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Let's play it. Of course, we know the answer to the question in the chart since we're now past 2018.

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And there it is. Naturally, the price fell under that trendline. Still cool to see though, looking back from the future.

But... umm... wait a minute... that means...

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.../biz/ is about to turn VERY pink.

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12k remains the target

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This time is different.

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>doesn't break down
>your chart becomes bullish
What now?

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Hmm. Based on on the previous three dumps, visually, if we take an average based on the vertical lengths of the dumps, it looks like BTC is going to 9500 or so. Not quite in the middle of 14500 and 7500. But more like 9500.

That matches with the 10k prediction (which of course realistically has always taken into account a dip into 9k territory), which most of /biz/'s bears have made for soon three years – and for two years before 15.5k.

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This is a retarded comment. Look at previous tread line breaks. It doesn’t go much below the tread. Also previous tread lines had much more then two data points one of which was the black swan Covid dump which is retarded to use

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except those trendlines are the most arbitrarily-drawn things ever especially the forward-looking ones

what made you draw it the way you did, other than trying to lead the witness to your preferred conclusion?

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this. with your model, the last trendline should be drawn starting at the '18 bottom not the covid pump, therefore we it would suggest trendline already broke

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It's the opposite of a "retarded comment" (also, we don't have "comments" on /biz/ but rather posts... where are you from?). Looking at the previous ones is exactly what I did, hence what I wrote. I compared them visually and took an average length from them (the first one is longer/deeper than the others so it wouldn't be fair to use only that one as the basis for judging how much it's going to dump).

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why does he draw the tread line where he draws it, why not like this in pic rel? For all we know the tread could have already been broken

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Here, mr. projector, like this. I simply did it visually in my head on the fly, then wrote >>56166289
Now I did picrel, just to show you, and yep of course turns out I was right.

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if you only knew how bogged things really are

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Yep, the march 2020 covid scamwick was actually a true black swan event, you can ignore that dip completely to get a bullrun trend line from the 2019 bottom and you can see the price action come right back to it within 2 months.
With that actual trend line we already broke it may 2022.
What happened after we fell below the trend line? We moved back up to new ATHs over the next few years

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This thread is making me want to sell everything. That is the feeling I'm getting from this thread.

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You are retard nigger. I did a proper TA starting at actual bottom of the cycle in 2018. The tread lines to be consistent with the others needs to start at bottom, also Covid blackswan doesn’t count as an accurate data point. Cope

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Sorry Anon, some of us fell for this years ago….won’t catch me again.

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>ignoring candles and wicks however you want and pretending they're not there, so you can push whatever narrative you want
Never ever gonna make it. And Rule #1 in looking at charts is to always ignore people of your type. You're not going to be successfully misleading many people on /biz/. Go back to tradingview or twitter or reddit.

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Just made a discover on OP’s TA. He is doing pilpul. Must be hired by JIDF. Pic rel proves it

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You ignored the true bottom you retard

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Holy fuck you just outed yourself as either being an EXTREME newfag who's never even visited tradingview, OR being what you accuse OP of being.

Every tradingview chart is like that.

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Going to zero, yes.

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>look, the boxes are not all the same height!! all the chart's have been pilpul-manipulated by JlDF

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>look, the boxes are not all the same height!! all the chart's have been pilpul-manipulated by JlDF

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Kvetch harder you’ve been found out. Literally just that one row, all your examples are balanced as there is a pattern to them. Nice try though.

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please explain what the memelines meme as if I am retarded, please

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Show the pattern and prove your statement that only one spot is different. You can't because it's false. You're a lying piece of shit. You can't stop lying. Picrel destroys your claim that it's only one spot that's different.

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>Literally just that one row

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Am I supposed to buy or sell?

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Now watch him try to change the subject or act like he wasn't caught.

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> "OP manipulated chart by stretching a secton of graph to fit his biases shit TA tread line"
> "the sections have different sizes, which proves that OP did that!"
>Literally just that one row is different

>He twists the truth and tells his opponent the exact opposite of the truth even on the plainest matter in the world.

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Sell everything now and rebuy at the true bottom in 2024. Sell at the peak in January 2025. This is financial advice.

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Nice try at pilpul but wrong image. Image was final TA. Cope

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This would probably fill the cme gap at 9k

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Exact same applies to that one as well: It's not just one spot.
I could've easily proven what I just did using that one.

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All wrong images. My image was from this post >>56166113

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Literally one spot in the chart I posted. Better luck next time. You’ve been caught. Keep kvetching

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>ignoring candles and wicks however you want and pretending they're not there, so you can push whatever narrative you want
Nah I lived through it, it wasn't typical price action from the btc cycle, it was real fear and uncertainly about covid and the overall economy shutting down and everyone was moving into safer assets. That doesn't happen every cycle, it hadn't happened in over a decade, it was the definition of a black swan event.
Not even trying to justify a narrative, I've held this opinion for years now.
>And Rule #1 in looking at charts is to always ignore people of your type
What does this even mean
>You're not going to be successfully misleading many people on /biz/. Go back to tradingview or twitter or reddit.
I don't care about pvp on biz, there's not even any traffic here, especially not enough to make a meaningful difference in btc. I just care about being right and OPs narrative is obvious bullshit for the reasons I already stated.

