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September 2023, I am forgotten.

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I would pay so much money to pin and fill that weasel.
It's not even ironic any more. I want to split that smelly nerd's pussy apart with my thick dick.

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Will you guys still love her when she gets out in 20 years as a hardened rug mucher?

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She's walking free in NYC. I just need to find her.

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She won't be interested in any of us unless we can build our own imperial harems.

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pump her full of adderall then she'll do anything and everything

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She is living in a penthouse. Any autist should be able to find her with that crumb.

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also, based

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I've never met a decent woman in my life, so this is a Vtuber for me, leave me alone
I have enough to keep an eye on the blue dog VINU every day as a plan B

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she'll never spend a day inside

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This is gonna devastate the vaseOleen market. Johnson & Johnson onsui.

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Kys your tryhard meme never took off

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Who is this chipmunk?

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I wanna fuck her pretty mouth

Khazar Milkers:


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She would never lay with a low-ambition commoner like you.

You will never spend a night inside her.

Women say weird things when they get horny

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wonder how her life looks rn
she probably got some job
sbf got a free housing right now i think

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considering her known history and shown behaviour on youtube interviews i'd say the only barrier to that particular feat is simply getting in close geographic proximity to her
altho the question remains why one would like to do so

but none of this is meaningful to my post which implies that she cut a whistleblower deal and will get full sympathy from the courts for girl privilege and sam being so problematic on several levels