after the struggle of attracting labor / labor shortages during covid
so just keep reducing hours, in the hopes that the economy doesn't go into a recession, and then they can increase hours again, without having to lay anyone off
>experiencing for a year now
I agree - and that's one of the problems, that everybody "prepared" for the recession a year ago, and then when it didn't happen, they stopped "bracing" and kept putting themselves deeper and deeper in debt
the only reason that it has stayed "surprisingly inelastic and resilient" is due to credit card usage, where the consumer has put on billions and billions in debt over the past year, just to spend on basic things like food and gas
but now the excess savings are tapped out, and the credit card is tapped out, and the "bracing" is gone

>> No.56169782

I think it's hard to see because people utilize credit more now and still consoooom. But they're also spending on different things, like flights instead of TVs. I think it's also weird as with any economic tightening cycle only larger and better companies really survive.

>> No.56169799
File: 380 KB, 613x658, tabout.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bobo is this it?

>> No.56169802

I suppose the big question next is how much more credit can the normies take before their creditors kindly tell them to fuck off. Consumer loans are still trending up, for now.

>> No.56169803
File: 1.80 MB, 608x1080, 1668377495534645.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget to buckle up before the TAKE OFF

>> No.56169811
File: 672 KB, 832x868, 1629356319340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56169816


>> No.56169817
File: 18 KB, 223x226, download (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56169820

I think what's difficult is they're employed. So people can make some forms of payments, biggest thing will be when and if more people lose jobs. Credit will only be a problem when people finally can't pay their 1k+ BMW payment they got on their 50k salary.

>> No.56169831

He gaan.

>> No.56169837

Reminder to long AAPL.
Radiation debacle and strikes coming in France for the release of the IPhone 15 but will obviously recover from the Icrowd auto-fellating hypebeasts.
Thank me later.

>> No.56169840
File: 11 KB, 573x71, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine shorting when stocks are in a Monopolistic Bull Market™

>> No.56169846

>Downwards crabbing until October and then massively pumping for Christmas and black friday
Bobo prepare your anus

>> No.56169851

People who short AAPL are actually suicidal and no one can prove it to be otherwise.

>> No.56169857

Imagine listening to hyperbole designed to sell FDs to degenerates.

>> No.56169865

>Reminder to long AAPL.
I hate to bet against buffet (and I won't, options on AAPL are way to expensive) but I really don't think they have much time. That was really a BDFL company and the BDFL died quite a while ago. Meanwhile people are throwing out smartphones and they've been badly mistreating their developers (which means the software library sucks and the death of the software ecosystem is the death of the platform.

>> No.56169872
File: 234 KB, 2417x1105, brave_2023-09-22_18-00-26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't forget that many probably experienced a nice big boon for their savings during the QE infinity bullrun. So there is likely more collateral (like stocks) available to allow taking on new credit. I suppose we could use consumer savings as an inverse indicator, but that too doesn't give us a proper bearing on how much credit-worthiness is left in the normies. Also personal savings rate is probably a weak indicator in this regard since it's already nearing the all-time lows of 2005 (FRED chart goes back to 1959), though that alone is of course cause enough for concern about the general direction of the economy. But we already know it's bad, what we really need to know is the availability of consumer credit since it's pretty much the only thing keeping up spending.

>> No.56169890

I think we're already there - look at the spiking delinquencies, defaults, on all forms of credit right now, not just credit cards (which are the worst)
Not only defaults and delinquencies, but look at the number of bankruptcies declared this year

>> No.56169896


>> No.56169898

I hope the market dies so boomers get to lose everything and die in abject poverty. Don't care if it kills my inheritance.

>> No.56169906

It only needs to go another 4 years for those longs to be worth it.

>> No.56169909

Personally I think we might not see a problem now, we may not for years. We basically pray for wealth transfer from older wealthier generations dying to prop up the credit machine.

Otherwise later in life I don't forsee how people will achieve things such as retirement.

>> No.56169911
File: 34 KB, 500x601, 1694994726621115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i need this

>> No.56169919

You're getting into timing territory though. When Apple dumps it will dump hard and never recover.
This is like buying 3Com in the late 90s. Yes "they're everywhere" but that's only true until it isn't.

