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Imagine trusting some obese Russian with your money. How retarded can you get?

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>MUH Russian
Fuck off jidf, you have no power to convince goyim to die for Ukraine here.

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Russian were slaves for the Mongols for 200 years. Their history is pathetic, all intelligence found in the modern day Russian is from faint hints of Mongol DNA from the mass raping centuries ago.

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he made me a millionaire already and he will do it again (multimillionaire)

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i'm russian and i can confirm

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how many times has he dumped on us to pay for his roastie HR team.

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White Russians were genocided by Jewish Bolsheviks, they were a pinnacle of arts in the 19th century.

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wow nice posts op
ive seen this kind of thing for years telling me to sell but i think these are the ones that will finally make me do it
its clearly ogre