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Cruella de Vil is on board, bros, we've made it.

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She lost to a bunch of dalmatians, would you really want her on your side?

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i click the video to see what shoes he had on but some dude is blocking it

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>...ultimately, the infrastructure that we've built today, is fit for a particulate type of value exchange. But it's also fair to say, and I'm turning to you, Sergey, as someone who lives and breathes this, that over the last few years we have actually built quite a different infrastructure. A few years back, it felt like a frontier too far. Today, I would bet that everyone in the audience understands the concepts of tokenization, understands that there is a... a different world of value exchange, that we are very much beginning to build.

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>September 4, 2020:
LINK: $12.50
BTC: $10,434
ETH: $388
BNB: $20.62
XRP: $0.23
ADA: $0.08
DOGE: $0.002
SOL: $2.71
TRX: $0.03
MATIC: $0.01

>September 4, 2023:
LINK: $5.96
BTC: $25,743
ETH: $1,623
BNB: $214.45
XRP: $0.50
ADA: $0.25
DOGE: $0.063
SOL: $19.36
TRX: $0.07
MATIC: $0.55

You lost

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>september 4

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>as my boss back a few years ago said "do i need to learn any of this (tokenization/smart contracts/oracles) before I retire, the answer was resoundingly "No"" [Sergey laughs to himself and shakes his head, mystified]. Right now there isn't anyone in this room who can afford to not learn this.

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How many link to make it anon

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>The picture that Sergey painted for us, of putting consumers back in control, of allowing higher degrees of participation through technological enablement... that to me sounds amazing. Am I missing something?
Ghela Boskovich:
>I don't think so. I think it's in the framing of it. Who is fundamentally in control? It is the systems that are fundamentally in control. and those who set the systems and process are absolutely in control...

Sergey's fw

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Linkies are WEF Jewish banker sell outs. The worst of anons. The best of kikes.

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>I didn't say a time frame hehehehe
what did Sergey mean by this?

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(In response to: What do you have to say to institutional managers who are worried they will have to find a couple of hundred million dollars and hundreds of staff to deal with this change?)
>I think the whole global financial system will run on blockchains, period. So everyone here is going to be in the blockchain industry eventually. So, I mean, there's no decision, really. It's a decision of how far you want to be ahead on that, or behind.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the single most based statement a crypto founder has ever made to a room full of institutional finance top-brass.

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Ghela's statement in response, from about the 20 minute mark, is almost more important to listen to than Sergey's contributions. We know what Sergey thinks.
Ghela is speaking about and for "international collaborative regulatory organisations". You get to hear it straight from the proverbial lizard's mouth, with all of the loaded subtext that comes with it.

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It's crazy watching from 29:20 onwards and seeing the actual cutting edge of CBDC theory getting articulated, and knowing that, like, 600 people are going to watch this video.
All of the NWO /pol/tards who talk smack about CBDCs don't even understand the technological route they have to go through to furnish themselves with actual first hand information.

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Who cares what poltards think? They literally believe the earth is flat

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How can I profit from cbdc

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Ghela is a tranny right?
she looks off

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>So each, uh, central bank has its own interests and its own political dynamics, and central banks are very heavily tied to the political interests of their... uh... political systems
Nice save Sergey kek

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Buying Link dumbass

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Time stamp?

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From about 33:00 to 35:00 he opens up about the conversations he's been having with global central banks, and about how countries who have "come up through globalism" are very interested in getting easily accessible CBDC currency to exchange for foreign investment and capital.
I'm calling it here now. China will launch a government backed, digital stablecoin before the US does. And if the US is still fucking around with its current retarded games, it's going to devastate US influence on Web3.
Who do you trust? Jeremy Allaire? USDT? Or the explicit backing of the Chinese government?

I wasn't particularly motivated to watch this talk, because I don't usually like panel discussions, but there is more said openly and in subtext here than we have ever seen before on these issues.