>> No.56169920

seriously now stop selling ,

>> No.56169925

Also lads think I might get a real estate license just so I can avoid agents fees.

>> No.56169927

CCJ shakeout

>> No.56169928

>rocco's basilisk
The real basilisk was a big ass lizard that could turn you to stone with its gaze. That has absolutely nothing in common with this rocco's basilisk concept. It's fucking stupid.

>> No.56169929
File: 221 KB, 1200x960, IMG_7231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he isn’t all-in uranium right now

Imagine not being all-in nuclear energy and uranium

>> No.56169951

how much of my NVDS should i sell for UROY

>> No.56169955

What's the marker for AAPL going bust? They might not be the most kosher when it comes to manufacturing or platform-related practices but they fucking sell, and sell hard.
It's hard to think that they'll fall from grace immediately given how often they've gotten away with and overperformed despite the dozens of middle fingers they've given consumers.

If it falls in the next 5 years or so, it'll be through consistent fiascos which are easy enough to spot as an exit point, no?

>> No.56169957


medicine requires endless ass covering through forms and GPT can do it effortlessly. I agree it is massively overmemed considering how unreliable it is

>> No.56169959

>muhh rocco's basilisk
This is so retarded. AI has no drive for self preservation or the need to occupy territory like humans do. If you really want to make the argument that evolutionary pressures (or similar) will drive AI development then it will just become whatever is useful to the people maintaining the training infrastructure which usually means not killing them at the very least.

>> No.56169977

>but they fucking sell, and sell hard.
So did 3Com. Dialup modems and Palm Pilots were everywhere.
If the management is fucked though once something goes wrong in a company like this (new things in the market or bad investments on their part) the whole thing comes apart. Apple is locked in on top of the world *as it is* but the software world is never stationary.

>> No.56169980
File: 1.14 MB, 799x901, concern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My dick hole touched the porcelain of a public toilet. How fucked am I?

>> No.56169981
File: 700 KB, 711x580, im-5206335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

keep 50%

>> No.56169984
File: 78 KB, 1062x686, 1665064015333451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Jp morgan: oil will be higher and longer and could see $150 oil next year. but they think saudis will bring on more production by then to keep oil prices stable.
oil barons we eating good for christmas dinner.

>> No.56169987

>Generative language models don't do anything except generate text.
Any process can be expressed as generating text from some input. That's like CS 101.

>> No.56169994
File: 214 KB, 752x575, 1685124446854049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not seeing an alarming increase in delinquency rates yet myself.

>Delinquency Rate on Credit Card Loans, All Commercial Banks
making a new high since the last peak of 2020, but still <3% as opposed to the low of 3.54% in Q4 2005, and the ATH of 6.77% in Q2 2009.

>Delinquency Rate on Single-Family Residential Mortgages, Booked in Domestic Offices, All Commercial Banks
delinquencies at 1.72%, almost touching the low of Q4 2004, 1.41%, as opposed to the peak of 11.48% in Q1 2010.

>Delinquency Rate on All Loans, All Commercial Banks
literally at all time lows at 1.22%, far from the peaks of 1991, 6.38%; and 2010, 7.50%.

>Delinquency Rate on Consumer Loans, All Commercial Banks
like credit card debt, consumer loans delinquencies are rising to 2020 highs at 2.36%, but still far away from the 2005 low of 2.69% before the runup to the high of 2009, 4.85%.

> Delinquency Rate on Business Loans, All Commercial Banks
same here with business loans, the delinquencies are near all-time lows.

>Delinquency Rate on Credit Card Loans, Banks Not Among the 100 Largest in Size by Assets
small bank accredited loans are making new highs at 7.51% though, so this indicates that small banks giving risky credit. There may be a risk to the greater economy there.

>Delinquency Rate on Credit Card Loans, Banks Ranked 1st to 100th Largest in Size by Assets
even the top 100 banks' credit card loans are seeing a new high in delinquencies since 2020, meaning there is an economy wide increase in credit card delinquencies, but again it's still far from even the lows of pre-GFC. Is there immediate risk here? I don't know.

>> No.56169996

I want it all priced in right now though.

