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Is this the biggest financial fraud of the past decade?

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and a jew is behind it
Samuel. KEK
Bankman. KEK!
Fried! Keeeek.

imagine falling for it. fucking sheeple

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looking back on it, it's all so bizarre
people sent billions to a shady company in the bahamas led by a guy who bragged about sleeping on beanbags in the office

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it's not just FTX
it's alameda + FTX
running an exchange is basically free money if you're not stupid
they made their money by NOT being an exchange, but rather front-running their own users + using the money they deposited there to buy coins using alameda
that's the extra level of leverage that they took, playing the role of a high risk banking institution without any insurance for it, basically a russian roulette

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No, that would be Citadel. 68 Billion assets sold not yet purchased

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No, it's going to be topped by binance

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No, this is

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you fell for a gook ponzi?
you fell for a jewish exchange?
you fell for an eastern european bucket shop?

there's a reason why only western/northern europeans can be trusted and it's genetic.