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Sorry I just cant share your excitement (chart). Especially not from some old feminist hag who’s entire career is grfiting off of corporatism. What evidence is there that regulators are “ahead” as she claimed

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>... and then looking at the CBDC as a potential reworking of the social contract, and the normative values of the social state...

They know. We know. They know we know. etc,

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I chuckled at that too, he’s fully aware

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Have you been looking at Hong Kong? They are already trying to do that

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>What evidence is there that regulators are “ahead” as she claimed
They're not. It's absolute shameless bullshit. But she's speaking on behalf of entities that very rarely have to speak for, justify, or account for themselves. That's why it's interesting. Because it's very rare that the overlords ever find themselves in a place where they have to articulate their position at all.
Someone being worth listening to does not mean they are saying things you agree with. In this case it's the opposite.

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Damn so this is it huh. Only holding link can save us

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Like ICC?

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Fuck well there you go. US govt should be shitting themselves about this, but I honestly get the sense that their top minds have probably bailed already, and all that are left are careerist administrators and bureaucrats who don't even understand what's happening well enough to see what deep shit they're in.
It's also an extremely enviable position for China that they get to use HK as their cutting edge global marketplace while also keeping their local economy completely siloed and under their own control.

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GM based kiddos

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>there are conflicting tensions between [remaining in fiat] and then (using a CBDC) having the ability to, quote, unquote, program the value principles from a social contract perspective, a behavioral perspective. Money as we know it, fiat currency, doesn't necessarily drive behavior, it's an expression of behavior, and it's that shift to accepting that this is behavior versus "How do I actually begin to influence behavior".

Operation Choke Point 1 and 2 were just the practice runs. Imagine this shit under a CBDC system, my God.

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You right. They banned cbdc’s

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Sergey's a painter, anyone got an image of this so called painting?

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Watch Sergey’s face when other people are talking. Several hilarious moments.

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I love how the other two are closely engaged with whoever is speaking and Sergey spends 3/4s of the panel just staring into space. Some nice smirks though.

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this is cool and all, but when token price gongo up?

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probly in a lil while

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The irony is I make most of my money now illegally using crypto. But I also hold 10k link. So I'm sort of leveraged against a bank takeover of the system, I win either way. Just a question of how long the transition period is, and when.

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>red shoes
is he part of the red shoes club? whats the significance here?

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yes I was also wondering they are quite conspicuous

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the moderator also says "the nice man with the red shoes". if you know you know fren

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red shoes jacket has indications of flannel lmao

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whats sir gay drinking?

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>moderator closes with buy muh book
fucking kek these boomers and their centralized information silos. the data must flow.

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>we want to give more people the ability to give us value while we maintain a higher degree of control over the sytems into which they put their value
based psychopath laying it all out

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And were gonna be lord of the normies it’s gonna be awesome

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I dont really know how CCIP works, but does it allow an NFT interact between chains possibly? Like if I make a game that mints Polygon NFTs, could I have those interact with a different Etherium app or game through CCIP?

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>bros, we've made it.

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It’s honestly quite special to have these sort of things get disclosed, even in those very guarded terms.
Yup, an NFT is just a token. It’s the T part. It can do whatever.

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So in both models of CBDCs that Sergey described, there's still someone at the top controlling people. It's just a question of whether you want to be controlled by Central Banks (bad) or the government (less bad?). He seems to posit a reality where everyone will use a control-free government-mandated CBDC but there's no real mechanism to guarantee it. He just kind of weakly tapers off saying that people probably wont like being controlled through CBDCs.

I don't get it? Is he building Chainlink and just seeing what happens? Is he just hoping that people won't be stupid enough to be corralled around by psychopaths counter to what has been happening for the last few centuries?

