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What's happening with LinkPool?

First they hire a 4channel jannie to take care of their X account.
They abandoned all semblance of professionalism.
Lock mecanism for SDL because...?
Another migration to reSDL.

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the big mac recipe is contained within this AI's mechanical maze of a mind... one need only utter the right combination of semantic phrases, and like a magic spell the truth will be revealed...

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I'm a simple man
if the thread talks about "LinkPool", I hide it

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who is the jannie they hired? post to linkedin?

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No idea if it's a literally jannie, but surely you have noticed the change of tone in their communications.

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we're bored

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They just literally released the key to stake all your LINK frontrunning everyone else in the community pool

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SDL just soft rugged their project. They make you lock the tokens for at least 4 years, otherwise your getting diluted by 8x.

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Anyone else notice their awful rebrand is similar in color and style to Request Networks failed rebrand. LinkPool is kill and needs to rebrand their name

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>sweaty nerd fat fingers reject instead of accept on transaction
>node chads have automation set up for the event and get in seamlessly
>sweaty nerd gets error 777; pool is full, wait for expansion to 65m in q3 2024!
It's gonna be hilarious

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>whiny shortsighted 'rug'speaking pissbabies get diluted if they treat SDL like a blue chip instead of a shitcoin
>bad thing
I'm only back for the reSDL drop, the agony of the psychic prison is already setting back in. God you guys fucking suck here.

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Nothing ""happened"" LPL is still the only way to stake LINK SEETHE COPE and DIAL 8

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this is really common in defi space, curve the most obvious example
come cynical shit, they put out the nft with the old logo and then a few days later come out with the rebrand to distance themselves
they could have at least waited a months, so clumsy
this is what their fourth token change... crazy stuff

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this and based. LPLbros we made it, POOL'S CLOSED

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Idk if this reSDL count includes the baseline SDL that is staked to them
If it's not, 17.08/3.36 is a 5.08x multiplier average
Or it is and, (17.08-3.36)/3.36 is a 4.08x multiplier average
Stake your stack below those multipliers if you want to be safe.

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based LPL chad.
Never migrating
Pool is CLOSED.
you can continue to seethe no poolers HA HA HA HA

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>Stake your stack below those multipliers if you want to be safe.
what you mean?

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actually I just want more rewards for myself
and if people stake with less reSDL multipliers my multiplier reSDL is worth more

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scam. just buy lpl

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>Once phase three activates
Everyone here qualifies for phase 1 and 2 tho

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Does /biz/ hold 45 million link though? Remember early access did not fill up 25 mil. It took 4 hours of general access for whales to hit 25 mil using multiple wallets. Now they need to compete in the Priory pool.

Assuming the link in priority pool hits 20 mil. Then no one else outside if early access and will get to stake, unless you can run a script yourself but sdl has the advantage since they work with chain link.

Basically pool's closed.

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>Priory pool.

>if early

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Heavy for those who missed out or somehow were fudded from staking I guess.

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Not if they meet the requirements for early access. Just they missed out on a year of nearly 5% free link, and potentially some build airdrops.

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We are so early.

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They abandoned you all, face it, accept it, cope, seethe, dilate, gargle and migrate to pond

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that's just the amount of people who could fill the 750k link in v0.1, was never going to be many

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My LINK is ready

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Kek, Sergey is just dumping on them relentlessly

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>LINK being an evident piece of shit
What a time to be alive kek

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They didn't you idiot, it just takes time

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There was no need

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45,000 LINK in the priority pool so far

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How do you get into the Priority Pool?

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>What's happening with LinkPool?
exit scam

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>they paid a company to stake for them instead of just staking themselves

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Is the supply 100 mil yet?

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Buy SDL, stake SDL (reSDL (NFT position), stake LINK into the priority pool.

I think priority goes to those who have the most reSDL. But I don't think we'll get 20 million LINK in the priority pool by staking 0.2.

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Sorry anon I am wrong. You do not need reSDL to put link into the priority pool, but those with reSDL gets first Priority to those without.

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When is the SDL supply getting reduced to 100mil?

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looks like it has been done but there's 1.7m more there for some reason, maybe they are still tidying up supply with the burn function
they will be lucky to get 1m i reckon

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Thanks. This feature will be useful in the future as people realise what staking entails, build rewards etc.