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<<<< 4nyFRGx1 is a massive gigafaggot and hopelessly addicted to lying
<<<< 4nyFRGx1 is a massive gigafaggot and hopelessly addicted to lying
<<<< 4nyFRGx1 is a massive gigafaggot and hopelessly addicted to lying

>Literally just that one row

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>"Literally one spot"
>it's in reality many
oh no no no no no no no no no no

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gg ez

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He hopes everyone reading this thread are so ignorant and so new to tradingview that they don't know the boxes are of different height in all charts on tradingview that has these boxes in them. For instance: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BLX/AwT67k9Z-Bitcoin-Not-a-buyer-until-it-breaks-this-line-upwards/ and he also counts on you not knowing that when you resize the entire chart or use a different monitor resolution etc that the boxes appear differently.

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You are a literal jeet that has a word document list of non banned IP addresses that you use to spam shill here and are using outdated windows XP operating system because you are poor and live in 3rd world. Pic rel is the image you deleted earlier in this thread here >>56166599 because you noticed it exposed your shillery

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>using the covid black swan event as the organic bottom
Fuck the state of this board

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Bitcoin is the future.

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tbf I used to run windows 7 with that old school skin because it was more responsive. The word doc is damning tho lmao

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Great post.

And glorious seethy cope by this faggot >>56166313 - really enjoyed it.
Notice how the faggot flip-flops around and repeatedly acts like nothing happened after he repeatedly gets BTFO'd.
First (when he responded to this post: >>56166289 ) the faggot goes from:
>This is a retarded comment. Look at previous tread line breaks. It doesn’t go much below the tread.
To then saying (after the anon the faggot responded to pointed out that looking at the previous instances was exactly what he did, here >>56166398 and here >>56166423 ) quote:
>You are retard nigger. I did a proper TA starting at actual bottom of the cycle in 2018.
So the faggot completely changed the topic once he was BTFO'd! Amazing. First the faggot insinuated anon hadn't looked at the previous instances which is exactly what anon did - and anon in fact already wrote about that in his very first post here >>56166289 and then the faggot pretended like he'd never argued about that, and instead posted about something entirely different.

Also... "tread"? Not once, not twice, but SIX times. 3 times here: >>56166313 then 2 times here: >>56166421 then again here: >>56166470
>tread, tread, tread, tread, tread, tread
So, the faggot is an ESL. Unsurprising.

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Switched IP did you. Lol you’ve been exposed here >>56166885 nigger

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what actually will happen:

1: "they" accept Blackrock bitcoin spot etf
2: scam pump into 38000-42000 area
3: HARDCORE dump

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>the march 2020 covid scamwick was actually a true black swan event, you can ignore that dip completely
The market disagrees.

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Many will be fucked by then Anon, but for the smart players, it'll be time to accumulate more and it's my game plan too. If it doesn't get there, I'll keep fucking some BTC to my bag as well as Matic, Reef and Ride. Now is the time for projects to build their best.

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Found the chart OP posted (pic rel). His screencaps are 100% legit. Took a while but damn it was worth it just to thoroughly annihilate this imbecile >>56166538

Went to the BLX ideas on TradingView and went back to the earliest ideas, then went forwards until I found ones posted in August 2018. If OP hadn't said which month it was from, then for sure it would've been much harder to locate.

HERE IS 2018 CHART OP POSTED: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BLX/xKXJB4cx-Bitcoin-The-problem-with-longterm-trendlines/
There you can all see how that grid looks and thereby plainly see that the claim OP faked a part of his screencap is 100% untrue. It's simply how it looks. The grid spacing is uneven like any other chart featuring the grid. The grid never being exactly uniformly equal throughout and occasionally the spacing differences can be quite large. In the case of this chart they're most noticeable near the bottom.

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It's going full rainbow
And violet color is sell signal

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Oh I should've read the thread before posting. Well at least it validates my point.

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weaponized autism always wins in the end, doesn't it

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>pic text
What the fuck is a TREAD line ???

>> No.56167696

>The tread lines
>draw the tread line
>the tread could have already been broken
>at previous tread line
>doesn’t go much below the tread
>previous tread lines had

>it wasn't just a typo
Again what the fuck is a TREAD line ?????

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difference between bravenewcoin liquidity and marketcap? Why is this chart useful and how is it calculated? Thanks bro

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what are those lines?

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Why did BTC stop at 15k and it did not go to 10k as it seemed to go? Whales playing with retailers?

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Nah, you people are retarded.
2023 was the equivalent to 2019.
Summer dump is nearly over, big boys returning from their yachts in October will pump BTC.
Combine that with spot ETF approval coming soon and FASB accounting rule changes for companies who want to own BTC on their books, trillions will flow into Bitcoin in 2024.

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So in conclusion we will see 10k bitcoin because some bears on biz called it and lines are drawn even though we are 7 months from halvening? This is what I'm getting from this thread

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~10k has always been programmed. It's basically programmed into Bitcoin's code.

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>>all of (You)

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No doubts about that anon, this is the time for oldfags to accumulate and I'm doing my DCA on it alongside multiversX alts like Egld, Ride and Zcash for future gains.

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You fags shouldn't give much weight to trendlines, they are there just to help you see where market is trending. They do not mark where supply nor demand is. Memelines are memelines.

Btw next cycle top and bottom areas aren't inferred from trendlines.

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this thread again
i applaud the efforts you did last cycle, but they arent necessary now
there is almost nobody left here and they that are are the hardcore hodler kind that dont fall for these midwit tricks

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i always loved this chart so many people fell for the lenghtening cycles meme
as if the next top would happen right before the next halving and the halving would be the bear market
so many people got rekt but then if you were stupid enough to invalidate the thing that validates your theory you deserve to be poor

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Ignore the black swan event in March 2020. The trendline has already broken, and right on schedule. Crab into bull for the next year, then bubble starts.

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You didn't answer my question.
>it doesn't break down
>your chart becomes bullish
What now?