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Ever noticed the time you got into crypto? Maybe you were brainwashed or coerced . Did you get in before a dump? Yes? You'll never make it.

The global elites got you in the exact moment to lose money. Why? Because you can't fight against their ever increasing more advanced propaganda AI now in effect.

-nothing makes sense anymore
Thats the entire plan. Subvert entire reality. Second guess yourself into debt is the most powerful method used to day.

-i can't find accurate information
Welcome to the Chinese method. Thats exactly the entire point. Make it harder and harder to answer your questions for investing.

The Degen elites got out at 69k BTC. You think they'll let it go up again? Go look at the BTC chart on the 1 day. 3 humps mean its being suppressed and they control it. BTC will never moon again.

I fucking guarantee it.

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>3 humps is how long I last in bed

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I'm 100% up since I got in

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I'm in the green tho faggit

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Yes it will

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Not buying Bitcoin, but still buying 1M to 50M market cap alts.