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Remember where he is and who he's talking to. I actually think he came out pretty firmly against retail CBDCs given the audience.
He basically says that model 1 (siloed wholesale CBDCs that only transfer value within a very small banking consortium) are pretty much a nothingburger, and don't need a blockchain because all they do is transfer value between entities that trust each other completely already. His take is sort of like "implement that if you want, but it's just an in-house way for a small high trust group to exchange value and won't have much, if any, external effect.
The second model, retail CBDCs, he basically says "people aren't gonna like it" as a way of saying to Ghela "talking about controlling human behavior through currency is completely fucked".

But the subtext was more in regards to the first model. Remember that Chainlink literally worked with SWIFT to test connecting regional CBDC clusters to each other. So he was saying to anyone who was considering siloed wholesale CBDCs, that if they really wanted to move into the future then interoperability between wholesale CBDC's would be necessary, and that's Chainlink's job.

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Uh oh… why is no one talking about this?

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>Remember where he is and who he's talking to. I actually think he came out pretty firmly against retail CBDCs given the audience.

timestamp 32:57

its going to be BIS vs SWIFT
central bank WHO technoauthoritarians vs bank cartel who just want to make money and keep the global economic system from derailing
chainlink is aligned with the second party

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Unironically 10 will make you a god in 10 years. If thinking on a timescale that long is too much for you youre ngmi anyway.

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The other guy in the panel talks about central banks feeling like they're in an awkward position of witnessing rapid change, also throwing in "We hate change!" at once point.
It's very, very hard to see how you would actually sell "we want complete control over your money so we can do large scale social engineering" to the general public, although of course a certain cohort of credulous retards will always be on board.
The way that whole panel was structured definitely shone the light on Sergey as the golden boy, and despite Ghela's extremely careful phrasing it was pretty clear that the "we want to own you" angle isn't going to win any debates.
SIBOS, at least, was putting its hat in the Chainlink corner. And I imagine a lot of execs that watched that panel live, are back at work and very hyped about tokenisation.

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That still kind of leaves retail CBDCs up in the air though. But I suppose Sergey thinks it won't be feasible for purchase restrictions to be placed on retail CBDCs. And even if there is any, people can easily move their money out of the country into another less-restrictive, retail CBDC.

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Dalmatians are not to fucked with
Tall, xenophobic, athletic, passionate

Ah, you mean the dogs

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There is probably going to be a spectrum of implementations. The only major central bank in the west which is eyeing this "Chinese model" seems to be the ECB, given how much they invested into the digital "health" certificates.
But as Sergey pointed out, there is a large cohort in the population which has become very aware of their plans and will be very vocal, which means that such an implementation or "change of the social contract" could only be implemented through extreme tyranny or a fear campaign greater than the last one.
Not to speak of the technical debt which would need to be paid in actually trying to integrate such a system at the different points of sale and monitoring. I dont see how they would stop individuals from just moving their economic activities to other service providers to get around the tyranny either.
i think youre right, there is too much information to keep people trapped in a tyrannical system today. not even the chinese are able to fully and they are the most tyrannical

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The host also openly said that CBDC as social control tool was one of her greatest fears.
It's not just us plebs who would resist it, there are people all the way up the chain.
The level of civil disobedience it would elicit would be massive. Unsustainable. I wonder how they actually plan to get that sort of thing up and running, knowing the sort of resistance it would inevitably attract.

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AI is probably their best shot. But even if you are outpriced by mass produced AI generated products, at a certain point people can just start bartering with real people.

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They are already doing this shit in china right now. Blacklisting and whitelisting holistically at the payments level. Money is essentially worthless to any (((criminal))) long live the black markets. Heavy handed regulation at the payments level like stopping alcoholics from buying more by blacklisting their money from any shop selling alcohol will only encourage black markets and commodity trading for whatever blacklisted persons need.
I think an ideal CBDC system for the average pod dweller would percentage out wages into expected allotments so 20% pod rent 10% protein based food supplements in pill form umm 25% only fans and netflix subscription 15% for household essentials (as defined by the corporations) 30% oxygen tax
The oxygen tax for mouth breathers I ackually agree with though.Monetary incentives to participate in social engineering experiments I mean ad hoc
globohomo society.

