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How does Bitcoin not end up getting fucked by (relatively) high interest rates?.

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Umm sweaty it went from $70,000 USD per Bitcoin to $27,000 USD per Bitcoin. If an over 50% haircut isn't getting fucked idk what is.

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limited supply, working censorship resistance, fear related to gold and growing technology, the us being hated by everyone, the absence of serious competition

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You might be retarded, nigger. Check when the interest rates started and when it dumped from 64k.

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rate hikes* started

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Kek, what does that have to do with the question you fucking idiot

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I gave you the answer, if you don't like the answer that's not my problem, and by the way not liking an answer means you're a literal child, so either you're a children, or a retard that cannot understand what he reads

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The "answer" doesn't answer the fucking question though. Not in any sense.
The problem you don't get is that as the $ goes higher as a result of interest rates, how does Bitcoin not end up getting fucked?
It doesn't, until people stop using the $ and dump them all. Which could happen but probably not in the next 50 years.

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It was priced in last year
The usa is not the world
Halving cycle matters more

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do you think covid didn't shit on most of world economy? It's surprising to me also why it's holding up value

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The interest rate is orders of magnitude higher.

Simple enough?

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It’s a deflationary crypto Anon. You should be grateful that the Jews have got any power at all to influence the price on their special Jew money printer talk days. Soon, they won’t.

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Because anyone with half a brain knows that at some point interest rates have to come down. Why? Look at the US debt and as it rolls over, it's going significantly higher if rates remain at current levels. You may think, "will rates are not coming down". That's also great for Bitcoin because it's going to crush the bond market. Either way, bitcoin wins.

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That's my fucking. point.

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The 2020 recession Was brutal

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Bitcoin only bitch. Pussy ass altcoin stock trader whatever trader. You were warned.

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I think simply demand. But it's true that higher interest rates are going to mean more people and more companies are going to have less money to spend on risky investments (people have to buy food, transportation, etc. first before magic internet money). So it's really a question of whether the "demand" for it outweighs the extra cost on buyers to actually afford it alongside other expenses.

That said, I think the demand is there and strong. I wonder if we asked the "average american consumer" what they would tell us about being able to afford everything and also buy some bitcoin as an investment. Supply is decreasing due to permanently lost coins.