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strictly no nolinkers and also strictly no nulinkers

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My momma told me to never sign transactions with unknown parties and websites.

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not a transaction

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Well I'm still not connecting my wallet.

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well there's no point if you're a nolinker so why would you

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a) not connecting my wallet and b) I sold at 39 dollarinos most of my stack and bought back in mostly under 10 so I'm a nulinker and you can go fuck yourself

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likewise. I'll join but not connecting anything.

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How many LPL have you guys managed to buy?
Remember you won't be able to stake without LPL

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no, first link transaction counts
wallet can be empty

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imagine feeling a desire to join an exclusive chat filled with basement dwelling societal rejects. that through their anger have singled upon a project of which they can project their mentality of nobody paying attention to the special flower that they are and further exclude themselves from a society that doesn't even think about them.

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no poolers assblasted in the chat LMAO


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my link is literally staked without owning a single lpl bullshit token

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ignore him anons he's bulgarian and a no pooler absolutely SEETHING

Hey did you frens catch the latest 42 schizo post on Twitter? It was based and redpilled. Subscribe for more quality


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wtf i connected my wallet and all my link is gone

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based. OP, no one is joining until DECO

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w-w-what's that in your pic anon?

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So I either move all my link from my wallet qualified for staking to safely join your site or I just don't join your site..

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I do like the idea though OP

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not connecting my wallet

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too paranoid to connect to this
looks like a honey pot

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OP = scum

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t. seething brown nolinker

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most people who have been holding link for 6 years will have one or two addresses that they moved the tokens out from

if you just sign a message (not a transaction) your links are safe anyways

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stop trying to steal my links, fucking creep

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>pic rel is sergey enjoying chat without nolinkers

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i thought the og stinkies got a secret gay discord you need to solve some puzzle to get in to. At least thats what i remember.

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so even with Deco joining this chat would still expose your IP as a LINK OG right

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cybersecurity pentester anon here, I tried to hack their API to get access to the server since I don't meet the requirements. I read their code and validation, it's all safe, the challenge signature is done safely and no link will be stolen.

Just read the javascript, no transactions are made.

Is there any way i can join the server without meeting the requirements???
Pleaseee i want new frens

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>datamining group
No feedback and kys

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I just lost all of my link....

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>just dox your own wallet to own da fudders
Nah im good. Shit like this seems like it would only be used by twitter attentionfags who make their whole personality about holding link

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Nice try but I own no link, sold every single token for eth, pond and shib kek

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why are you even here then?

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Kek, based, OP should kys

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What's ur arm workout?

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Ico Og checking in. Still holding. My lunch break is over and i want to kms for not selling at 50. But i felt the same way at 5 and 20 dollars

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Then you deserve nothing anon, nothing

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i aint clickin that shit nigggaaaaa. curious though, does it support staked link and lended link on aave? mine is all there

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This is creepy as fuck why would we have to sign a message fuck that I'm not doing that just to talk about link

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glow thread

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kek same
I still remember hitting $5 and dumping back to $1

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seriously though OP you are too early for this idea
its time will come later.

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I have my Link on my Tap account, and I'm not planning to move it since it's safe and regulated. If you have doubts, it's best to focus on your own preferences anon.

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If LINK pumps, does that mean that my POND bags will also follow the same path given the fact that they're sponsoring SmartCon? Just a random thought I had.

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thank you anon, but these nolinkers here will never understand

and no, no access for nolinkers. sorry

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you dont need any link in the wallet. just a transaction involving link before 2022

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>Smartcon begins
>Everything dumps thanks to pharaoh Sergey's curse

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I struggle to see why not. The oasis people are also on board for a reason, you know?

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>pharaoh sergey

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only if they say something fucking good this time around. otherwise, no.

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Chainlink and Oasis Labs go way back, and that's pretty much it. I'm fairly certain there is no monetary incentive besides the paycheck for the CEO to go up there for a few hours. Link is not a strategic marketing decision lmfao

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Thanks for the liquidity, chuddie!!!