NGL looking to check the fuck out of all this shit ASAP frens lotta land and access to everything so I can make my own shit

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I love how smug Sergey is in this discussion. They way he articulates his answers is very clear and to the point. He seems fed up when these boomers speak and just plays with his soda can like the little autist he is. I just hope he maintains this zen attitude and confidence when he sits with Schmidt again next month.

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You have to think oh yeah I'm gonna be a criminal in this new hell because I used the wrong pronouns or whatever non issue the leftists come up with and the banking kikes latch on to. Like I assume I will be arrested and have my assets taken away because I failed to get involved with some globohomo indian poo festival then thr profits on every day commodities and basically glocalized drop shipping just went through the roof and I head on over to the shopping complex four times a day buying shit for people that have no ability to do so. I charge those people how they pay. Some might do labor for me in exchange. Some might exchange something they have for something they want etc. etc. blacklisted data types become something of an interesting perspective. if you had access to a unique predictive dataset that no one else thought to think of and you could use that to construct contracts to manipulate behavior you would be a basedo king influencing his subjects. the future is gonna be wild af man

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>Central Banks (bad) or the government (less bad?).
central banks are already controlled by public servants

>> No.56158872

Ittai Abraham, who is an academic cryptographer that has always been very state-aligned, brainstormed about giving everyone a certain budget of "private money" a month, which they could use on whatever they want, and the rest would be directly open to govt scrutiny and control.
How you do that and retain the consent of the governed... the only answer I can come up with is "a shitload of autonomous drones, I guess"

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>still holding on to the ball

It's flat bro. Sooner you come to terms with it the better

>> No.56158941

Its not really a money at that point more of a coupon you can use to redeem for things. maybe thing is why they chose to frame the discussion away from money in favor of value idk. private monies like scrip used in coal mining and lumber camps was routinely devalued to keep the workers dependent on serving the system and they printed scrip usually a paper money sometimes cheap non valuable metallic because the corps running the show were not solvent enough to pay up.

I'll have a read of the author thanks anon.

swarm baby swarm

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Somni is that you? I really enjoy your channel you goatfucker. Keep up the good work baby carrot.

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That's fucking terrifying. We need a cbdc magna carta. Or we just something something fedpost.

>> No.56158978

Yes. Any overly restrictive cbdc would cause an explosion in the grey economy.

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Interesting that academic has also co-authored papers with Dahlia. Where is her Sibos talk? I hope they upload it.

CBDCs do seem like a technological company scrip. there is nothing new under the sun. I expect this CBDC scrip will be heavily devalued to keep the masses impoverished.

Probably they will use the environmental agenda to guilt trip the masses into believing they need to live in pods while billionaires take jets and submarines to Epstein's

I wish I was rich enough to hire body double actors to do all that public appearance social shit

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I certainly hope the banks aren’t all on the same page when it comes to controlling everyone’s behavior. This talk is kind of where the rubber is meeting the road on the path to that dystopian hellscape

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Sergey said the people are too aware and won't like what Ghela was proposing.

There was mention of 'nudging'.

How are they going to get people on board with what the people know is happening and don't like (cbdc's as wanted by Ghela Boskovich)?

The answer literally came up in discussion. Nudging.

Getting to cbdc conditioning of ''the normative values of the social state'' is happening at a steady pace that gathers momentum with certain pivotal momentous moments along the way. Anons and our type are more resilient to those momentous moments. Who else knows who Sergey is and who else would notice Sergey's surname?

Nudging and incentivising behaviour via tokenisation (value earned as a motivating function and less as a reflective one) is coming. It's the agenda. Literally the discussion at the table.

The anon who described it as, paraphrasing, ''that world is coming, the door is closing, and with link all i'm trying to do is find a way through the door to survive'' summed it up best way before this Sibos future of value discussion.