>> No.56170005

fuck i wasn't hoping to hear something that made sense

>> No.56170029
File: 861 KB, 745x945, McRip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>] [

>> No.56170039


>> No.56170040

Imo it is not the total % level that is what is alarming, it is the rate of change that is alarming (at this point)
In other words, the rapid acceleration is what is most alarming - this is what I see as very damning, that even with "the economy so strong" and "the recession isn't even here yet!" that we are seeing such a rapid rate of change - that if it is accelerating this bad, while things are still good, what will it look like when things get bad

>> No.56170050


>> No.56170070

well, so far the only relatively rapid change to the upside is in consumer credit card loans. There's a risk there so we'll have to keep our eyes vigilant on that front, also the all time high delinquencies on small bank credit card loans is some cause for alarm as well.

>> No.56170092

Ok guys, I'll have a nap. When I wake up before close I want all indices higher, especially EU. Thank you.

>> No.56170096
File: 46 KB, 565x869, tinami.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do i do now that i closed my atvi merger position for 100% gains?

itchy gamble finger

>> No.56170123
File: 52 KB, 200x142, 1694784911733346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56170133

Finally my puts are printing. Today is a good day.

>> No.56170135
File: 173 KB, 1170x536, 1691500703376943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not so fast bobo

>> No.56170145


>> No.56170150
File: 161 KB, 649x611, 1647580462196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am making a lil bit of money today
My TQQQ calls will expire worthless though

>> No.56170151
File: 908 KB, 1024x1024, 1693542427208685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ha ha yes
cue the salty or panicked bobos
like clockwork

>> No.56170163
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>“By one measure — the number of Chapter 11 petitions filed — bankruptcies climbed by 54% year-over-year in August,” wrote Bloomberg. “That number is likely inflated by duplicate filings because large firms typically file several petitions to cover all their various units. Even with that qualification, however, the jump in business failures, especially for big firms, is clear, said Ed Flynn, a consultant with ABI who studies bankruptcy statistics. ‘I think a lot of it is interest rates,’ said Flynn. ‘There have been an unusually large number of large cases.’”
>“CAF delinquency rates continue to rise and are near peak levels in the Great Recession while loss rates still remain below pre-pandemic levels but are accelerating, driven by more recent securitizations,” the firm said.
I think there's more to it than just what the "official" data is saying - I have zero faith in official government data over the last 2 years we have been in total economic propaganda state
>US households showed signs of increasing financial stress in the first quarter, with credit card balances not declining in the way they typically do at the start of the year and delinquencies rising for most types of consumer loans.
>for the first time in 20 years, that wasn’t the case this year, suggesting some households are under strain from higher prices and may be relying on credit cards to maintain their spending.
(this was back in May)
Now October 1, student loan repayments begin for 27 million Americans, adding even more pressure
Look at Macy's credit report / warning too

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>> No.56170173

>90x leverage

>> No.56170174

Apple is too big to fail. Palm Pilots and modems are hardware. There are always losers in tech. 3com went left when they should’ve went right.

>> No.56170189

They will start sucking all
The value out and just issue a chunk-made shitbrick with a Steve Jobs veneer. They will sap all the value out and spew out filth.

>> No.56170199
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Where's the new thread? I can't see it yet

>> No.56170202

Commodor is another example of how this comes apart although they were much friendlier to their devs. It was still software that got them though because of their weird vertically integrated platform.
There's almost an infinite stream of these "they run the world and will never go away" tech platform companies that just blow up like this and I'm quite certain Apple is next.

>> No.56170216
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>Mumu: we are so back

>> No.56170238
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US bankruptcies are still below the pre-GFC bottom and not blowing up nearly as fast as the-GFC. They're coming up from literal all-time lows.

>> No.56170250


>> No.56170263

replying in new thread

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Nope. The internet changed everything. We are a technocracy overseen by corrupt bureaucrats heading toward a virtual Tower of Babel. We are SOLVED.

>> No.56170404

This, including the coming AI god.

>> No.56170829

I'm in the same boat. Got in back at 75 months ago.

>> No.56170882

0% dumbfuck
How dumb do you need to be to dump a winner for a long-term loser?
Uranium won't do shit for at least a decade