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Everyone is scared shitless of buying alts right now

Everyone is buying Bitcoin right now

Figure it out yet?

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some retards are buying LINK

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nobody is buying bitcoin at these prices

since it wont even touch 60k ever again

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yea. violent altseason incoming

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its the way its always been
by the time people aren't scared there'll be so many new alts to buy instead
nobody's going back to pick up 2017 / 2021 cycle bags anymore

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I literally have zero bitcoin or eth.

Bitcoin, won't get the gains from here.

Eth, I have enough of a suspicion that vitalik is actually an aspiring child pester'er that I don't want to be part of funding his project.

Mainline alts only.

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LINK and AVAX are on a different tier than most altcoins

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You bet your sweet bum bums I do!
It's slurping time brothers!

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Figured this shit out like two months ago. Been accumulating Kava and staking it on Kinetix ever since. Easiest staking choice of my life too, 26% APY. Also bought some DOGE just in case and DOT.

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>these two pieces of shit have overlapping baggies
no wonder. the mentally ill always find a way to get together after all. retards together strong.

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My nigga look around in this very board. If you don't trust biz then look around Reddit. Twitter. Etc. Everyone is slurping Bitcoin like fucking crazy.

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not bad thanks for the name

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Time to accumulate more BTC? yeah

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If you're talking in the sense that both have incredibly shitty price action then yeah you're absolutely right

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>Merely a suspicion

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nigger they offer even better rewards on their PEX what the fuck are you doing.

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>I literally have zero bitcoin or eth
Point and laugh at this absolute low IQ retard who's literally never going to make it

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Why does this shitty ass website only offer kava, atom, eth, btc and usdt? There's nothing good here

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Just look at the volume lol a bullrun is imminent.

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>nobody's going back to pick up 2017 / 2021 cycle bags anymore
bait. why would new liquidity NOT choose to trust well established projects in favor of gambling it all on so-called """promising""" alts?

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because they only launched like a month ago and haven't really done much since. supporting other assets is absolutely crucial to avoid stagnation. at least it's a solid exchange though. haven't encountered any bugs yet at the very least

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same reason nobody bought 2013 coins in 2017 and 2017 coins in 2021
bagholders make old alts unattractive. nobody's buying an alt in the top 20 if theyre looking to outperform bitcoin