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Does any of this help the chart?

>> No.56159497

And let me tell you we are really changing the world today, the world is not anymore the way it used to be, oh no no no!!

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Think about the ANZ pilot. They "nudge" with monatary incentives. A carbon credit on the actual loan which would reduce the cost of the monthly payment. All you have to do is have a majority kike on the board, woman,niggers, and tranny's need to be majority of the company all enforced by the smart contract thats issuing the loan. its much worse then we thought bro's. At least some OG token holders who know about all this can influence with our money a little bit but its much worse then we thought

>> No.56159527

Why would this not already happen now? They have the infrastructure to easily do this, this technology leap has almost nothing to do with that. Also you're not complaining about the technology but about the people who are in charge currently so what's your point

>> No.56159538

they are doing this now. Why do you think a small % of the population gets to chops kids dicks off. The only way to combat it is to have competing systems alternative. Like the products you put out dont have tranny shit

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Chainlink with Sergey's vision of a CBDC+Swift+Chainlink controlled future is antithetical to everything a freedom-loving westerner should stand for. Yet here you nu-kikes are rooting him on for the chance of some resemblance of financial freedom ultimately allotted to you by the WEF central bankers. You don't mind the world going to shit as long as you get to be the alpha fly on the dung heap.

You're all massive hypocrites and an embarrassment to your bloodlines for rooting for this fat russian wannabe WEF data oligarch. KYS.

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>institutional adoption bad!
>(but only for Chainlink)


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You didn't watch the talk, you don't know what you're talking about, and you think that because two people are sharing a stage, they 100% agree with each other.
We even discussed it at length in this thread so lazy fucks who can't watch a video could have just caught up there, but you didn't.
True opinionated brainlet of the lowest vibrational energy.

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This is also nothing new, these kinds of green bonds have existed for a decade at least, they're not inventing anything new, they're just making whatever you want to issue or do with money much more efficient, and less risky

>> No.56159630

i dont think they are new. I think that they will be able to tighten up or fine tune their control more so now at the smart contract level.

>> No.56159634

a succinct, swift btfo'ing. nicely done.

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Sirgay is not a boomer so he’s eventually going to win

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uh guys, why does this boomer have on red shoes?

>> No.56160750

It's the same ones

>> No.56160762

too many wale games

>> No.56160816

You're a drug dealer?

>> No.56160884

It's already the same you dumbfuck. Because of LINK I am already very wealthy, about to be wealthier.
What is your alternative, niggerkike?

>> No.56160904

They're both controlled by international financial institutions.

>> No.56161023

i tell everyone who will listen that the doors are closing on our digital prison, and the only choice now is whether to be a guard or a prisoner. the only way to be warden or on the BoD is with jewish blood pumping through your veins.

and a couple generations from now? they won't even question whether there's any other way to live

>> No.56161098

if there's one thing you should learn from history it's that you'll get steamrolled if you try to stop the technological advance. it's biblical in its effects, leading us ever deeper into hell, but the only alternative is to die trying (and failing) to stop it. it's part of the human condition, there are those of us who absolutely must build things in order to justify being alive, and those people are the ones driving technology forward. but the ease with which metaphysical evil can corrupt the workings of men ensures that we move closer to hell with every leap forward.

so you have a choice: die or ride the wave further into hell. I don't know which is better.

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yfw sergey became redpilled about our over lords from his neet schizo fan base constantly talking about jews. How much do you think he knows? From the answers he has given i think its safe to assume a lot. He literally rolled his eyes at one point

>> No.56162343

Sergs reactions are hilarious at times

>> No.56163618

jesus christ this horrible hag needs to hang

>> No.56163939

The One Ring of Saturn

>> No.56163944

Tfw who know WHO

>> No.56164031

the exchange where ghela and jim argued about regional readiness was fascinating. she castrated that poor schlub

>> No.56164034

It's a 600 year old lizard ffs