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Serious question for linkies
If the token DOES moon (big if), wouldn't that make it an unstable medium for exchange between tradfi and the cryptosphere?

And if it were an unstable medium for exchange, doesn't that make the token worthless?

And if the token were worthless, wouldn't the price tank?

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Shut it down, the goyim are noticing

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1. no
2. no
3. yes but it's not so no

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Interesting. But, if this is the case, why does CLL say the price has to remain stable in their own documentation?

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18 decimals
next fud

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it doesn't.

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Good thing sergey has a lot of link to dump and make sure that never happens

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2018 all over again. See >>56143105

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services are paid for in link but may be denominated in dollars or link, so no

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I don't even know what link does, I bought some because I'm a schizo and link will be used somewhere in the future. Not as much as the link maxis think though. (Same as all maxis, BTC, eth, XRP etc.)