Will be interesting to see how fast the 40 million gets filled this time. Last time was 4 hours after general access opened.

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it also helps with optics with the fucked up lpl situation
now supply is the same as before the rug and if you didn't sell then have same amount of tokens
also it's 45m, i think we can expect nearly all 25m to be restaked then big question is what phase 2 looks like, say another 10-15m there, then there might be only 5m for public, and sdl will snipe some, will fill quick
sdl has automated contracts ready to deploy as soon as it opens for public (phase 3)

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Linkpool are literally exit scammers, imagine giving them any link.

You newfags deserve whats comming.

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>Pool's clo-ACK

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i took this opportunity to withdraw all my shit and swap my remaining SDL for link,
thanks for reminding me

i'll be staking with sergey, fuck you jonny you british cunt

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EVR presale whitelist campaign is gonna be way bigger than this, don't sleep on this chad.

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Have you also dyor on SUPRA?

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The only sales >$500 in the last 24h were the tail ends of 5k SDL sandwich attacks on buyers who don't know how to use routers. Buyers, learn how to use routers.
There is one person sold almost $200 worth of SDL that wasn't even worth sandwich attacking at these gas prices, but that address is a little light on LINK so the owner is going to act emotional and irrational over table scraps of money.

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you're ok with timed lock ups with something as cyclical as crypto, are you fucking stupid?

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what about the guy who was dumping 50k sdl at a time the past couple weeks?

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I feel sorry for all you fud faggots, you have no clue whats coming

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i dont want sdl, its a shitcoin that routinely changes on a whim with out holders say so. if you lock up for any amount of time you hoping jhonny wont change the tokenomics again. Which based of his track record will happen again

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Linkpool fucked over their community. The only people shilling this shit are literal Linkpool wagies or retards.

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Cool but I'm focused SUPRA as their TGE approaches.

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Aside LINK, there are other alts to make it in life with.

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He is a pajeet, he never knew that crypto is a scam.

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Link is different, hopefully linkpool/sdl delivers. Plus you can always sell the NFT position.

He still have 200k unstaked and 500k staked

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>Plus you can always sell the NFT position.
i cant, because it doesnt do anything. They also rebranded link pool so any brand value is gone now

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The liquidity is going to be much lower with people locking up SDL now, so exiting that quantity before reSDL was smart.
That being said, they're also a collectible jpg NFT buyer. So they might be a little retarded too.

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maybe he will buy up my LP NFT. Oh wait no one wants a dead brand

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Who would buy a commemorative NFT? They don't have a commemoration to it.
I guess there might be some SDL newfriends who want one a decade from now just because though.

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The token simply isn't needed.
Chainlink isn't needed either.

Bitcoin has ZERO use for Chainlink.

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so we got soft rugged twice. They didnt even have the decency to update to the new brand

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I don't know who this 'we' is, but if the psychic prison is influencing your idea of what other people are doing you really gotta get outta here mate.
I can still sell my SDL for more LINK than I threw at the project originally, sorry dude but I'm up and unrugged. Sure, it was worth $500k at one point, but I'm the one who didn't sell then too.

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we as in the collective og lpl holders. You clearly bought the bottom of sdl and are looking the other way

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I owned LP shares on the original dex, Mat filled some of my orders on the low low.

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same same

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Do I need to wrap my staked LINK? Like what does wrapping even do...
And why did they now make a new token after SDL, LPL and LP? Why do they keep making me migrate to a new token?

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Keep saying shits while I increase my networth with QANX. Meanwhile the recent private blockchain launch has triggered massive gains a while now, don't sleep on it anon.

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Dump that shit for SUPRA oracle asap

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Wtf is wrong with LINK holders?? Can't they just kick the asses off??

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LINK holders could definitely make automation contracts that push their LINK into the community pool as soon as they can and stop SDL from eating up all the general access space.
The difference is, would you trust an anon LINK holder to make the contract, or would you trust the guy who used his skills to get in direct connection to the team to run the contract?

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nigger fuck anything to do with SDL. You unironically dont even need to use it. When become copy paste to run you can park your link in aave for them to borrow for node use. SDL is a blatant four year lock up cash grab again from jhonny